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Tufts Student Saves Drowning Swimmer

Tufts Student Saves Drowning SwimmerIn a dramatic rescue, a Tufts medical school student pulled an unconscious swimmer from the bottom of a YMCA pool.

Boston [12.01.03] When a swimmer lost consciousness in a YMCA pool last week, Eric Nelson was the right person, in the right place, at the right time. In a dramatic rescue, the Tufts School of Medicine student pulled a drowning swimmer from the bottom of the pool - saving his life.

"A Boston man is alive thanks to one alert swimmer," reported Boston's Channel 56 10 O'Clock News. "[Nelson] noticed someone at the bottom of the pool. He thought it was someone holding their breath, but after two more laps in the pool, the man never came up."

So the second year medical school student took action.

"I called the lifeguards," Nelson told the news station. "One jumped in and we both pulled him out."

Nelson and the lifeguard began CPR on the unconscious man.

"We gave him breaths in the water and we gave him more breaths at the pool side," Nelson told Channel 56 News. "The other lifeguard called the ambulance. Before the ambulance showed up he was already coming to."

A Boston EMT who arrived on the scene credited the Tufts student's quick response with saving the swimmer's life.

"No doubt in my mind a life was saved because people took action," Richard Serino told the news station. "[Nelson] saw something was wrong, initiated the chain of survival and saved somebody's life tonight."

Speaking to reporters after the incident was over, Nelson was still a little shaken himself.

"My hands are still vibrating," Nelson told Boston's WCVB-TV Channel 5 News.

The Boston swimmer was taken to an area hospital and was reported to have been recovering well.


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