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The Tufts E-News archives contain hundreds of stories from across Tufts University dating back to October 1999. From cutting-edge research to world-famous alums, from the insights of internationally renowned experts to profiles on Tufts top programs, E-News is the most comprehensive daily electronic news source covering the University.

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December 2008

Leading an 'Impactful' Life

Junior Sarah Ullman strives to make the most out of her life through the practice of social responsibility.

Pen Pals

For many Writing Fellows, helping fellow students continues to make a significant difference in their own work.

From Patient to Advocate

Tufts graduate Jonathan Delman has gone from battling his own mental illness to becoming an advocate for mentally ill patients across Massachusetts.

Last Week at Tufts...

A Ghanaian dance artist, a director from NASA and a brigadier general from the Joint Chiefs of Staff came to campus.

Obama Picks Richardson as Commerce Secretary

The appointment marks the return of the Tufts graduate, who was a member of the initial field of Democratic presidential candidates, to the Cabinet.

Standing Strong

Students and faculty rallied together on the Tisch Library patio just one week after a 60-hour long terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, killed nearly 200 people.

Decades of Dance

The Tufts Dance Program celebrates 25 years of bringing the university together through dance.

The Voice of the People

When The Fletcher School's Peter Uvin set out to write about postwar Burundi, he went straight to the source.

For Basketball Whiz, a New Challenge

Tufts graduate Ed Tapscott has been chosen to serve as interim coach of the NBA's Washington Wizards, in the hopes of salvaging the team's season.

Last Week at Tufts...

A famed environmental activist, an ex-pollster for a former presidential candidate and two renowned economists came to campus.

November 2008

Collaborating for a Cause

Tufts sophomore Samantha Kindler discusses her role in producing a cabaret show to benefit those affected by HIV and AIDS.

Lending an Ear

The students who run the pet loss hotline at the Cummings School are enhancing their education while helping grieving pet owners.

The Long Way Home

Tufts graduate Jaffar Mahmood discusses the various twists and turns that led him to become a film director.

Last Week at Tufts...

A renowned political commentator, two ambassadors and the best field hockey and volleyball teams in the region came to campus.

Science Takes Center Stage

A graduate student in the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy blends her dance background with her academic research for a unique contest.

A Historic Season

Tufts' field hockey team prepares to host the NCAA Division III Field Hockey Regional, after finishing up the best season in the team's history.

History in the Making

Tufts political experts react to the election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States.

Roles of Engineers in Poverty Reduction: Challenges & Opportunities

Video of the School of Engineering's Dean Lecture, delivered by Engineers Without Borders founder Bernard Amadei, is now available.

Back to School

As "Principal for a Day," Tufts President Lawrence S. Bacow got an up-close look at Boston's public schools.

Last Week at Tufts...

A "Saturday Night Live" comedian, a former ambassador and the founder of Engineers Without Borders came to campus.

Celebrating History

Experimental College's Election Night Extravaganza brought hundreds of undergraduates together to watch as the country elected the next president of the United States.

Get Out the Vote

Tisch College helps coordinate efforts to get out the vote, with help from undergraduates like Emily Hellman (A'10) encouraging students to get to the polls on November 4.

Last Week at Tufts…

A presidential candidate, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and an assortment of eminent scholars came to campus.

October 2008

Calculating Reality

Tufts graduate Lun-Yi Tsai creates art inspired by mathematics to try to understand the world around him.

From Veggie Café to Venue Extraordinaire

Tufts' student-run Oxfam Café provides the community with both socially conscious cuisine and cool concerts.

Connecting Communities

Undergraduates Rachel Brown and Adam Kornetsky are taking active citizenship and building community to a new level with the recently implemented Tufts Youth Literacy Initiative.

Dynamic Duo

Tufts graduates U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney (D-Conn.) and his chief of staff Jason Gross form a "Jumbo Combo" on Capitol Hill.

Last Week at Tufts…

A U.S. Senator, a pioneer in global computing and an Oscar-winning director came to campus, among others.

Parent Power

More than 3,500 family members and guests flocked to the Medford/Somerville campus Oct. 17-19 to celebrate Parents Weekend.

Enabling Change? Priceless

Reeta Roy, new CEO of the MasterCard Foundation, discusses a career's worth of world-changing innovation.

The Birth of MTV: New Media in the 1980s

Video of the ninth installment of the Richard E. Snyder President's Lecture Series, delivered by MTV co-founder Tom Freston, is now available.

Digging Into the Past

With his discovery of what may be the world's oldest fossil imprint of a flying insect, R.J. Knecht is tackling a new dimension of New England history—one that dates back hundreds of millions of years.

A Home Away From Home

During Latino Heritage Month, the Latino Center at Tufts will mark its 15th anniversary with a talk by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Diaz.

Building a Community

On Oct. 5, neighbors and residents from Medford and Somerville shared in the fun and excitement of Tufts' sixth annual Community Day.

Tackling the Amazon

School of Medicine Fogarty Scholars Marjory Bravard, Catherine Hooper and Colin Robinson discuss their wild ride down the Amazon River in Peru's annual raft race.

Engineering a Future

Senior chemical engineering major Nick Horelik, who spent this summer blending science with policy in Washington, D.C., thrives on a diverse range of opportunities.

Something for Everyone

Assistant Director of Campus Life Jamie Engle discusses the plethora of student activities that Tufts has to offer.

Visualizing Success

Jen Toomey, elite runner and recipient of the Tufts' 2008 Distinguished Achievement Award, reflects on her career and discusses her future.

September 2008

Into the Wild

For EPIIC students, participating in an Outward Bound weekend as part of orientation prepares them for the academic rigors to come.

A Soggy Success

The Jumbos were undaunted by a few raindrops as students and alumni enjoyed the festivities during Homecoming weekend.

A Time for Compassion

World leaders Queen Noor of Jordan, Rabbi Irwin Kula and the Sakyong, Jamgön Miphon Rinpoche, joined members of the Tufts community to discuss the power of compassion.

Mutual Admiration

T.J. Anderson, former chair of the music department, reflects on his career as a musician as he prepares for a university celebration honoring his success.

The Fruits of Their Labor

An increased interest in "buying local" is paving the way for the continued success of the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project.

Kullman Tapped To Lead DuPont

The 1978 Tufts graduate and trustee will become president and CEO of the Fortune 100 manufacturing company, the crowning point of a 20-year tenure there.

Many Paths, One Destination

Dr. Harris Berman, newly appointed vice dean of academic and clinical affairs for Tufts School of Medicine, looks back at his many paths in the field of medicine.

The Magic of a Moment

Tufts graduate Diane Hessan returns to campus as part of the Lyon & Bendheim Alumni Lecture series to discuss how she discovered her passion for business.

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe

The debut of the Large Hadron Collider places scientists around the world on the precipice of discovery—including a group from Tufts.

Youthful Energy

Junior Greg Hering (E'10), founder of Emergent Energy Group, discusses life as a young entrepreneur.

Celebrating the Olympian in All of Us

Lisa Lax (J'86) and Nancy Stern (J'86) take a look back at the greatest moments in Olympic history through the eyes of the athletes, their families and their fans.

Have Frisbee, Will Travel

Members of the men and women's Ultimate Frisbee teams discuss the increased popularity of this modern sport.

A Simple Twist of Fate

Fletcher School student Randy Jacobs discusses his decision to take time off to compete in the national pro mountain biking circuit.

Preserving Innovation

Cummings School Professor M.S.A. Kumar discusses how the school's new plastination lab will change how students study animal anatomy.

August 2008

Hitting the Hill

The Class of 2012—with parents and luggage in tow—descended upon campus for move-in and Matriculation ceremonies.

Seeing Green

Tufts is recognized by various prestigious publications touting the nation's top universities for green living.

Taking Time To Explore

For Lauren Clark (A'06), a gap year between high school and college helped her discover a passion for international development that fueled in her time at Tufts.

Where Weird Is Wonderful

Sunil Swaroop (G'08), director of Creative Arts/Jackson Troupe, discusses how the two groups help children discover who they are through the arts.

Paying it Forward

NBC senior producer and Tufts graduate Marian Porges discusses her new position -- helping to mold future journalists.

Readers Beware

Mindy Nierenberg, senior programs manager at Tisch College, shares her concerns for the future of the world's public libraries through her art.


'The Ultimate Enrichment'

For one group of Saudi Arabian women, a first-of-its-kind program at The Fletcher School has opened the door to the diplomatic stage.

Bringing China Home

Tufts China Care Club President Haley Newman (A'11) discusses the group's work helping Chinese orphans both near and far.

July 2008

One Less Statistic

Robin Smalley (J'77), co-founder and international director of Mothers2Mothers, discusses how the organization grew from a vision to a reality.

Up to the Challenge

Zenda Berrada, the Cummings School's first Ph.D. graduate, tries to answer nearly a decade's worth of questions for the residents of a Massachusetts island community.

LEEDing the Way

Tufts graduate Rachel Gutter (A'03) is helping schools around the country meet increasingly common standards for sustainable construction.

Endless Possibilities

Thanks to the Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute, two Tufts professional school students will be spending a year engaged in research with the National Institutes of Health.

The Economy and You

Assistant Professor of Economics Andreea Balan Cohen weighs in on how the current economic downturn will affect the average American's health.

June 2008

Signs of Life

Associate Professor of Chemistry Sam Kounaves, co-investigator on NASA's current mission to Mars, gains media attention as he shares news of the mission's preliminary testing results.

Tufts to Develop Morphing Chemical Robots

Tufts scientist receives a $3.3 million contract for the purpose of building various soft-bodied robots.

The Path to Spirituality

Hindu scholar Varun Soni (A'96) discusses his recent appointment as the University of Southern California's dean of religious life and how his Tufts experience prepared him for his new role.  

Jumbo Goes to Africa

Members of the Tufts field hockey team return from two weeks of exploring southern Africa.

Sharing Power

Current and past Tufts students join forces to pass along the Tufts ideal of active citizenship to the youth of Central America.

The Power of Words

With a new book coming out this month, Ellen Sussman (J'76) discusses the twists and turns involved in becoming a successful writer.

The Phoenix Has Landed

Associate Professor of Chemistry Sam Kounaves, co-investigator on NASA's recent mission to Mars, gains media attention after the spacecraft's successful landing.

May 2008

A Familiar Face

Portraying the main character in the children's program "Dottie's Magic Pockets," Tufts graduate Jen Plante hopes to be a positive role model for children of non-traditional families.

Kennedy Watch

With the news of Sen. Edward Kennedy's cancer diagnosis quickly unfolding, experts from Tufts are asked to weigh in on the situation.

A Need for Speed

A group of engineering students work together on the creation of a fully operational electric Formula 1-style race car.

Today's Wisdom

Multiple media outlets reported on Tufts' 152nd Commencement ceremonies, headlined by graduate and "Today" show co-host Meredith Vieira.

Mr. Adventure

Tufts graduate Josh Gates travels around the world searching for answers to the mysteries of life as host of Sci-Fi's "Destination: Truth."

Strength in Numbers

Students from The Fletcher School organize the largest university bone marrow donor drive in support of one of their own.

Crisis In Burma

Peter Walker of Tufts' Feinstein International Center talks about the challenges facing the country of Burma in the wake of Cyclone Nargis.

Honorable Work: Part Two

In part two of this two part series, seven graduate and professional students detail projects of leadership and service that have led them to receive one of the university's highest honors.

Double Duty

Massachusetts state senator and soon-to-be Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning graduate Benjamin Downing discusses life as a student and a legislator.

A Classic Event

The Classics Department's annual outdoor reading of ancient literary works has been drawing a following for nearly two decades.

Honorable Work: Part One

In part one of this two part series, six undergraduate students detail projects of leadership and service that have led them to receive one of the university's highest honors.

It Runs in the Family

For the Tufts track and field trio of Engelking siblings, being a Jumbo is in the genes.

April 2008

Nutritional Benefits

Friedman School doctoral candidate Erin Hennessy shares her nutrition expertise with communities hungry for information.

Peace by Piece

Students Jessica Anderson, Rachel Bergenfield and Adam Levy will head to Northern Uganda this summer to implement a grassroots project for peace.

What is 'College Jeopardy!'?

Answer: This Tufts senior will participate in the 2008 "College Jeopardy!" tournament. Who is Katie Winter?

Fishing For Success

While Ezra Furman and the Harpoons have risen from their on-campus beginnings to become a promising band on the national rock scene, the Tufts seniors in the band remain true to their roots.

Open Leaders: Washington, Lincoln and FDR

Video of the eighth installment of the Richard E. Snyder President's Lecture Series, delivered by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David Hackett Fischer, is now available.

Noise vs. News: The State of Political Coverage

Video of the third annual Edward R. Murrow Forum on Issues in Journalism, featuring moderator Tom Brokaw, is now available.

Media Frenzy

Two separate student and alumni groups work toward supporting the thriving journalistic community at Tufts.

The River That Never Runs Dry

After nine years, Read by the River proves that Tufts students, elementary school students and a shared love of books can be a magical mix.

A Reliable Trust

Decades after his death, alumnus Frank C. Doble continues to give back to the Tufts community, making recent headlines for his role in the university's largest donation ever.

Bon Anniversaire!

The Tufts European Center at Talloires, France, celebrates its 30th anniversary this month with an event on the Medford/Somerville campus.

A Performance Worth Pondering

Performance groups around campus joined with International Relations Director's Leadership Council to take a unique approach to social change.

John Baronian Passes Away

The former standout athlete known as "Mr. Tufts," beloved for his years of service and devotion to the university, was 87 years old.

A New Way To Think About Hardware

Video of Tufts biologist Barry Trimmer's Mar. 31 Dean's Faculty Forum talk on the development of biomimetic robots is now available.

Living Deliberately

Video of Fletcher School environmental expert William Moomaw's Mar. 27 talk about the construction of his energy-neutral home is now available.

Study: Brain Protein May Impact Eating Habits

Led by Maribel Rios, PhD, at Tufts School of Medicine, researchers have found that a protein in the brain may have some significant influence on the ability to feel full.

A Different Kind of Marathon

Hundreds of students come together in a night-long dance marathon benefiting the Children's Trust Fund of Massachusetts.

March 2008

A Healthy Attitude

Public Health at Tufts (PHAT) coordinated with other student groups for "Healthy Week," promoting both personal and global health.

Jet-Set Jumbo

Sophomore Casey Sullivan, a member of both the Tufts women's basketball and softball teams, stretched her effort for both teams from coast to coast this month.

Labor in Focus

Fletcher School economist Lisa Lynch discusses the effect of the economic downturn on the country's labor market.

Hail to the Chief

CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon (A'78) makes headlines for his role in what is being deemed one of the most historic transactions on Wall Street.

The Secrets to Success

Tufts alum Jeffrey Stibel returned to campus to bestow some wisdom upon future entrepreneurs as part of the Lyon & Bendheim Alumni Lecture series.

Making South Africa a Model for Water Quality

Steve Chapra, Civil and Environmental Engineering professor, visited South Africa to address the next generation of water-quality and water-management engineers who will have to deal with intersecting issues of health, economy, and sustainability.

Promoting Potential

With the help of several other Tufts students, senior Matt Cohen has spent his last year providing education and hope to immigrant students in Somerville.

The Color of Justice

Richard Lerner, Bergstrom chair in Applied Developmental Science at Tufts, provides a voice for minority youth as a pattern of segregation continues into the 21st century.

Culture Clash

Lawrence Harrison, director of The Fletcher School's Cultural Change Institute, discusses the idea of multiculturalism and its negative effect on cultural progress.

Filling a Need

Members of Tufts Emerging Black Leaders group continue to bring issues affecting the black population to the forefront with their fourth annual symposium.

Introducing Tufts Medical Center

New name highlights affiliation between teaching hospital and Tufts University

Perceptions of Violence

Tufts clinical psychiatrist Dr. Ronald Pies debunks the perceived link between mental illness and violence.

Adventures in Comedy

Tufts graduate Amy Rhodes discusses her life among Hollywood's top comedy producers as the director of content for the site

February 2008

Lautze’s Dams of Malaria in East Africa

School of Engineering student Jonathan Lautze uses research from his university studies to construct a way to reduce the transmission of malaria through water resource engineering and management.

Unexpected Reality

After originally deeming a career as a playwright "unrealistic," Janet Neipris adds another production to her list.


Meredith Vieira to Deliver Address at Tufts' Commencement

Emmy Award-winning journalist and TV personality will receive honorary degree from alma mater on May 18; will be joined by distinguished Tufts administrator, poet, artist/social entrepreneur, and medical pioneers

The World's A Stage

Drama doctoral candidate Meron Langsner is one of three playwrights in the country to have earned an extraordinary residency.

Separation Anxiety

Tufts' R. Bruce Hitchner, classics professor and chairman of the Dayton Project, weighs in on the future of Kosovo in the aftermath of the country's declaration of independence from Serbia.

Work Meets Play

TuftsSchool of Medicine Dean Michael Rosenblatt, M.D., is excited about the changes slated for the school in the months to come.

Prevention or Profit?

In a Boston Globe op-ed, Tufts' Dr. Jerome P. Kassirer questions the motive behind two groups pushing for the use of CT scanning as a preventative maintenance tool.

A Proposal for a US Carbon Tax Swap

Video of Tufts economist Gilbert Metcalf's Feb. 6 talk on his plan for a revenue-neutral carbon tax is now available.

Public Health 101

A recent trip to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is just one way veterinary students at the Cummings School are learning about opportunities in the field of public health.

A Tradition of Caring

Tufts graduate Luke Hingson, who inherited the reins of the charitable foundation his father began, sees efficient business as key to Brother's Brother success.

2007 Isner Lecture: Dr. Judah Folkman

Video of the Isner Lecture as delivered last November by the late angiogenesis pioneer Dr. Judah Folkman is now available online.

Changing the Channel

Tufts graduate Neal Shapiro, president of New York's public television station WNET, is trying to change the way public television does business.

You Are What You Eat

Tufts' Dr. Nevin Scrimshaw, an international nutrition expert, says that a consistent low-fat diet and regular exercise keep him going strong at age 90.

January 2008

The Most Interesting Vitamin

On Jan. 28, Robert M. Russell, MD, the outgoing director of the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts, spoke about Vitamin A.

Predicting the Political Future

While political futures markets paint a point-in-time picture of people's political expectations, The Fletcher School's Daniel Drezner says that they may not be the best way to predict election winners.

Rocking the Vote

A new film featuring Tufts senior Scott Merrick and political science professor Kent Portney proves that you're never too young to make a difference.

The Race to Beijing

Recovered from a string of injuries, Tufts graduate and track star Jen Toomey is lacing up her sneakers in the hopes of earning a trip to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

In Bali, A Quest For Change

Tufts junior Rishikesh Bhandary traveled to Bali as a member of the American Youth Delegation to the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The Look of a Leader

According to new research by Tufts social psychologist Nalini Ambady, a CEO's appearance can reveal a lot about how successful he or she is.

Climate Change: A Hot Debate in '08

According to The Fletcher School's William Moomaw, the corporate world is beating out Capitol Hill in the battle against climate change. But the government is slowly picking up the pace.

Depolarizing Politics

In an op-ed for The Providence Journal, The Fletcher School's William Martel says that bipartisanship is key to addressing the serious issues facing the United States.

Richardson Withdraws From Presidential Race

After two tough losses in the opening rounds of primary season, Tufts graduate and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is ending his campaign for president.

Back on the Air

As the Writers Guild strike continues, Rob Burnett, Tufts graduate and CEO of the production company Worldwide Pants, helped broker a deal bringing some writers back to their shows.

Life After Bhutto

With Pakistan's future uncertain after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Tufts experts paint a complex picture of the political landscape in the Islamic nation.

Tufts Experts Introduce the Modified MyPyramid for Older Adults

Tufts researchers have updated their 1999 Food Guide Pyramid for Older Adults to correspond with the Internet-based USDA food pyramid, now known as MyPyramid.

Worms vs. Germs

Tufts' Joel Weinstock believes that parasitic worms known as helminths may help to prevent some immunological diseases.
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Notable and Quotable

For a century, the oil industry has suceeded with the help federal fossil fuel tax breaks;but some believe it's time to focus the subsidies on renewable energy. Tufts University economist Gilbert Metcalf is among those who believe it is time to plan for an end game when it comes to fossil fuel subsidies.

A hundred years later, I think that it's time for these industries toleave the nest and stand on their own two feet. Congress never has theright exit strategy to figure out how to phase things out.

Gilbert Metcalf
Marketplace, American Public Media
Sept. 22, 2010