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Grad Turns Rejection Into 'Honeymoon'

Grad Turns Rejection Into 'Honeymoon'Afterbeing demoted and spurned at the altar, one Tufts graduate hasturned his subsequent worldwide trek with his brother into a compellingmemoir. Medford/Somerville,Mass.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [03.14.05] The year 1999 was not kind to Franz Wisner (A'88).His bride-to-be broke up with him days before the wedding, andhis employer demoted him. With his life in shambles, the Tuftsgraduate recruited his recently divorced brother, Kurt, for atwo-year journey around the world. Their trip – which gaveWisner a new appreciation of life’s unique and unexpectedtwists and turns – is chronicled in the recently releasedmemoir, "Honeymoon With My Brother."

"Duringthe trip, a strange thing happened: I realized that having mylife turned upside down might not be such a bad thing after all,"Wisner – a former government lobbyist – says on hiswebsite.

The two brothersdecided to quit their jobs, sell everything they owned and embarkon a journey that would take them to 53 countries over four continents.

The brothers'adventures included crossing the border into Syria with the helpof a picture of Wisner taken with President Bush, hiking to MachuPicchu and a celebrating at a carnival in Trinidad.

Wisner, whodiscarded his guidebooks partway through the trip, comments onthe American tourist in his book.

The world,he writes in the book, "sees America through the actionsof backpackers. They're our diplomats in places like this, ourgrungy Henry Kissingers. Those folks must think we're all drawstring-pant-wearingHacky-Sacking white Rasta freaks. We're doomed."

While detailingtheir globetrotting adventures, the book focuses on Wisner's reconnectionwith his brother. Before their 'honeymoon,' Franz and Kurt werenot in frequent or close contact.

"[Ourrelationship] was just very basic," Wisner told the LosAngeles Times. "I saw him once or twice a year. We'dtalk about sports. He had just gone through this divorce, andif you asked me what was going on in his mind, I would have givenyou a very weak answer."

But as theytraveled together, they learned more and grew closer.

"It tooka while and many countries to reconnect and recapture those lostyears and have those lost conversations," Wisner told theSacramento Bee. "My brother Kurt is my new bestfriend."

"We hadour spats along the way and we did get sick of each other everynow and then, but those moments were far outweighed by the wonderfulconversations we had and the things we learned about each other,"Wisner explained to the Bee.

The brothershave been recruited by St. Martin's Press to write a book aboutlove around the world.

"Whenpeople read about our honeymoon, it isn't the beaches or hotelsor even the cities they ask about. Their questions center aroundlove, dating and romance. So we thought that was a concept fora good book," Wisner told the Bee. Coincidentally,Wisner recently got married.

In addition,Sony's Columbia Pictures bought the rights to turn Wisner's memoirinto a film – on one condition, he told the Bee.

"I'minsisting that the guy who plays me be taller and better-lookingthan the guy who plays Kurt," he joked.

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