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'Goodnight' Dawns Film Career

'Goodnight' Dawns Film CareerIndependent film ‘Goodnight Joseph Parker’ dawns the directorial career of Tufts graduate Dennis Brooks – and the screen debut of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. Boston.

Boston [05.07.04] In "Goodnight Joseph Parker" - a new film written, produced, and directed by Tufts graduate Dennis Brooks - a young man returns to his hometown after making good in the entertainment world. The story rings true in more ways than one, as the Tufts graduate recently returned from Los Angeles to Boston to premier his first movie - full of high-caliber actors - at Boston's Independent Film Festival.

"I went to Tufts University [near] Boston. I love that town," Brooks told Undercover News. "I applied to the Independent Film Festival of Boston and wrote to them there was no city I'd rather have host a World Premier for my film."

Brooks - who majored in English literature and drama while at Tufts - has garnered much attention for his freshman film effort, which features veteran actors Paul Sorvino, Debi Mazar, and Nick Chinlund.

"[Goodnight Joseph Parker] tells a story of a Jersey-boy done good who, after attaining fame as a singer, comes back to his hometown to find the girl who stole his heart," reported VH1 Music First.

Brooks - who wrote the film at the age of 23 as his master's thesis - had no trouble finding top talent for the independent film, which was shot under budget in only 18 days.

"Finding actors was surprisingly easy for this low-budget project because the heavy character work involved excited only the most talented actors who gladly came aboard for minimum wage, eager to show off their true acting abilities," according to the film's web site.

Among them: Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, who plays the role of "Sammy" in his screen-acting debut.

"Everybody has grown up with a Sammy," Brooks told Undercover News, a music news source based in Australia. "He was the really mean guy that everybody looked up to. He made all the decisions. He was the leader of the pack and you hated him. In the movie we get to see what Sammy grew up to become...Steven Tyler!"

Brooks - who said he "loved Aerosmith growing up" - told Undercover News that a bit of Hollywood luck resulted in Tyler's casting in the film.

"Steven and Paul Sorvino [who also appeared in "Parker"] were both appearing on the Jay Leno show the same night," Brooks told Undercover News. "It wasn't necessarily love at first sight, but a bond was made. One thing led to another and suddenly I'm directing Steven Tyler on my first feature."

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