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A 'Kean' Eye For Politics

A 'Kean' Eye For PoliticsA young state senator with politics in his blood, Tufts graduate Thomas H. Kean Jr. is already a top choice to run for New Jersey Governor next year. Trenton, New Jersey.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [07.12.04] While the election for New Jersey governor is nearly a year and a half away, Republican leaders in the state are already floating a name for the position: Thomas H. Kean Jr. At 35 years old, Kean may be younger than the typical candidate, but many believe the Tufts graduate may be the best person for the job. But the state senator is tight-lipped about his ambitions for the position.

"My first and foremost responsibility is to get my job as state senator done" Kean - who was elected to the State Senate last year following two years as a New Jersey assemblyman - told the Associated Press.

But the politician - widely known as a leading spokesman on ethics legislation - has hinted that he is eying the governorship.

"Kean said ‘It would be irresponsible not to consider' his candidacy for governor at a time when important issues, such as government ethics reform, are not being addressed by the Democratic administration" reported the New York Times.

Were he to run in the November 2005 election, Kean would be up against incumbent Governor James E. McGreevey - a first-term Democrat.

Many believe Kean - who earned a masters in International Relations from The Fletcher School and is currently working on his doctorate dissertation at Tufts - could win.

According to the Times, Republicans leaders view Kean as the strongest Republican candidate for the seat, citing his earnestness and accomplishments in the area of governmental ethics.

Plus, he has politics in his blood. The son of the popular former governor Thomas H. Kean, his lineage also includes five colonial governors and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Only time will tell if the Tufts graduate will add another post to his family's legacy.

"For now, Mr. Kean prefers to keep everyone guessing - perhaps even himself," reported the Times.

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