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Springing Into Action

Springing Into ActionUndergraduates share what they are looking forward to most about the spring semester.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [02.08.10] "I'm taking two classes in the American Studies department-one course is 'School & Society,' and the other is 'Class, Race & Gender and the History of U.S. Education.' Because I'm taking the two classes together, I'm learning a lot in parallel about the history of the U.S. education system, and education today. I'm learning so much at once that I never had thought about before taking these classes. I think a lot of times Tufts challenges us to think about things we never have thought about. Because of these classes, I'm thinking of declaring American studies as a second major, with a concentration in issues in U.S. education." 

--Paris Adler (A'12), undecided

"I'm most looking forward to the three math classes I'm taking this semester. And no, I'm not being sarcastic, I'm actually really excited. Discrete math is going to be cool."

--Andrew McGlathery (A'13), computer science

"I can't wait for spring to come so I can participate in all the amazing activities involved with Senior Week. I've heard about them from my upperclassman friends since I was a freshman and now I can't wait to get to do them with all my friends before we have to say goodbye at graduation."

--Meredith Hassett (A'10), international letter and visual studies major

"I've been injured for a little less than a year with a stress fracture, and I'm on the cross country and track team, but I haven't been able to compete yet. So I'm looking forward to spring track, because I should be able to compete by then."

--Kacey Hill (A'13), undecided

"I'm most looking forward to Spring Fling. It's a great way for everyone to get together, and see each other, and celebrate our last semester at Tufts-in warm weather!"

--Connor Larwood (A'10), quantitative economics

"I'm really looking forward to starting research at Tufts' Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, in the neuroscience lab. There they are looking at dietary antioxidants and their effects on aging, and so the project that I'm specifically working on is going to be supplementing rats' diets with blueberry and strawberry extracts, and giving them various cognitive tasks and seeing how they respond. This is my first applied experience of what I'm learning in the classroom. My advisor hooked me up with this opportunity, so I'm benefiting from a lot of connections that I'm making at Tufts, and I'm really excited. "

--Lauren Weiner (A'12) psychology

"I'm most looking forward to the warm weather! I can't wait to take my books and head to the Academic Quad for some studying in the sun."

--Elizabeth Nelson (A'11) psychology

Quotes gathered by Charlotte Steinway (A'10) 

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