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2002 Year In Review

2002 Year In ReviewInjust 365 days, members of the Tufts community made their markon everything from science to pop culture to the nation’stop companies and non-profits. Medford/Somerville,Mass.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [01.02.03] The year 2002 was another exciting onefor Tufts. On campus, the university inaugurated a new president,continued to engage in innovative research, and watched talentedstudents come into their own. Off campus, Tufts graduates continuedto make their mark– heading companies, earning honors, andhelping people around the world. Here is just a small samplingof what members of the Tufts community achieved over the lastyear.



Asthe university concluded its 150th anniversary, the communitygathered toinaugurate Lawrence S. Bacow as Tufts’ 12th president.Just weeks later, Tufts graduates Pamelaand Pierre Omidyar joined former Secretaryof State Madeleine Albright, humorist RoyBlount and a host of accomplishedTufts graduates to mark commencement ceremonies for the Classof 2002.

This summer,longtime Provost Sol Gittleman – honored in August by theBostonRed Sox -- returned to the classroom full time, while JamshedBharucha joined Tufts as the university’s new Provostand Senior Vice President.

In additionto some new faces, Tufts also welcomed several familiar facesback to campus to receive the prestigious “Light on theHill” award. In the spring, NBC News President and Tuftsgraduate NealShapiro returned to campus to receive the highest studentaward to alumni, while LateShow with David Letterman executive producer RobBurnett was honored in the fall.

Notto be overshadowed, students also made their mark in 2002. A groupof female engineers calling themselves “NerdGirls” were profiled in publications ranging from TheBoston Globe to Mass High Tech for their work ona solar powered car. Tufts’ JesseLevey was named to USA Today's College Academic Team, whilehis classmate, TommyCalvert, traveled to Sudan to help free enslaved women andchildren. In sports, the Women'sSoftball Team clinched its second straight NESCAC Championshiptitle, and the Arizona Diamondbacks drafteda Tufts senior.


This wasa year of discovery for Tufts scientists who, in highly publicizedstudies, made major findings on everything from breastcancer to estrogentherapy to racialbias. Researchers at Tufts found newcancer treatments, betterdetection methods for heart disease, and detected a link betweensecond-handsmoke and osteoporosis. Nutrition studies found the benefitsof teaand blueberries.A team of Tufts researchers found a way to reduceside effects of a popular HIV treatment, while another Tuftsdoctor made strides to help preventsome forms of blindness.

Tuftsalso opened a number of innovative centers this year, includingthe $65-million JaharisFamily Center for Biomedical and Nutrition Sciences –the world's first center to integrate medical and nutrition research.The first-of-its-kindcraniofacial pain center at Tufts' School of Dental Medicinealso opened its doors, ushering in a new era for Tufts researchand patient care.



Graduates InThe World

With 23 graduatesworking around the globe for the Peace Corps, Tufts was recognizedin 2002 as thelargest supplier of volunteers among universities and collegeswith less than 5,000 undergraduates. Dozens more volunteers havereturned from the Peace Corps to enroll in Tufts' Fletcher Schoolof Law and Diplomacy.

Manyother graduates assumed new leadership roles. Many rose to thetop of their fields – in Hollywood,at leadingcompanies, and in MassachusettsGovernor Mitt Romney’s new cabinet. Four Tufts graduateswere elected to the U.S.House of Representatives, while another won the Governorshipof New Mexico. TheNYC tourism industry, the RedCross, and the country'soldest and largest private bank all chose Tufts graduatesas their top executives this year.

Members ofthe Tufts community also earned recognition for their accomplishments.As one topped Fortunemagazine’s Most Admired Company rankings, another joinedElectronicDesign’sHall of Fame, and yet another was named to the RedSox Hall of Fame.


SaltLake City held the 2002 Olympics this year, and Tufts was representedthroughout the Games –from HongKong’s first representative in a Winter Games, to aveteranNBC sports journalist, to a doctorfor Team USA.

Tufts alsotook time to remember another landmark event, September11, 2001. PresidentLawrence S. Bacow led a memorial in honor of the anniversary,while Tufts Chaplain DavidO’Leary and a commemorativeproject focused on a message of hope in memory of 9/11.

TuftsIn Entertainment

Ofcourse, Tufts graduates also entertained us in 2002. They helpedinspire,create,and star in hit TV shows, films and plays. In 2002, “TheAntiques Roadshow”, “WhoWants To Be A Millionaire”, and “Beg,Borrow and Deal” all featured the faces of Tufts graduates,while manymore shows continued to include characters from Tufts, including“TheSoprano’s”, “24”, and “Ed.”

Onthe big screen, Tufts graduates also made their presence known.They claimed honors at the Sundancefilm festival, and produced blockbusterfilms -- while other graduates logged many hours in recordingstudios, working on newalbums.

All in all, it wasa great year for Tufts – and at this rate, it looks as thoughit will be a fabulous 2003.



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