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Last Week at Tufts...

Last Week at Tufts...A Ghanaian dance artist, a director from NASA and a brigadier general from the Joint Chiefs of Staff came to campus.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [12.08.08] There is so much that happens at Tufts that it can be hard to keep up. Check out this roundup of the past week of campus happenings.

  • Dec. 1: Chris Ehret, professor of African history at UCLA, spoke as part of the semester-long Pearson Prentice Hall Seminar Series in Global History at Tufts, presented by the Boston Area Global History Consortium. Ehret is known for his work connecting archaeological and linguistic evidence in Africa.
  • Dec. 1: Dr. Andrea Vindigni, assistant professor of politics at Princeton University, spoke as part of the Economics Department & Fletcher School Seminar Series on "A Theory of Military Dictatorships."
  • Dec. 1: David Hammer, professor of physics at the University of Maryland, spoke as part of the Center for Engineering Educational Outreach Seminar Series on "The Goal of Student Inquiry."
  • Dec. 1: Junior Tom Tassinari, a safety on the Tufts football team, was named to the 2008 New England Football Writers Division II/III All-New England team. He is one of just four defensive backs recognized from among all of the Div. II/III programs in New England, and is one of just two Div. III DBs on the list.
  • Dec. 2 and 6: Nani Agbeli, a Ghanaian dance artist who came to Tufts as a special guest lecturer in the music department this semester, performed with Kiniwe, Tufts' African music and dance ensemble. Agbeli is the son of the late Godwin Agbeli, former teacher of Kiniwe director and Associate Professor David Locke.
  • Dec. 2: Brigadier General Peter M. Aylward, deputy director of antiterrorism/homeland defense, Joint Staff (J-34), delivered The Fletcher School's International Security Studies Program Luncheon Lecture on "The U.S. Strategic Framework for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction."
  • Dec. 3: Professor Roger S. Gottlieb of Worcester Polytechnic Institute spoke on "The Global Possibilities of Religious Environmentalism" as part of the Goddard Chapel Forum on Religion and International Relations.
  • Dec. 4: Elaine Kamarck, lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard's Kennedy School and a former adviser in the Clinton White House and to Al Gore's 2000 campaign, participated in an informal brown bag lunch conversation with the Tufts community as a part of a weekly speaker series hosted by Alan Solomont (A'70) .
  • Dec. 5: Dr. Jeffrey Davis, director of space life sciences at NASA's Johnson Space Center, gave a talk at the School of Engineering entitled "Exploration: The Science and Innovation of Human Exploration." He discussed innovative strategies for space medicine, biomedical research, and environmental monitoring and human factors for exploration, as NASA prepares for new exploration missions to the moon with the Orion and Ares projects.
  • Dec. 5: Michael Monastyrsky of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics and Institute of History of Science and Technology, Moscow, and author of " Modern Mathematics in the Light of the Fields Medals," spoke as part of the Department of Mathematics Colloquium.
  • Dec. 5: Dr. Richard Prum of Yale University delivered the Barnum Museum Lecture on "Evolution of Avian Vision and Coloration." The talk was sponsored by the Department of Biology.
  • Dec. 5: The Stockholm Environment Institute at Tufts hosted a symposium entitled "Taking Climate Change Seriously: Research and Policy Directions for the Next US Administration," exploring how sound science and policy research can lay a foundation for new climate policies that will move us toward a low carbon sustainable future.


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