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Go-To Girl: Tufts Grad Is Top Expert In Dermatology Field

Go-To Girl: Tufts Grad Is Top Expert In Dermatology FieldIn between appearances on national television and radio programs, Tufts graduate Jeanine Downie, a medical consultant, author and savvy businesswoman, owns and directs a dermatology practice specializing in cosmetic treatments for African-Americans, Asians and Hispanics.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [11.14.05] National news programs like the Today Show, Good Morning America and The View turn to her for medical expertise. Magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Essence and Glamour, quote her when it comes to skin and cosmetic issues. New Jersey Life magazine named her one of the best cosmetic doctors in the state. It’s clear that award-winning dermatologist Jeanine Downie, who earned a degree in biology from Tufts in 1984, is flying high in her field.

BeautifulSkinofColorDownie, author of Beautiful Skin of Color: A Comprehensive Guide for Asian, Olive and Dark Skin, has built a thriving career by catering to populations that have typically been overlooked by the industry. She and her colleagues who specialize in treating these groups “are all known as authorities on how acid peels, lasers and other cosmetic treatments, whose results vary depending on skin pigmentation, can be best performed on people with non-Caucasian skin,” The New York Times recently reported.

Statistics show that more and more blacks, Asians and Latinos are seeking out cosmetic treatments, making doctors like Downie, who owns and directs image Dermatology in Montclair, N.J., more in demand.

“And they are attracting a growing clientele of actors, newscasters, politicians, members of Middle Eastern nobility and Southeast Asian entrepreneurs,” according to the Times.

Downie, who counts as a client VH1 music video jockey Wendy Williams, specializes in state-of-the-art laser treatments for scars, wrinkles, broken blood vessels, brown spots, tattoo removal and laser hair removal. While some of her clients are celebrities, Downie is a bit of a star in her own right.

Aside from her frequent appearances on popular television and radio news programs and talk shows, she is also a medical consultant for Bobbi Brown’s skin care line, and for Skin Salon. She is affiliated with the American Academy of Dermatology and the New Jersey Dermatologic Society. Additionally, her work on a melanoma story for MSG Network and Fox 5 Sports was nominated for an Emmy.

Despite being sought after by major media outlets and cosmetic companies for her expert advice, Downie still finds time to perform the medical procedures she often talks about. According to the Times, she and the handful of dermatologists in the U.S. who share her expertise “have…become masters at fixing the blemishes, discoloration and scarring that occur when the procedures are done by dermatologists with little experience with those patients.”

But Downie told the Times that the damage done by other doctors’ treatments can be the toughest problems to solve.

“I just got a call from a patient in Saudi Arabia, who got burned from a laser treatment and wanted to know if I could fix it,” Downie said to the newspaper. “But sometimes the side effects from another doctor’s treatment can take longer to heal than the original problem.”

For African-Americans, Asians and Hispanics who aren’t sure where to turn, Downie suggested to the Times that people “call up ahead of time and ask whether the doctor sees a lot of Latino patients, black patients and Asian patients.”














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