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Snowflakes Of Hope

Snowflakes Of HopeTufts graduate Nancy Poydar, who writes and illustrates children’s books, joined forces with fellow authors this season to raise money for cancer research.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [11.18.05] With their vibrant illustrations and familiar themes, Nancy Poydar’s children’s books ignite imaginations and entertain young minds. Currently hard at work on a new book, the 1964 Tufts graduate and talented author/illustrator took some time out of her busy schedule this fall to create artwork to support a fundraiser for cancer research.

At the request of fellow children’s author Grace Lin, Poydar painted a wooden snowflake for the second annual “Robert’s Snow: For Cancer’s Cure 2005” auction. Lin, whose husband has bone cancer, organized the eBay auction, featuring wooden snowflakes painted by prominent children’s authors. All of the proceeds go to cancer research.

According to the Wayland Town Crier, Poydar was “flattered” by Lin’s offer to contribute to such a worthwhile cause.

“There are a lot of big causes out there, a lot of big needs, and cancer’s one of them. And every little bit helps,” she told the newspaper.

Poydar, who studied English and education at Tufts, has been writing and illustrating children’s books for more than a decade. The former middle school teacher explained to the Town Crier that many of her books are set in the classroom and are based on experiences she had teaching school.

BiggestTestIn her most recent book, The Biggest Test in the Universe, “Poydar, with a knowing and subtle humor, skillfully explores the feelings of apprehension and anxiety that often plague students before an exam,” the Town Crier reported. She told the newspaper that the idea for the book was sparked by her editor, who pointed out the need for “a good book that teachers could use when they have to give those big tests, so that everybody could relax about them.”

The Biggest Test in the Universe, which was published in September, is the latest of more than two dozen books that Poydar has written and illustrated. According to the author, when embarking on a new project, she focuses first on writing and then on illustrating, even though sometimes she’s eager to jump ahead in the process.

“Sometimes I think, ‘Oh, I’d love to just write.’ And then when I’m writing, I can’t wait to illustrate. And when I’m illustrating, I’m thinking of another story,” she explained to the Town Crier.

Presently, Poydar is working on her next book, The Bad News Report Card, a story about a schoolgirl named Isabel who is having a tough time trying to improve her grades.

But when she’s not writing and illustrating, Poydar frequently finds herself holding book signings and interviews, speaking to literary groups and meeting with her own cluster of female writers, Pen Women, according to the Town Crier.

“This job is very multifaceted. I sometimes think that’s a part of it people don’t realize,” she explained to the newspaper.












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