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2003 Commencement

2003 CommencementCourt’sChief Justice challenges Class of 2003 to remember the lessonsthey learned at Tufts as they embrace their futures.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [05.18.03] -- For the members of Tufts’ Classof 2003, Sunday’s commencement ceremonies offered an opportunityto reflect on the past and dream of the future. In her keynoteaddress, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice MargaretMarshall challenged the students to remain open minded and curiousas they leave Tufts in pursuit of their dreams.


“Yougraduate today from one of the world’s most distinguishedand most demanding universities,” Marshall said. “Yourdiploma is a testament to your hard work. It is also a pact betweenyou and the community that has given you so much. It is a promiseto give back, to push forward, to lead.”

MargaretMarshallAformer anti-apartheid activist in South Africa, Marshall stressedthat diversity of thought is a hallmark of higher education anda critical element of leadership.

“AsI look out on this extraordinary assembly, I see women and menof all races and all ages. You come from widely different backgrounds.You come from the United States and from other countries acrossour world. No two of you think alike,” she said. “Butyou each have been nurtured and motivated by teachers who arededicated, passionately dedicated, to preparing you to assumeleadership roles in our global community.”

More than2,200 students, including Tufts' former first lady Nancy DiBiaggio-- who earned a masters degree from Tufts' Fletcher School, wereon hand to receive their diplomas from Tufts eight undergraduate,graduate and professional schools.

While theirpaths may be as varied as their backgrounds, the members of theClass of 2003 share at least one thing in common – intellectualcuriosity.

MargaretMarshall“Yourteachers have taught you to be open-minded and curious; they havetaught you to be impatient with things as they are, and not tomistake excuses for answers,” Marshall said. “Theyhave taught you to work together. They have, in short, given youthe tools to make a difference. How you use those tools will shapethe arc of your own lives and be the legacy of your generation.”

Shortly afterMarshall delivered her keynote address, Mohamed ElBaradei -- DirectorGeneral of the International Atomic Energy Agency -- gave a pressbriefing before addressing graduates of Tufts’ FletcherSchool of Law and Diplomacy.



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