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Engineering Dean Named

Engineering Dean NamedLindaAbriola – one of the world’s top experts in groundwatercontamination – will lead Tufts’ School of Engineering. Medford,Somerville, Mass.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [06.26.03] On Wednesday, Tufts Universityofficials announced the appointment of Linda Abriola as the newDean of the School of Engineering. Abriola, a member of the NationalAcademy of Engineering, is one of the world’s foremost researchersin the field of groundwater contamination and remediation. Shewill join the University on Sept. 1.

"ProfessorAbriola has helped to shape public policy on subsurface remediationand is one of the most visible leaders in the hydrology and environmentalengineering fields," said JamshedBharucha, provost and senior vice president of Tufts University."She has been pursued by the most prominent research universitiesin the U.S., and we’re delighted that she has selected Tufts.”

Abriola isthe Horace Williams King Collegiate Professor of EnvironmentalEngineering and former director of the Environmental and WaterResources Engineering Program at the University of Michigan, whereshe has received numerous awards for excellence in both teachingand research.

“ProfessorAbriola brings an exciting vision, backed by superb experience,to our Engineering School," said Tufts President LawrenceS. Bacow. "Her appointment underscores our commitmentto recruiting the very best scholars and teachers to Tufts. Sheis one of the true intellectual leaders of her field, and herscholarship has been recognized by the National Academy of Engineering,the American Geophysical Union and the Association for Women Geoscientists.”

Initiativesand research projects underway at Tufts’ School of Engineeringinclude “growing” the first-ever human knee ligamentfrom adult stem cells, developing sensors that track endoscopesin laparoscopic surgery so that doctors conducting colonoscopiescan “see” the entire process more clearly, and researchinghow seasonal rain forecasting can benefit subsistence agriculturein Africa.

Abriola willalso oversee the engineering components of Tufts’ Scienceand Technology Center, which is a hub of technological innovationand cutting-edge research. This research includes projects thatturn spider and silkworm silks into new biomaterials, and transformbacterial secretions into vaccine delivery vehicles. (Recent studiesshow that a bacterial product serves as a useful vaccine carrierin an animal model for Lyme disease prevention). Other major undertakingsof the Center include groundbreaking work in catalytic fuel processingto generate hydrogen for fuel cell applications.

She alsowill play a major role in the University's internationally knownenvironmental initiatives as well as Tufts' nascent multidisciplinarydoctoral program, "Water: Systems, Science and Society"--believedto be the first of its kind in the country.

“ProfessorAbriola’s considerable expertise in groundwater contaminationand remediation will add significant strength to the University-wideresearch Tufts is pursuing across a variety of disciplines, frompublic health and bioengineering to water quality, climate changeand hazardous materials management, among others,” Bharuchasaid.

Abriola succeedsVincent Manno, who has served as interim dean following the departureof Engineering Dean Ioannis Miaoulis, now presidentof the Museum of Science in Boston, one of the world's largestscience centers.


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