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Welcoming Back the Bubs

Welcoming Back the BubsMembers of both Tufts and its surrounding communities joined together on Jan. 21 to welcome the Beelzebubs back to campus after their run onNBC's The Sing Off.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [01.25.10] Students, alumni and local residents packed Carzo Cage on Jan. 21 to celebrate and welcome the Beelzebubs back to campus just over a month after their appearance on NBC's a cappella competition "The Sing-Off."

Entering the room one by one, the Bubs made their way to the stage, fist-bumping Provost Jamshed Bharucha and double high-fiving President Lawrence S. Bacow to the sound of more than 100 cheering fans.

"I can tell you from being there that the impact that the Bubs made was truly extraordinary-once-in-a-lifetime," said Bharucha, who took the trip to L.A. to see the Bubs perform. "They were ambassadors for Tufts such as we could not ask for in a million years."

He added, "We're expecting applications next year to soar, and we know that all of you share in the pride at what the Bubs have accomplished."

Running up on stage imitating the Bubs' whimsical mannerisms, President Bacow took to the microphone to share his congratulations.

Listen to the Bubs sing a medley of songs by The Who.

"Throughout 'The Sing-Off,' I kept receiving phone calls and letters saying ‘Wow, these guys are great,'" Bacow said. "They were just wonderful ambassadors not only for Tufts, but also forour host communities."

Sharing this sentiment, Medford Mayor Michael J. McGlynn took to the stage, surprising the group with a key to the city.

"The Bubs should know that I am still paying off all the phone bills from calling and calling and calling to vote for them," McGlynn said. "The entire McGlynn family and all of the community love the Bubs."

He added, "We took great pride in every time they flashed ‘Medford, Massachusetts' across the screen, and we cheered."

Jack Connolly, president of Somerville's Board of Alderman invited the Bubs to participate in an upcoming fund raiser the town is planning for Haiti, while State Representative Paul Donato welcomed the Bubs to the State House for an opportunity to sing to the members of the legislature.

"It has been the strangest semester of my life," said Bubs tenor Nick Lamm (A'10). "But when we went out on stage we kept telling ourselves to think of it as a home show, because that is where we get all of our energy."

The Bubs treated the crowd to a reprise of some of their 'Sing-Off' performances and stuck around for photo-ops with all their fans.

"We wanted to thank everyone for their support, especially the other a cappella groups on campus," said Lamm. "It has all meant so much to us."

Story by Kaitlin Provencher, Web Communication.
Photos by Joanie Tobin, University Photography.

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