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Tufts E-News --The Class of 2008 Moves In

Tufts E-News --The Class of 2008 Moves InDespiteheavy boxes and long line of cars pulling in this morning, thecrowds of new students and families are “very excited”to finally be on campus. Medford/Somerville,Mass.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [09.01.04] On a warm and sunny September 1st,the Classof 2008 officially began their college careers at Tufts. Armedwith boxes of books, clothes, electronics and room decorations,thousands of students and their families blanketed the Medford/Somervillecampus to move in and make friends. As Tufts President LawrenceS. Bacow told the students: “The day you’ve all beenwaiting for for a long time has finally arrived.”

“I’mso excited to be at Tufts,” freshman Jessica Ceruzzi ofWest Hartford, Connecticut said after snapping a picture withher older sister, who is already a student at Tufts.

One of thenearly 1,300 students beginning their undergraduate educationat Tufts, Ceruzzi was not alone.

“It’sgood that we got to get here and have time to adjust and meeteveryone before classes,” Amanda Baryshyan said, referringto the upcoming orientation programs for first year students.

This year’sfreshmen – 1,279 in total, of which 75 percent were rankedin the top 10 percent of their graduating high school class –may have prepared for college by talking with roommates by phoneor email before move-in day, but actually meeting them face toface was a big hit.

“We’reextremely excited to meet the other freshmen,” Ben Gabintold E-News, adding that he was looking forward to dormactivities later that night, where they would meet their residentassistants and hallmates.

By the timethey moved in, many had already made friends, thanks to pre-orientationprograms - Tufts wilderness orientation, Tufts pre-orientationprogram for physical and personal development and the freshmenorientation doing community service - that allowed students tobond while hiking in the mountains, learning about staying healthythrough nutrition and exercise during their college years, andserving the homeless in Boston.

“Wesurvived Wilderness,” Allison Goldenberg and Kathryn Mauslaughed.

Their classmate– Lindsay Rauch – made friends through a service-basedprogram.

“Idid [the community service orientation] and was on the HungerTwo trip,” Rauch told E-News. “I loved mygroup, I loved my leaders – I feel like I really luckedout.”


A mellowAnthony Cruz - perched on a rail outside of his dorm – watchedas droves of parents and students continued to load clothes, appliances,and dorm decorations out of their cars and into the residencehalls.

“I’mspeechless,” he admitted.

Fast Facts About the Classof 2008:

The class of 2008 represents 34 foreign countries and over 16diverse faith traditions.

The incomingclass is evenly balanced between men and women. Seventy-sevenpercent of the students come from outside of Massachusetts, including49 states.

Forty-sevenstudents are National Merit Scholars, 56 were valedictorians and34 were salutatorians.

The class includes students who:
• Submitted a redevelopment plan for the World Trade Center
• Plans to major in peace & justice studies in orderto promote social issues through fashion design
• Was named as USA Gymnastics Sportsperson of the Year in2001
• Performed as a soloist at Walt Disney World
• Enjoyed a personal audience with the Dalai Lama
• Illustrated a seed catalogue
• Arranged for Gandhi’s grandson to visit her highschool in western Tennessee
• Filmed “The Bucket Boys,” a documentary aboutinner city adolescents who use plastic buckets as musical instrumentsin the streets of Chicago.
• Set five Turkish records for swimming, won the Italianchampionship in the 4x100 relay, was named to the Swiss nationalbasketball team and earned a gold medal in ice dancing from theUS Figure Skating Association.

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