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Tufts Commencement: Other Speakers

Speakers Addressing Tufts' Professional Schools Include:

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [03.14.01]

Kofi Annan: Tufts' Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Kofi Annan of Ghana is the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations. The first Secretary-General to be elected from the ranks of United Nations staff, he began his term on January 1, 1997. Annan joined the United Nations system in 1962 as an administrative and budget officer with the World Health Organization in Geneva. In 1990, following the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, Annan was asked by the Secretary-General, as a special assignment, to facilitate the repatriation of more than 900 international staff and the release of Western hostages in Iraq. He subsequently led the first United Nations team negotiating with Iraq on the sale of oil to fund purchases of humanitarian aid.

George McGovern: Tufts' School of Nutrition, Science & Policy

The Ambassador to the United Nations' World Food Program, McGovern coordinates the U.S. efforts to improve and develop emergency food aid, food quality and safety standards, agriculture, fisheries and rural development around the world. After four years in the House of Representatives, McGovern was appointed director of the U.S. Food For Peace program by President John F. Kennedy. While in the post, he made the first offer of U.S. assistance that opened the way for the launching of the World Food Program -- which he now represents. As a U.S. Senator, he chaired the Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs, and helped develop the highly regarded "Dietary Goals For The American People."

Judith Vaitukaitis: Tufts' School of Veterinary Medicine

Judith Vaitukaitis is Director of the National Center for Research Resources [NCRR] for the National Institutes of Health In Bethesda, Maryland. The NCRR develops critical research technologies and provides cost-effective, multidisciplinary resources for more than 20,000 biomedical investigators. Dr. Vaitukaitis has published over 160 scientific papers and served on numerous editorial boards of scientific journals. Dr. Vaitukaitis earned a bachelor's degree from Tufts in 1962 and an M.D. degree from Boston University in 1966. She was elected Alumni Trustee in 1998.

David Warsh: Tufts' School of Dental Medicine

A business and economics columnist for the Boston Globe, David Warsh has written on a wide range of topics, including the Bush administration, the dot-com revolution, the Microsoft antitrust case, and health care in Massachusetts. Warsh is expected to discuss "Technological Innovation, Health Care Economics and the Economic Future of Dentistry" at the Dental School graduation ceremony.

Daniel Federman: Tufts' Medical and Sackler Schools

A senior dean at Harvard University, Daniel Federman has taught medicine at Harvard and Stanford for over 30 years. A dedicated physician and teacher, he is widely praised for his ability to connect with his students. "Federman has used his legendary eloquence both to advance the voice of the students, individually and collectively, and to help build an ethical and human medical education environment," said a dean at Harvard, describing Federman's contributions to medical education. Now the director of alumni affairs at Harvard, he is active in scholarship fundraising.

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