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2002 Commencment Addresses -- Highlights

"BeAn Enzyme -- A Catalyst For Change"

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [05.20.02] On Sunday, thousands of students, parents, faculty and alumni gathered on the Tufts Medford/Somerville campus for the 2002 Commencement ceremonies. During their keynote address to the Tufts audience, Tufts graduates Pamela and Pierre Omidyar told the University's graduates to take an active role in society, embrace diversity and become catalysts for change.


"Be an enzyme - a catalyst for change. Act on the environment around you. Make it your mission to make some small difference in the great scheme of life." -- Pamela Kerr Omidyar, 2002 Commencement, Tufts University



"To understand that what today seems odd, unnecessary, off-beat -- maybe even outrageous - may prove integral to solving tomorrow's problems. It's a matter of finding the connections that make community - not just forging them, but finding them, because I think they already exist -- and encouraging each individual to think from self to society to service. " -- Pierre Omidyar, 2002 Commencement, Tufts University



"We must work with leaders and scholars on every continent to isolate and defeat those around the world who are pouring poison into the ears of young people" -- Madeleine Albright, 2002 Commencement, Fletcher School, Tufts University




"To become successful doctors and researchers, you have to become masters of self-education. After all, most of what we learn grows out of a sense of what we don't know." -- Roderick MacKinnon, 2002 Commencement, School of Medicine/Sackler



"Getting your dental degree says something about who you are and what you've done. " -- Richard Valachovic, 2002 Commencement, School of Dental Medicine




"I just want to congratulate you on choosing such a noble profession." -- Roy Blount Jr., 2002 Commencement, School of Veterinary Medicine




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