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A Date With Fate

A Date With FateOver 150 fourth-year medical students at Tufts found out where they will go for their residencies at the annual "Match Day" ceremony.

Boston [03.26.01] Every year, "Match Day" is one of the most anticipated events on the calendars of thousands of doctors-in-training around the country. All at once, over 14,000 fourth-year medical students tore open sealed envelopes to find out where they'll do their residencies -- a significant step in their medical training.

"This is where you're going to go next year and it has an enormous impact on what you're going to do for the rest of your life," Tufts Medical School Dean John Harrington told Boston's NewsCenter 5 during the 2001 "Match Day" on Friday.

Almost all of the 168 fourth-year students at Tufts were happy with the outcome of the day, Channel 5 reported, noting that "More than half of the class got their first choice, and 90 percent got one of their top four choices."

For one Tufts medical student and his wife, "Match Day" was especially significant.

"Mario Pereira and his wife, Diane, have been separated for four years while Mario's been commuting from Tufts to their home in upstate New York," the television station reported.

On Friday, he learned that his residency will be at Syracuse Medical Center -- just 72 miles from his wife and family in New York.

The excited student told NewsCenter 5, "We'll finally live together as a family."

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