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Political Rundown

Political RundownNearlya dozen Tufts graduates are among the candidates making a finalpush before the polls open.Medford/Somerville,Mass.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [11.01.04] - With Election Day approaching,candidates for offices on both the state and national level arekicking their campaigns into high gear. Several Tufts graduatesseeking office – be it for reelection or for the first-time– are among those making last-minute appeals and handshakesfrom coast to coast.

MassachusettsState Rep. Michael Festa (D)

StateRep.MichaelFesta(D)Festais defending his seat in the 32nd Middlesex district against Republicannewcomer Thomas Quinn of Wakefield, Mass., but Festa has beeninvolved in politics for a long time. While an undergraduate atTufts, he served on the Melrose School Committee. In 1973, hewas named chair of the Finance and Facilities subcommittee –four years later, while studying law at Suffolk University, hebecame Alderman-at-Large. After losing his first run for the StateHouse in 1990, he finally won election in 1998. Festa chairs thestate Democratic Party's Policy Committee and the State Houseof Representatives Democratic Council.

Festa viewshimself as a reform-minded legislator. "[Committee] chairmenhave to toe the line, period," he told the Wakefield Observerin September. "I look forward very soon to a new dynamicin the House where people who don't always agree are going tostart getting leadership positions." - ELECTED

PhilBartlett (D), running for Maine State Senator

PhilBartlett(D)Bartlettgraduated from Tufts in 1998, having majored in economics andpublic policy. Bartlett also met his future wife, Susan, whileat Tufts. After completing law school at Harvard in 2001 –a move no doubt inspired by his high school debating days -- hemoved back to his hometown of Gorham, Maine. In Gorham, Bartlettclerked for Maine Supreme Judicial Court Justice Leigh Saufleyand immersed himself in the community, serving on the town council,volunteering and writing for the local paper. In running for theDistrict 6 Senate seat, the young Bartlett is going up against65-year-old incumbent Sen. Carolyn Gilman. Bartlett told the PortlandPress Herald that he wants to improve Maine’s economy (heopposes a proposed tax cap) and make it competitive in the realmsof health care and biotechnology. He also wants to cultivate tolerancein the state. "It is important that we continue to promotetolerance by outlawing invidious discrimination," he toldthe Press Herald. - ELECTED

U.S.Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.)

U.S.RepresentativeCynthiaMcKinney(D-Ga.)AFletcher School grad, McKinney won election to the Georgia StateLegislature in 1988. Four years later, she became the first African-Americanwoman from Georgia to be elected to the U.S. House of Representativesin the state’s 4th Congressional district. In 2002, shelost re-election and is currently running to regain her seat.McKinney claims that her reaction to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks,in which she called into question the Bush administration’shandling of homeland security and terror intelligence, resultedin Georgia Republicans removing her from office. According toher campaign website, McKinney has worked in the interests ofminority farmers, political redistricting, Vietnam and Iraq warveterans, and human rights efforts. "When I go back to Washingtonyou can count on me to tell the truth," McKinney said duringa televised debate this fall. - ELECTED

U.S.Representative Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.)

U.S.RepresentativePeterDeFazio(D-Ore.)DeFaziowas elected to represent the 4th Congressional district in 1986.He serves on the House Select Committee on Homeland Security andthe Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. According tohis campaign website, DeFazio has logged more than three millionmiles traveling back and forth between Washington D.C. and Springfield,Ore., where he lives. In an October debate against his Republicanopponent and political newcomer, DeFazio touted his votes againstthe war in Iraq, the USA Patriot Act and President Bush’stax cuts, according to the Eugene (Ore.) Register-Guard. "Ithas been a very anemic [economic] recovery at best," DeFaziotold a reporter for The (Coos Bay, Ore.) World. "I don'tthink we're getting the same benefits for the tax cuts.”- ELECTED

JohnCirignano (R), running for Massachusetts State Representative

JohnCirignano(R),runningforMassachusettsStateRepresentativeCirignanois running in the 21st Middlesex district, which includes Bedford,Burlington and Precinct 3 in Wilmington. He hopes to replace incumbentDemocrat Charles Murphy. A native of South Boston, Cirignano returnedto his home state five years ago following nearly 18 years inTexas. After graduating from Tufts in 1963 with degrees in physicsand mathematics, he received an MBA and a master’s in physics.He runs on a platform of reform, aiming to curb state spendingand boost aid to towns. "An over 40-year resident of Massachusetts,I've seen both good times and bad times," Cirignano saidat a debate in October, according to the Wilmington Advocate."I want to bring back the good times." - NOTELECTED

U.S. Representative Jeb Bradley (R-N.H.)

U.S.RepresentativeJebBradley(R-N.H.)Bradleyis running for his second term in the U.S. House of Representatives,where he represents New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional districtand serves on the House Armed Services Committee. Prior to arrivingon Capitol Hill, the former Tufts sociology major spent six termsas a state representative. On Capitol Hill, Bradley supportedlegislation benefiting veterans and the environment and advocatedthe Defense of Marriage Act and the USA Patriot Act. "We’vemade a lot of progress on the war on terrorism; we’re workingto rebuild our economy. I think there’s work to be done,"he told Foster’s Daily Democrat. - ELECTED

MassachusettsState Sen. Scott Brown (R)

MassachusettsStateSen.ScottBrown(R)Brownwon his Senate spot in a special election during the March 2004primary to replace Sen. Cheryl Jacques. Prior to that, he representedthe 9th Norfolk district in the Massachusetts State House since1998. Brown, an attorney, has also been a member of the MassachusettsNational Guard for 25 years, holding the rank of Major in theJudge Advocate General Corps. Brown is facing a challenge fromhis primary opponent, Democrat Angus McQuilken. "Puttingmore money into the economy would help to create jobs," Brownsaid in support of income tax reduction during an October debate,according to the MetroWest Daily News. - ELECTED

MinnesotaState Rep. Frank Hornstein (Democratic-Farmer-Labor)

MinnesotaStateRep.FrankHornstein(Democratic-Farmer-Labor)Hornsteinreceived his master’s degree in urban and environmentalpolicy from Tufts in 1985. Over the years, he has been involvedwith many community organizations, including key roles in theClean Water Action Alliance of Minnesota, the Alliance for MetropolitanStability and the Metropolitan Council. In 2002, he was electedto the Minnesota House of Representatives, where he worked ontransit and regional growth issues as well as renewable energy.The progressive democrat has collaborated with a republican colleague,state Rep. Mary Liz Holberg, to work on improving the state’stransit system. Transit concerns have emerged as one of Hornstein’smarquee issues. "We have a growing region, we have a regionthat needs to remain competitive," Hornstein told MinnesotaPublic Radio. "We have people that rely on transit for theircommute, people rely on transit because they don't have othermeans of transportation, it's a whole broad diverse group."- ELECTED

U.S.Representative Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-N.J.)

U.S.RepresentativeFrankPallone,Jr.(D-N.J.)Palloneis running for his 9th term in Congress, representing New Jersey’s6th Congressional district. He is a senior member of the HouseEnergy and Commerce Committee and has also been active in legislativeefforts to better the environment. Pallone has voted apart fromhis party multiple times, voting against the North Atlantic FreeTrade Agreement, supporting the death penalty and opposing manyof President Clinton’s budget and spending proposals in1993, according to the Associated Press. In his re-election bidthis year, he has criticized the pace of economic recovery. "Weneed to create jobs," Pallone told the Asbury Park Press."The only way we are going to do that is with some kind ofeconomic stimulus." Pallone’s service in Congress waspreceded by five years in the state Senate and as a member ofthe Long Branch, N.J., City Council.- ELECTED




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