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Searching For The Roots Of Autism

Searching For The Roots Of AutismDespite Early Discoveries, Scientists Still Have Much More To Learn About The Disorder.

Boston [02.13.01] Thanks to a growing set of sophisticated tools and techniques, medical researchers may be closer than ever to determining the gene responsible for autism.

But their search into the roots of the disorder, which usually affects young boys -- impairing their ability to communicate and interact with others -- may be a lot more complicated than once thought, reports the Associated Press.

"I thought this would be an easy find. I really did," Tufts medical researcher Susan Santangelo told the international wire service.

The Associated Press reported: "As [Santangelo] and others looked for the genes, however, they came to believe that [autism's genetic roots] were split up among more genes than expected."

But the experts remain upbeat.

"Researchers may be closer to the genetic roots of the disorder," reports the AP. "And a quest that looked so deceptively easy just a few years ago may finally pay off."

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