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Today's Wisdom

Today's WisdomMultiple media outlets reported on Tufts' 152nd Commencement ceremonies, headlined by graduate and "Today" show co-host Meredith Vieira.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [05.19.08] In a speech that The Boston Globe called "light-hearted and self-deprecating," award-winning journalist Meredith Vieira (J'75) urged graduates at Tufts' 152nd Commencement ceremonies to listen to their instincts.

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Sunday's ceremonies drew coverage from various news venues including Boston's NBC affiliate WHDH-TV and the "Today" show itself.

"When she addressed the graduates, she spoke about what most graduation speakers speak about-getting naked," Vieira's co-host Matt Lauer laughed, speaking of Vieira's opening anecdote about a streaking incident she was involved with on campus in 1975. Lauer later added that "most of the speech was really inspiring and wonderful."

"It was sort of a funny story, because I really wasn't much of a leader at Tufts University, but I made something of my life afterward," Vieira told Lauer. "I was really speaking to the kids who were graduating and they really feel lost and they are really not sure where they are headed and I relate to them because that was the way I felt."

"I was very proud to be there, and the president, Lawrence Bacow is amazing. He came out and the kids chanted 'Larry, Larry, Larry.' They love him-he's like one of them."

Noting that the ceremony was "held under a cloudless, pale blue sky," the Globe referenced Vieira's remark that she would have never been accepted to Tufts if she had applied today.

"It was fate that put Vieira on the path to fame and fortune as a television journalist," wrote the Boston Herald in advance of the event, detailing how Vieira's track to fame began right here at Tufts when she was discovered by a news reporter for Boston's then-CBS Radio affiliate WEEI-AM in her senior year broadcast journalism class.

In the days before her speech, Vieira told the Herald that she was nervous at the thought of giving what she claims will be "the first-and last-commencement speech she'll ever give."

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