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Comic Relief

Comic ReliefSophomore Chase Gregory puts a unique spin on the telling of her Tufts experience, documenting it in comic form.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [01.06.10] Like Springfield has Homer Simpson and Riverdale has Archie, Tufts University has Chase Gregory.

The sophomore, a blogger for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, has been turning the Tufts experience, quite literally, into a work of art with her web comic "T is for the T."

"I love the action of creating, and to be able to do that and have it be so well received is the best part," Gregory says. "To share my love for Tufts and learning and all the other things I document in my comic and have people appreciate what I appreciate has been a lot of fun."

From conversations with her roommate to her love of the faculty in the English department, the topics of Gregory's comics run the gamut. Quite similarly, her audience also covers a wide spectrum.

"I actually got an e-mail from a grad student who had been searching for English Professor Joe Litvak and came across a comic I did of him that they thought was neat," she says."It was something I hadn't expected when I started."

Hoping to become the next Ira Glass, host of National Public Radio's "This American Life," Gregory is also assistant general manager of Tufts' student-run radio station WMFO, where she hosts the weekly show "Ekphrasis." And to complement her admissions blog, she is developing a podcastcalled "Audiophant."

"The idea of Audiophant is to capture the Tufts experience purely through sound," she says."So it could be me chatting with friends or the sound of crickets outside Miller Hall."

With the comic based on her own life, Gregory says everything she does is a potential panel, with no shortage of material in sight.

"A lot of times I will just be sitting with my friends and something will happen and I will think, 'That, that's it, that's why we're here,' or, 'That's what Tufts is about,' or, 'That's really funny,'" she explains. "When that happens, I find myself saying, 'I'm putting this in a comic.'"

Story by Kaitlin Provencher, Web Communications.
Video production by Joanie Tobin (University Photography) and Kaitlin Provencher.


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