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"Now, More Than Ever"

"Now, More Than Ever"Despite Sept. 11, a record number of Tufts students are studying in other countries, saying a global perspective has never been so important.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [11.13.01] Every year, close to half of the junior class travels around the world to study -- heading to countries ranging from Chile to Japan to Israel. They go to perfect their second or third language; they go to immerse themselves in a new culture; and they go to broaden their global perspective. And this year, students say, that perspective -- and Tufts' study abroad program -- has never been so important.

"At this point, it is more important than ever for us to foster that internal understanding," Tufts senior Aaron Greiser -- who studied in Germany during his junior year and plans to return as a Fulbright Scholar -- told WBZ-News in Boston.

The events of Sept. 11, say Greiser and other students, have only made their international experience more important.

"It was the most amazing experience of my life," senior Samantha Snitow told the local CBS affiliate. "There may be some people who are fearful, but I think they have to overcome it, and really understand just how important going abroad is."

Snitow, who studied in Australia as a junior, also plans to return after graduation on a Fulbright Scholarship.

And a record number of her classmates went ahead with their plans to study around the world this year -- many leaving after Sept. 11, reported WBZ News reporter Paula Lyons.

"We continue to see strong interest," said David Cuttino, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Tufts. "They're being thoughtful [about their plans], but we haven't seen a decline in the number of students thus far."

In fact, a new survey completed by Tufts last week indicates that students are overwhelmingly happy with their decision to continue their education abroad.

"One hundred students [currently studying abroad] were surveyed," reported Lyons, " and not a single one regretted going."

That enthusiasm may be linked to the international atmosphere at Tufts.

Students can enroll in any one of 10 programs sponsored by the University around the world, or attend thousands of others supported by Tufts.

"Here at Tufts University, they say they are preparing students to live and work in a global economy," Lyons reported from the Medford/Somerville campus on Friday. "Study oversees is strongly encouraged."

The process begins on students' first day on campus.

"Students arrive here and they find a world atlas on their bed," Cuttino told WBZ News. "They can take that as an interesting resource, or they can take it as a hint."

Now, more than ever, students appear to be getting the hint.

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