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Tufts E-News: Oprah Praises Tufts Lecturer's Book

Tufts E-News: Oprah Praises Tufts Lecturer's BookTufts Lecturer Appears On Oprah To Talk About His Acclaimed Novel 'The House Of Sand And Fog'

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [01.25.01] Using words like "brilliant,""unbelievable" and "incredible," Oprah Winfrey lauded the newest book by author and Tufts lecturer Andre Dubus III. The writer appeared on the widely popular talk show on Wednesday to discuss his book "The House Of Sand And Fog" -- Oprah's first book club selection for 2001.

"This author just won our hearts and minds with his story," Oprah told her audience. "This is one of my favorite reads of all time."

Her audience seemed to agree. As Dubus was introduced, the packed television studio erupted in applause and cheers.

"I think we've received more response to this book than any other we've ever done," Oprah said, noting that the show received thousands and thousands of letters from people who had read Dubus' book. To date, Oprah's book club has read nearly 40 books by authors including Toni Morrison and Wally Lamb.

Describing the origins of his novel, Dubus said he drew his inspiration from two sources -- a newspaper article he read and saved about a woman who lost her home because of unpaid taxes and a military leader from Iran that Dubus became friendly with through a friend.

The book, itself, was written in an unusual location.

"I wrote this book in my car by a graveyard," Dubus told Oprah. "I wrote there because it was quiet... I could concentrate in the graveyard."

What he produced has been described as a masterpiece.

"I've never wanted to talk about a book more," Oprah said. "I couldn't put the book down! I kept going across the street to Borders bookstore to buy more copies to hand them out to people."

Dubus told Oprah that the spirited discussions about his book -- on her show and throughout the country -- are the most gratifying part of the project.

"What I love about it is -- what's so gratifying artistically -- is that you're reading [the characters] as real people. That's all I want," the Tufts lecturer said.

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