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Educating Young Entrepreneurs

Educating Young EntrepreneursPart of a national trend, a growing number of Tufts students are incorporating entrepreneurship into their education.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [11.13.02] Thirty years ago, only a handful of classes on entrepreneurship existed nationwide. But today, the courses are growing increasingly popular, as students at Tufts - and around the country - broaden their liberal arts studies to include a new set of classes covering everything from entrepreneurial leadership to business planning.

"Two years ago Tufts University started an entrepreneurial program for undergraduates," reported The Boston Globe. "Today, the classes are so popular that the school has expanded its course offerings and expects to hire a full-time director for the program."

Tufts' program in entrepreneurial leadership - a minor requiring 5 credits - began in 2000 and quickly grew in popularity. Over 150 undergraduates - half of which are liberal arts majors - now pursue the minor.

The program is available to students enrolled in Tufts' School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering - both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Arthur Winston -- who directs Tufts' Gordon Institute, which oversees the curriculum - expects the entrepreneurial leadership minor to expand in the future.

"It's drawn so much interest, we think it warrants being able to become a major," Winston told the Globe.

The ground-breaking minor offers courses on topics including Business Planning, Finance, Marketing, and Leadership. As part of one of the Tufts courses, students launch their own business.

Tufts senior Alex Foster is already benefiting from the program. A history major who is minoring in entrepreneurial leadership, Foster is taking a course this semester on starting a business.

Foster - who is from Weston, Massachusetts - hasn't decided what industry to pursue, but he is already setting entrepreneurial goals.

"In the back of my head I'm hoping that I can write something substantial for a business plan," the Tufts' senior told the Globe. "Ideally I'd like to start a company but I don't know how realistic that is coming right out of school and having no experience."

Given the number of successful entrepreneurs who have graduated from Tufts, starting a business may be more realistic than Foster realizes.

Many flourishing businessmen have prospered after graduation, including Chris Pape and Chis Christoudias. The recent graduates - who received an annual award for entrepreneurial achievement while seniors at Tufts - went on to found web design company Digital Bungalow.



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