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The Secrets of Success

The Secrets of SuccessAs host of the new CNBC show "Beyond the Boardroom," Tufts alumnus and trustee Jonathan Tisch goes one-on-one with some of today’s most successful business leaders.

Medford/Somerville, Mass. [11.09.07] Sitting in the backyard of his East Hampton, N.Y., home, clad in casual attire, Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz discussed his business philosophy with Loews Hotels Chairman and CEO Jonathan Tisch. The pair of high-powered business leaders shared an easy rapport.

"I, for one, do not believe that the sole responsibility of a business is to make a profit," the founder of the coffee giant explained to Tisch. "I think it's the balance between profit and social conscience and giving back. I think as a result of that you'll make more money. And I don't think it's romantic. I just think it's the way to be."

The conversation turned to the financial pressures public companies face. Schultz did most of the talking with Tisch, the host of CNBC's new show "Beyond the Boardroom," asking questions along the way.

Schultz was the first of several corporate heavyweights to sit across from Tisch on "Beyond the Boardroom" this season. The program, a series of one-on-one interviews between the Tufts alumnus and some of America's preeminent business leaders, debuted on CNBC on Nov. 4 and airs Sundays at 8:00 p.m.

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Tufts graduate Jeffrey Stewart (A'90), senior vice president of communications and public affairs for Loews Hotels, was instrumental in bringing together the network, the program and its sponsor, Cadillac. He is an executive producer of the show.

In a relaxed, comfortable setting-interviews often take place in guests' homes-Tisch speaks candidly with executives about their inspirations, motivations and future plans. He describes the show in its introduction as "an insightful journey" and invites viewers "to discover the secrets behind some of the biggest success stories of our time."

This season, Tisch will talk with several captains of industry, including IAC's Barry Diller, General Motors' Rick Wagoner and Time Inc.'s Ann Moore. A leader in North America's multi-billion dollar travel and tourism industry, Tisch, like his guests, knows well what it takes to make it in American business.

Head of Loews Hotels since 1989, Tisch has engineered the company's expansion and emergence as a leading luxury hotel chain. The author of "The Power of We: Succeeding Through Partnerships" and "Chocolates on the Pillow Aren't Enough: Reinventing The Customer Experience," his focus has been on creating a corporate culture that places a high value on partnerships and establishing lasting connections with customers.

In addition to serving as CEO of Loews Hotels, Tisch is also co-chairman of the hotel chain's parent company, Loews Corporation, one of the nation's largest diversified financial holding companies. He also serves as chairman of NYC & Company, the official marketing and tourism organization for the City of New York.

A 1976 graduate of Tufts and a trustee, Tisch is a generous donor to the university. In May of 2006 he made a gift to endow the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service. He is also a recipient of the 1996 Distinguished Alumni Award.

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