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Is Chocolate The Next Health Food?

Is Chocolate The Next Health Food?The candy may have some health benefits, but how much will it take for results?

Boston [02.16.01] Following the release of a new study on the health benefits of chocolate, the New York Post reported that several candy makers began touting their products as a tasty version of health food.

According to the Post, the study found that "ounce-for-ounce, chocolate has more antioxidant 'activity' than many fruits and vegetables."

Despite the apparent health benefits, two Tufts researchers say chocolate's nutritious value "melts" under scrutiny.

"Chocolate is a wonderful food," Tufts' Jeanne Goldberg PhD. told the New York Post. "I like to eat it. But when someone tells me I have to eat 500 calories to get the health benefit, it kind of slows me down."

Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD -- a Tufts nutrition researcher and a leading expert in antioxidant research -- also questions the nutritional value of chocolate.

Simply containing antioxidants "doesn't [automatically] make it a healthful choice," Blumberg told the newspaper. "Nobody thinks of chocolate as a healthful food. It's a strange strategy from any kind of scientific perspective."

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