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Jumbo Crew Team Docks In Medford

Jumbo Crew Team Docks In MedfordAfterseveral years without a home to call their own, the Tufts crewteam is anxiously awaiting completion of a new boathouse alongthe Malden River in Medford.Medford/Somerville,Mass.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [04.26.05] A popular practice location for numerous Boston-areacrew teams, the Charles River has more than its share of trafficjams and congestion. But the Tufts crew team will soon be ableto leave the crowded waters – and its shared space in alocal boathouse – behind. Within the next year, the teamwill row to a new home port following the completion of a newboathouse along the Malden River in Medford .

"It'sreally exciting to have our own boathouse, something we can callours," said Ashley (A'05) Korb, captain of the women's team,told the Medford Transcript.

Multiple factors,including a boost over the past several years in the number ofstudents interested in Tufts' crew program and the desire forthe University to have its own boathouse, led to the pursuit ofthe Medford property.

A Cambridgearchitectural firm has designed a contemporary style wood andbrick structure with several amenities.

"It isdesigned as a two-story structure of about 8,600 square feet,with two boat bays on the first floor and lockers, showers anda work-out/meeting room on the second floor," Barbara Rubel,Tufts director of community relations, told the Transcript.

The new boathousewill allow the team not only to have a permanent home, but alsoto add more boats to its fleet.

"We hopethat the program can be rowing out of the new boathouse this timenext year," said Rubel. The project is moving through finalapprovals, after which construction will begin.

Tufts oncesubletted a boathouse from Harvard University, but the locationalong the Charles River was crowded.

"It becamelike I-95, with so many teams practicing," crew coach GaryCaldwell described the Harvard location to the Transcript."It's easier to conduct practice [on the Malden River] sinceit's less crowded and we have a great body of water."

The constructionof the boathouse ties in with longstanding commitments by theUniversity community to cleaning and beautifying nearby naturalareas, such as the ten-year commitment between Tufts and the MysticRiver Watershed Association to clean up that waterway by 2010.

The new boathousewill be available to the public, offering patio space and pathsto nearby parkland as a means of drawing local residents to thesite.

"I thinkit has the potential to be a very positive element in the developmentof the area and in interest in the river," Rubel told theTranscript. "Tufts students and faculty are veryengaged with the cleanup of the Mystic River and that work willhave a positive effect on the Malden River, too."




















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