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Platt Is Back In Christmas Comedy

Platt Is Back In Christmas ComedyTufts graduate Oliver Platt is back on the big screen this holiday season with a supporting role in the dark comedy “The Ice Harvest.”

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [12.01.05] Tufts graduate and Emmy award-nominated actor Oliver Platt has played some serious roles in his career, like White House Counsel Oliver Babish on NBC’s popular political drama “The West Wing.” But, in his new movie, “The Ice Harvest,” Platt (A’83) has proven he can let loose in front of the camera, too.

“Platt consistently hits it out of the park as a man who loathes everything about his life and no longer cares who knows it,” The Boston Globe wrote about Platt’s portrayal of Pete Van Heuten, an architect who goes on a rowdy Christmas Eve drinking binge to forget his sorrows.

According to TheWashington Post, Van Heuten is a liability to his best friend, Charlie (John Cusack), who, along with his partner-in-crime (Billy Bob Thornton), is scheming to embezzle millions from a mobster. But while the main plot unfolds, Platt’s memorable performance steals the show, according to the newspaper

“While those other guys are fighting for the money, Platt's busy robbing something else: the movie,” the Post reported. “Sure, it's every actor's cheap and easy dream to play a drunk, but Platt pours human tonic into that glass.”

Preparing for this role, Platt recently told the Philadelphia Daily News, meant that he had to let go of his inhibitions and not “be afraid to make a complete idiot out of himself.”

“It’s a physical state more than anything else,” Platt explained to the newspaper. “I heard somewhere the way Meryl Streep works with an accent is that she’ll totally immerse herself in it until they say action. Then she completely forgets about it and that’s why it’s just there. It’s the same kind of thing.”

Platt also told the Daily News that having director Harold Ramis, of “Caddyshack” and “Groundhog Day” fame, calling the shots on this movie made it easier for him to play an inebriated fool.

“If one of the godfathers, the crazy uncles of American comedy, is sitting behind the camera, you feel a lot [safer] making a complete idiot out of yourself in front of it,” he said to the newspaper. “Harold sits behind the monitor and cackles a lot, but when he opens his mouth you pay attention.”

In addition to “The Ice Harvest,” Platt has a second movie coming out this holiday season, “Casanova,” and a third film, “The Martian Child,” slated for release in 2006. Also in 2006, the second season of “Huff” will return to Showtime, with Platt playing lawyer Russell Tupper alongside his real-life friend, fellow Tufts graduate Hank Azaria.












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