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Savvy Sandberg

Savvy SandbergTufts graduate Leslie Sandberg – the well-respected press secretary of Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch – has what one newspaper describes as among the most demanding political jobs in the state.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [12.07.05] Leslie Sandberg, press secretary for Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch, has earned the respect of some very important people in her life: the media and her boss. The press, the Minnesota Star Tribune reported, regard the 1985 Tufts graduate as “smart, seasoned [and] knowledgeable.” Likewise, Mike Hatch, one of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s leading candidates to challenge the state’s Republican governor, has strong confidence in Sandberg.

“[She’s] very well organized and has an incredible knowledge over a broad range,” Hatch told the newspaper. “She handles it all [and] makes her own decisions about who to talk to.”

Sandberg, who studied political science at Tufts, holds one of “the most demanding political jobs in the state,” according to the Star Tribune, and she faces “the high-stakes challenge” of her career in 2006, when Hatch’s gubernatorial campaign reaches full steam.

But the Mendota Heights, Minn., native has plenty of political experience to fall back on.

Sandberg has been working in the Minnesota attorney general’s office since 1997, when she was hired under then-Attorney General Hubert H. Humphrey, according to the Star Tribune. When Hatch was elected a year later, he kept Sandberg on his staff to play the role the newspaper describes as “part writer and journalist, part media consultant, part scold, part flatterer, part bully.”

Before working in the State Capitol in St. Paul, the Star Tribune reported that Sandberg, “with a resume steeped in politics,” worked on Walter Mondale’s presidential campaign and U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy’s reelection campaign in the 1980s. She has also worked as an assistant producer for NBC News and “as White House media aide to Bill Clinton,” according to the newspaper, which calls what Sandberg does “a complex art.”

Sandberg says details are critical to success in her line of work. She learned that lesson first-hand while working at the White House.

“[While] preparing President Clinton for an interview in his reelection year, she informed him that a Minnesota Republican governor had endorsed him. He got very excited and almost went public with it, until he found out it was a former governor (Elmer L. Anderson),” the newspaper reported. “I got quite a talking to … You learn to be meticulous.''

And you also learn to appreciate the media, Sandberg said.

“Every single reporter is my favorite,” she told the Star Tribune. “I feel the love every day for them."












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