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Tufts Named A ‘New Ivy’

Tufts Named A ‘New Ivy’Newsweek recently included Tufts University on its list of colleges and universities that have become the nation’s “New Ivies.”

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [08.21.06] Tufts University is among the “hot” colleges and universities that compete against Ivy League institutions for the nation’s top students, according to Newsweek, which named Tufts as one of 25 “New Ivies” in its annual Kaplan/Newsweek college guide.

“The nation's elite colleges these days include more than Harvard, Yale and Princeton,” Newsweek reported. “The demand for an excellent education has created an ever-expanding supply of big and small campuses that provide great academics and first-rate faculties.”

Tufts—and its fellow “New Ivies,” which include, Washington University in St. Louis, Rice University and Vanderbilt University—certainly fit the bill.

“They're schools that 15 or 20 years ago attracted a regional or specialized pool of applicants. And now they're really known to kids all over the country,” Barbara Kantrowitz, a senior editor at Newsweek, said on the NBC’s Today show. “They've really made their mark.”

With students applying to college in record numbers, the “New Ivies” are reaping the gains “of the boom in top students,” Newsweek reported about the institutions, which the magazine selected based on admissions statistics and interviews with administrators, faculty, students and alumni.

At Tufts, applications have increased 80 percent over the past 10 years. Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Lee Coffin told Newsweek that the University’s unique mission has been a factor.

“We're using the intellect to make a difference in the world,” he explained to the magazine. “Look at the liberal arts. Look at the engineering fields. How do you take these disciplines and interpret them broadly?”

Tufts students and graduates, according to Newsweek, are encouraged to take what they learn at the University and apply it to real-world problems. “That would mean, say, that a civil-engineering major would volunteer to help rebuild New Orleans,” the publication reported.

Newsweek noted that international relations is Tufts’ most popular major, followed by economics, political science, psychology and child development. The magazine also pointed out that more than 40 percent of students study abroad and reported that the university “stresses foreign languages.”

As a “New Ivy,” Newsweek noted that Tufts is among a group of colleges and universities that are entitled to “fresh bragging rights.”

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