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Sweeping Return To TV

Sweeping Return To TVNBC enlists alum to provide extra boost to "West Wing" during April sweeps. Los Angeles.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [04.26.01] A new White House counsel swept into Washington D.C. this week, hoping to boost excitement around the President and his cabinet -- at least that's how it happened on TV. With four episodes remaining in the season and April "sweeps" in effect, NBC turned to 1983 Tufts grad Oliver Platt to add some extra punch to the network's hit drama "The West Wing."

Playing the role of an outspoken White House counsel in the four straight episodes, beginning last night, Platt is one of the big name guest stars recruited to attract viewers during the ever-crucial April sweeps month.

The actor is no stranger to NBC -- in the fall he starred in the network's new series "Deadline."

Platt is not the only Tufts connection to the Emmy-winning "The West Wing." Peter Roth --a 1972 Tufts grad -- helped create the show as president of Warner Brothers Television and has been recognized several times at major award shows by the "West Wing" cast and crew.

Platt's appearance on "The West Wing" is just the latest in a string of "Tufts on TV" connections.

Since the new season began in the fall, Tufts has been featured on "Ed,""Dawson's Creek,""The Sopranos,""The Geena Davis Show" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." Tufts graduates have also appeared on "Deadline,""Ally McBeal" and the "Simpsons. "

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