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MTV Offers Real World Experience

MTV Offers Real World ExperienceTufts junior Erin Yeh says working as an intern for MTV Hong Kong helped prepare her for the real world.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [10.05.05] Erin Yeh didn’t know much about MTV Hong Kong when she began working there as an intern in June. But after a summer of formatting press releases, leading focus groups, analyzing research and reporting results to her higher-ups, the Tufts junior has a solid handle on how MTV operates and a better idea of what it takes to make it in the real world.

“You might start off by thinking you obviously know how to send an e-mail, but then there are so many little things, such as communicating in a businesslike manner and expressing yourself more precisely, which prepare you for the real world,” Yeh told the South China Morning Post.

During her internship at MTV Hong Kong, Yeh, a sociology major, had an opportunity to work with the marketing team and learn about Hong Kong pop culture.

“Since I come from a more international background, working at MTV has given me a real insight into Chinese pop music,” Yeh said to the newspaper.

Yeh developed that insight by truly acquainting herself with the network’s programming, which was a requirement of the internship.

“Everyone [in the office] has their own TV. You’re watching every show, listening to every song, so I pretty much know what’s going on now,” she told the newspaper.

Aside from learning the network inside and out, Yeh was also responsible for figuring out the best way to advertise MTV Hong Kong’s website to young people in the area. She held focus groups with viewers to determine what types of ad campaigns they’d be most likely to respond to.

“We wanted to know more about the lifestyles of these people, and which magazines they read regularly, in order to decide where to promote MTV,” Yeh explained to the Post.

According to the newspaper, Yeh was initially nervous because she was required to conduct these focus groups in Chinese. But she rose to the challenge and, ultimately, gained valuable experience in putting her language skills to use in a work environment.

“I had to do it in Chinese, which is not as good as my English, and I really had to think on my feet,” she said.

Overall, Yeh said working for MTV was a positive experience, which gave her a real-life taste of what it’s like to work in the international media and marketing fields.

“If you think you will enjoy working in the industry, the MTV internship is a very good place to start,” Yeh told the Post.












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