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Love, Life And TV

Love, Life And TVTufts graduate Peter Gallagher talks about love, life, his career and his hit teen drama, The OC.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [10.31.05] His TV marriage may have been on the rocks last season, but, in real life, 1977 Tufts graduate Peter Gallagher couldn’t be more in love.

“We met the first week of my freshman year at Tufts,” the star of Fox’s The OC recalled about his wife in a recent article in Ladies’ Home Journal. “She was coming up the stairs and I was going down, and I thought, Wow college is great.”

Although Gallagher and fellow Tufts graduate Paula (Harwood) Gallagher didn’t begin dating until seven years after their initial encounter, they are going strong today. The secret of their success? Luck, Gallagher kidded in the Journal.

“We’re both stubborn. We joke that the only way anyone’s getting out is horizontally,” he told the magazine. “I can’t imagine life without her. She’s the person I trust more than anyone. I often say, every good idea I’ve had has been my wife’s.”

For a year, Gallagher lived on the opposite coast from his wife and their two children, Catherine, 12, and James, 15. Now they are all living together in Los Angeles, which gives Gallagher, who plays a dedicated dad and family man on television, a chance to see more of his own kids.

“I haven’t missed a hockey or a lacrosse game of my son’s or any of my daughter’s [activities],” Gallagher told the Journal. “It’s a real thrill to be living together again.”

Gallagher is also excited about some other new developments in his life. The former member of the Tufts Beelzebubs, who has performed in Broadway musicals like Grease and Guys and Dolls, recently finished recording 7 Days In Memphis, his first solo album, which is due to hit stores on Nov. 8.

“It’s nuts,” the 50-year-old told the magazine about the CD. “It’s like getting pregnant when you’re 85! And it all came about because I sang on The OC.”

Gallagher’s small-screen rendition of Solomon Burke’s “Don’t Give Up On Me” sparked the veteran performer’s career as a solo artist. While it’s clear that executives from the music industry are watching The OC, he hopes that parents are also watching the show and talking with their children afterwards about the tough issues it covers, like teenage drinking, drugs and sex.

“It’s terrific that parents watch the show with their kids,” Gallagher said. “I don’t want to say The OC is saving the world or anything, but I’ve heard from lots of mothers and daughters that it gives them the opportunity to talk about things they otherwise might not. Which is a good argument for not softening the show and trying to keep it based on what kids and adults really do,” he added. “If you are alive and functioning, and deal with life in this scary day and age, you can certainly handle a TV show.”












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