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TVs Dangerous For Kids

TVs Dangerous For KidsTufts study finds newer televisions are more dangerous for toddlers.

Boston [03.09.01] Parents have often told their children not to sit so close to the television because it's bad for their eyes. Now, they have an even better reason to keep toddlers away from the TV: serious injury or even death.

According to Reuters, a research team led by Tufts' Dr. Carla DiScala recently found that "an injury caused by a precariously positioned television is just as likely to kill a toddler as an injury sustained in a car accident."

The problem, reports the team, is that televisions are getting much bigger and less stable. And several thousand children are injured each year.

"Nearly one third of the children [in DiScala's study] had to be admitted to an intensive care unit, and 20% required surgery," reported Reuters. "More than one-quarter suffered long-term impairments, ranging from having trouble dressing to damaged vision, hearing or speech."

The timing of the study, the researchers told the international wire service, may help reduce incidents in the future.

"This study is particularly important as the industry prepares to introduce high-definition TV models, virtually all of which will be large-screen," DiScala said.

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