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Bring In 'Da Noyze

Bring In 'Da NoyzeFounded by a group of Tufts grads, the Static Noyze dance troupe recently made their cable television debut on MTV's "America's BestDance Crew."

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [02.17.10] For the second time in the past few months, Jumbos have made it to primetime. Static Noyze, founded in 2006 by former Spirit of Color members William Hsu (A'05), Henry Myint (E'04), Yuhei Ogawa (E'02), Chung Peng (A'03) and Brett Wong (E'05), debuted on the small screen on Feb. 4 on the fifth season of MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew."

Among the six dancers representing the troupe on the show are Tufts alum Enrique Novales (A'09) and graduate student Suzette Sagisi (G'11). Advancing past the East region auditions, Static Noyze has made their way into the national competition, which will air Feb. 18, on MTV.

Co-founder Peng recently gave us a look at what the group has been up to since their Tufts days and thoughts on the competition so far.

How was Static Noyze formed?

I joined Spirit of Color my sophomore year and was a member for three years. I choreographed a few pieces my senior year. My time with Spirit of Color made up some of my favorite memories from college.

After graduating, a few of my friends and I continued to dance in the Boston area. We wanted to create something that was different-something that was based in hip-hop, but not restricted by the conventional definition and incorporated an element of story-telling. We wanted to engage the audience throughout the performance. And that's how Static Noyze came about.

How many members of the crew went to Tufts?

Counting everyone that's been involved with the company at one time or another, we've had 15 Jumbos-both alumni and current students.

While on campus, members have been or are currently involved with Sarabande, Turbo, Blackout, bhangra and ballroom, so we end up having a very versatile group of dancers, not just the ones from Tufts but generally speaking, as well. That well-roundedness is definitely one of our defining strengths.

What have Static Noyze's projects been prior to 'ABDC'?

Our most recent project was at Elements X [a hip-hop dance competition] this past November, where we placed first. Some of our other shows included Carnival [Choreographers Ball] in New York, which is a pretty big show with a lot of industry choreographers and dancers coming together to put on an amazing exhibition; Prelude EC [featuring 22 troupes from the East Coast] and guest performances at various collegesincluding Boston University, Northeastern, MIT, Harvard and, of course, Tufts.

What was the audition and selection process like for 'ABDC'?

I think the six who participated really had fun with it. It was a lot of hard work, preparation and late nights, but when you're working with people who you respect as choreographers and dancers, who you're also great friends with, it's really not work at all.
What's a typical day like for Static Noyze?

A lot of giggling, a lot of dancing and a lot of "wows." I think we always manage to surprise one another with the variety of styles and the quality of choreography that people come up with. It's just an amazing group of dancers to be working with. Everyone brings something different to the table and so we're constantly learning from each other.

What has been the best aspect of the process so far?

I think for the six that are on the show, it's the opportunity to do what they love on a national stage and to be appreciated for what they do and the unique way in which they do it.

For the company as a whole, this is an opportunity to showcase what we're all about and it's been very exciting.We're getting a lot of fan support on the internet and it's just nice to have people appreciate your art-something that you poured yourself into.

For me personally, I don't really have words to describe how I feel. To see how we've grown this company from just a few guys with an idea to a company of 25-plus and competing on "ABDC," it's been an amazing ride already and hopefully we're just getting started.

What are you hoping for the future of Static Noyze?

To take over the world. No, really. To take over the world.

Interview by Charlotte Steinway (A'10)

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