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Tufts E-News --Striking a Healthy Balance

Tufts E-News --Striking a Healthy BalanceSelectedamong more than 3,000 contestants, Tufts senior Christina Anderson-McDonaldwas named a finalist in Fitness Magazine's "Face of Fitness"competition. NewYork.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [07.21.03] Beating out more than 3,000 applicants from around the country, Tufts senior Christina Anderson-McDonald was selected by Fitness Magazine as one of the top three finalists in their 2003 "Face of Fitness" competition. The key to good fitness, says the Tufts student, isn't just physical - it's about balancing mind, body and spirit.

"[Entering to the competition] allowed me to think about my lifestyle choices such as how I eat and also how I manage my time between doing what I enjoy and getting my school work done," Anderson-McDonald, who won a five-year modeling contract with Wilhemina Models and a one-year membership at Crunch Fitness gyms as one of the finalists, said in an interview with Tufts E-News.

That balance was exactly what the editors at Fitness - a monthly magazine read by over one million people- were looking for. According to Anderson-McDonald, it's all about attitude.

"My dad always told me not to mirror other people's emotions," Anderson-McDonald - who was profiled in the July issue of Fitness - told the magazine. "It's a hard lesson, especially when somebody is angry or upset with you."

In addition to remaining upbeat, one of her secrets to keeping in shape is surrounding herself with positive, motivated people.

"My mom helps me stay healthy and focused," she told E-News. "She knows a lot about nutrition and she helps me to make good choices about eating. My boyfriend is very health conscious and he encourages me to eat healthfully as well as go to the gym with him."

Despite a very hectic schedule, Anderson-McDonald balances her class work with extracurricular activities.

"She juggles her class schedule with sorority responsibilities and personal interests, sports, and campus activities - she's the manager of the men's soccer team and a set designer for the school's television station," reported Fitness. She also takes muscle-conditioning and yoga classes four times a week.

Anderson-McDonald says she is inspired to reach her personal goals and achievements by friends and teachers.

"All my friends are doing really great things at Tufts, whether it is being the captain of a sports team, taking pictures for the [newspaper], or doing well in their classes," she told E-News. "Each of my friends is focused and works really hard to achieve their goals. I have had several teachers and classes that allowed me to consider new things that I had not had the chance to question or formulate an opinion about."

Her advice for those who want to achieve the same kind of balance is to write out goals.

"I would say to start simple with small goals for each day, but always keep the larger picture in mind," she told E-News.


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