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Putting Together The Puzzle

Putting Together The PuzzleTufts graduate Linda Luisi, an accomplished artist and muralist, has spent decades creating art that complements its environment.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [07.31.06] From hospitals to hotels, Linda Luisi’s art hangs on walls throughout California’s San Diego County. The 1974 graduate of Tufts University’s combined degree program with the Museum of Fine Arts has painted murals, designed landscapes and created other artwork for businesses for more than two decades.

“Environmental design is really the psychology of how people interact with their environment,” Luisi, whose clients have included Hilton Hotels, Nissan and California-area country clubs, medical buildings and banks, told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “[It’s about] how people react to the colors, shapes and words in a room.”

Luisi, who has designed murals, custom paintings, landscape art, carpet patterns and logos, keeps that concept in mind as she’s creating art. “Sometimes,” the Union-Tribune reported, “the most important part of Luisi's job as a professional artist is to create a diversion.”

“When I design murals, I design them to relate with what is in the room,” Luisi told the Union-Tribune. “Who will be in the room on a daily basis? Do they need to relax? Do they need to be stimulated? Do they need it to look bigger? If you're a patient in an orthodontist's waiting room, you probably don't want to be thinking about what lies beyond the wall in front of you.”

Luisi also provides lessons for professionals and beginners and recently taught a mixed media course at the Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas, Calif. She draws on her decades of experience when she instructs.

“Luisi focuses on elements of composition and design, giving examples from posters and advertisements to get students thinking about art in new ways,” the Union-Tribune reported about the class, which is geared for beginners. “The point is to add more pizzazz,” she told the newspaper. “Composition adds a mind quality to the art.”

Luisi’s students use materials they bring from home to create art in the class. It’s like putting together a puzzle, she told the Union-Tribune.

“People love puzzles and games, and art is basically a puzzle,” she explained to the newspaper. “You can create whatever effect you want, but you have to figure out how. Then art becomes more than just mimicking nature.”




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