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College Bound

College BoundFor the 352 students accepted through Tufts’ early decision program, the search for the right college is finally over. Medford/Somerville, Mass.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [01.16.03] For high school senior Joanna Rucker, the college search is over. An early decision applicant to Tufts, Rucker joined a record number of students around the world who selected the University as their first choice for college study. The news that she was accepted early to Tufts, she told her local newspaper, is a source of both excitement and relief.

"It's nice to get in early," Rucker, who will study engineering at Tufts, told the Westport Minuteman. "It's a lot off your back."

Over the last decade, the number of students who have chosen Tufts as their top choice through early decision has grown rapidly. Tufts officials have reported a 12 percent increase in early applicants over last year and a 236 percent increase since 1995.

For Rucker, finding the right match for her interests was important.

"Her decision to apply early decision was based on visits to many different schools and her ultimate evaluation about which atmosphere felt right for her," reported the Minuteman.

Once she decided on Tufts, her next step was to distinguish herself from the other applicants, who hailed from 277 high schools in 31 states and territories and 12 countries.

"A lot of it is selling yourself," she told the Minuteman. "You have to make your application colorful and interesting."

The first round of early decision to Tufts was among the most competitive in the University's history. Of the record number of applicants, the percentage of students admitted was 8 percent smaller than last year and the smallest percentage ever admitted at this early time.

"It's very hard for the kids who didn't get in," Rucker told the newspaper. "Some are just devastated. It's so hard because it's all anyone can think about this week. Some people have just worn sweatpants for days."

But the admissions process is far from over. The majority of next year's first-year class has yet to take shape, as Tufts admissions officers begin to review regular decision applications.

"We look forward to the contributions and participation in the Tufts experience of these outstanding first members selected for the Class of 2007," said David Cuttino, dean of admissions and external affairs at Tufts. "Their talents, enthusiasm and broad range of perspectives and experiences help us imagine the future as we continue the review of thousands of other applicants from all parts of the world who are applying for the remaining places in the class."



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