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Head Of The Class

Head Of The ClassTufts sophomore Adam Weldai is looking to make an impact in his nearby hometown by running for a seat on the school committee.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [01.19.07] Adam Weldai may be two years removed from his high school in nearby Malden, Mass., but the Tufts sophomore hopes to soon return to the school system—this time, as an elected member of the school committee.

When a committee seat became available in his home district of Ward 5, Weldai told the Malden Observer that it was "the opportune time" for him to run for office, noting that he is "living a dream earlier than I thought."

As a high school student, he occupied the student representative seat on the committee for four years, according to the Observer.

"I gained a lot of valuable experience sitting on the committee as the student representative," Weldai told the newspaper. "I was able to voice my ideas and opinion just as everyone else was, but I was never able to vote on anything."

If he wins that right, the Observer reported, he would be the youngest person to hold elected office in Malden City history.

Weldai, an American studies major at Tufts, works in the early childhood development office of Medford Public Schools. He has also remained active in his hometown by substitute teaching at Salemwood School in Malden, which is a kindergarten through eighth grade school.

On campus, Weldai is a member of the Tisch Citizenship and Public Service Scholars Program and serves on the Elections Board of the Tufts Community Union Senate.

In crafting his school committee campaign platform, the Tufts student plans to consult the community to learn about their needs.

"It is most important to talk to parents and hear feedback and input from them and discuss the public opinion with my constituents," he told the Observer. "I am faced with the challenge of building the foundation for a successful campaign so that I can support the community that I was born in and grew up in."

Some of his preliminary plans, as reported by the newspaper, include improved school-wide communications and a scholarship fund for Malden High School graduates from his ward.

"My goal is to develop innovative new ideas for the schools, and I feel that I can do my part to help the students of Ward 5," he told the Observer.

As opposed to a career in public office, Weldai told the Observer that after graduation he hopes to become a teacher in Malden public schools, with an eye on eventually becoming an administrator.

"I just love the idea of being in front of a classroom and teaching," he told the newspaper.

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