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New Medical School Dean Announced

New Medical School Dean AnnouncedDr.Michael Rosenblatt – globally renowned osteoporosis researcherand Harvard professor – will lead Tufts' 110-year-old MedicalSchool. Boston

Boston [08.13.03] Tufts University today named Michael Rosenblatt,M.D., 55, as the new Dean of its Schoolof Medicine. He will also have oversight of the SacklerSchool of Graduate Biomedical Sciences. Rosenblatt -- an internationallyrecognized researcher in bone and mineral metabolism who was pivotalin the development of the drug FOSAMAX -- will assume his newpost on Nov. 1st.

Dr.Rosenblatt is an internationally recognized researcher in boneand mineral metabolism. He is also a founder of the Carl J. ShapiroInstitute for Education and Research at Harvard/Beth Israel Deaconess,known for its academic innovation. As the George R. Minot Professorof Medicine at Harvard, Dr. Rosenblatt is also a gifted educator.He holds 17 patents and has authored more than 200 scientificpublications..

“Dr.Rosenblatt brings impeccable research and scholarly credentialsto Tufts," said President LawrenceS. Bacow. “Medical school deans must understand basicscience, clinical research, clinical practice and medical education.Dr. Rosenblatt has distinguished himself in each of these areas.”

Dr.MichaelRosenblattPriorto joining Harvard, Dr. Rosenblatt co-led Merck's worldwide developmentteam for the company's drug, FOSAMAX, for osteoporosis and bonedisorders, established major research institutes in Japan andItaly, and led the company's worldwide university and industryrelations department. During his eight years at Merck, Dr. Rosenblattdirected worldwide drug discovery efforts in molecular biology,bone biology and calciummetabolism, virology, cancer research, and cardiovascular researchat centers in the U.S., Japan and Italy.

Dr. Rosenblattalso has been a highly productive member of Boston's medical community,graduating from Harvard Medical School (magna cum laude) in 1973and training in endocrinology at Massachusetts General Hospital.From 1992-1998, he served as director of the Harvard-MIT Divisionof Health Sciences and Technology where he trained a highly selectivepool of M.D., Ph.D. and dual degree candidates from around theworld.

QuotefromProvostJamshedBharuchaFrom1996-2000, he served as the Harvard Faculty Dean and Senior VicePresident for Academic Programs at CareGroup and Beth Israel DeaconessMedical Center. In this position, he was a founder and the firstexecutive director of a unique academic center at the HarvardMedical School that addressed the dual demands on a hospital ofproviding clinical care while simultaneously training the nextgeneration of physicians.

There hepioneered the use of virtual patient cases to improve clinicalskills and address the limited access to patients caused by shortenedhospital stays and same-day surgery. He also instituted a first-of-its-kindteaching fellows program for physicians making a career commitmentto clinical education.

Dr. Rosenblattbecame the President of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in1999, serving in that position until 2001. He currently servesas Chief of Bone and Mineral Research at Beth Israel DeaconessMedical Center.

“Dr.Rosenblatt brings a wealth of experience in all the vital sectorsaffecting medicine, biomedical research, medical education andbiotechnology,” said Jamshed Bharucha, provost and seniorvice president at Tufts. “He will be a key member of ourleadership team as we forge stronger partnerships in researchand education across the university and with our affiliated hospitals.”

Dr. Rosenblattwill relocate his research lab in bone and mineral metabolismto Tufts, and will collaborate with research colleagues in hisarea of specialty across the University's three Massachusettscampuses.

Researchby Tufts faculty and students in the field of bone health spansseveral schools, ranging from the nutritional prevention of osteoporosisin all ages, to the genetic aspects of bone development, as wellas bone tissue engineering, and a number of dental and orthopedicstudies addressing both animal and human health.

“Tuftsis a great university with an exciting future,” Dr. Rosenblattsaid. “Tufts Medical School is a wonderful place alreadywith even greater potential. I look forward to working with mycolleagues so that Tufts can achieve greater distinction and stature.”

Bacow andBharucha both expressed special thanks to Dr. Nicolaos Madias,who has served as interim dean of the medical school since January2003.

“Dr.Madias is a superb teacher, scholar, clinician and colleague,”Bacow said. “He has served the School of Medicine with distinctionin many leadership roles. As Dean, he built upon his exemplaryrecord of service to ensure a strong foundation for the futureof the school. We look forward to his continuing contributionsin the years ahead.”


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