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Thoughts on a New Decade

Thoughts on a New DecadeMembers of the Tufts community share their outlook for the new decade ahead of us.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [01.04.10] At the end of the fall semester, with 2010 on the horizon, we asked the Tufts community to share their wishes for the decade to come. Here are some of the responses we received. You still have time to share your thoughts for possible inclusion in this feature.

Education will be the star of the next decade. The decade will see enormous advances in global connectivity - an iPhone in every hand, or at least a cell phone. Because of this, we need to concentrate on the encouragement of personal goal-setting and self-directed learning from the earliest ages. The 'right brain' (creativity) revolution that has been identified to replace the 'information' revolution definitely requires new approaches to what, how and where we learn and who teaches. The era of lifelong 24/7 learning is here. It offers abundant opportunities for higher education and communities around the world to invest in intergenerational learning that can include boarding house-type accommodations on campuses and in communities.People need to mix more and share.

Laura Chodos (A'48, G'49)

My hopes for the coming years are modest: I'd like to see ALL direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs completely banned from television and all print media.Pharmaceutical companies, notwithstanding that they spend several billion dollars annually on this advertising and presumably derive big benefits from it, have no business, ethically or practically, in encouraging patients to demand specific products from their physicians.The decision to require a medication should be the physician's, ideally in consultation with the patient and not upon the patient's advice or insistence.(Direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs is in fact prohibited in every country except the USA and New Zealand.)

Mark DeVoto, Faculty, Professor Emeritus of Music

Economic recovery with the creation of jobs and, of course, a safe and peaceful world for everyone.

Janet Marino, Staff, Center for Science and Mathematics Teaching

The environment will be a major topic for the next decade and beyond. We all must do a better job at reducing our air, soil, and water pollution. Our small company has developed a new technology for the clean up of organic waste from farms, waste treatment sludge, and all other sources of organic waste. In the process, we remove tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. The problem we face is getting people to listen to our message. It is a daunting task!

Phil Salmon (A'57)

Wishes that the next decade will continue to see the advancement of knowledge and particularly the biomedical sciences such that we will redefine old paradigms and explore new boundaries. With wishes that progress will be made towards significant breakthroughs in disease research and the application of nascent genomic research towards solutions and innovations.

Michael Shusterman (A'10)

Shared investments in tackling world challenges and more peace for all.

Gina Siesing, Staff, UIT



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