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The Tufts E-News archives contain hundreds of stories from across Tufts University dating back to October 1999. From cutting-edge research to world-famous alums, from the insights of internationally renowned experts to profiles on Tufts top programs, E-News is the most comprehensive daily electronic news source covering the University.

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December 2007

Tufts University Eliminates Loans for Lower Income Students

Tufts to replace loans with scholarship grants for low-income undergraduates

Artichoke Appeal

Tufts graduate Ian Senecal's "art-i-choke" sculptures are earning the restaurant manager a name in the design world.

Bringing Viruses Back to Life

Tufts School of Medicine Professor John Coffin, an internationally renowned molecular biologist, explains how a recent breakthrough in retrovirus research may lead to more effective treatments for HIV.

Nothing But Net

The Tufts women's basketball team heads into winter break with a 9-0 record, the best start in the program's history.

State of the Race

With the primary elections beginning next month, Tufts political expert Jeffrey Berry analyzed the status of the 2008 presidential campaigns.

All That Jazz

Ben Roseth connects jazz music and international relations through his studies and work abroad in the Tufts/NEC dual degree program.

Combating Terrorist Networks

In a two-part interview with the Boston Metro, Gen. Russell Howard, director of The Fletcher School at Tufts University’s Jebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies, says the absence of a central governing structure can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to terrorism and nuclear weapons.

It's In Her Genes

Tufts graduate Mara Aspinall has helped leading biotechnology company Genzyme chart a course for success.

Planting Seeds

Tufts graduate Amy Lee-Tai's award-winning children's book transforms painful history into the promise of a hopeful future.

November 2007

Reality Check

Four Tufts students and graduates are vying for big prizes on three reality television shows this year.

Study: Zinc Boosts Immunity In Elderly

According to new findings by Tufts' Simin Nikbin Meydani, maintaining normal zinc levels can help elderly patients ward off pneumonia.

Super Sushi To The Rescue

A Tufts graduate and her husband developed an idea born on a napkin into a new CBS animated series, "Sushi Pack."

Blue Ribbons for Green Work

Tufts recently received two honors for its energy efficiency and commitment to the environment.

Problems in Pakistan

The recent state of emergency in Pakistan is the latest move by Gen. Pervez Musharraf to consolidate power and stifle democracy, according to Tufts' Vali Nasr.

Stopped By Nothing

After a year on the sidelines, Tufts sophomore Cara Cadigan is breaking both records and expectations on her way to becoming the top scorer in the soccer team's history.

The Secrets of Success

As host of the new CNBC show "Beyond the Boardroom," Tufts alumnus and trustee Jonathan Tisch goes one-on-one with some of today’s most successful business leaders.

A Lifelong Love Affair with France

Tufts Professor Judith Wechsler's extensive work on French art has earned her the prestigious Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres from the French government.

Foreign Policy 101

A seminar taught by former Ambassador John Shattuck gives students a front-row seat to the inner workings of U.S. foreign policy.

A Unique Voice

Tufts graduate and English lecturer Grace Talusan makes her mark by writing what she knows.

October 2007

Building Community Is Child's Play

Tufts child development professor Marina Bers finds groundbreaking new ways to teach through technology.

Making Sense of MRSA

With a highly resistant strain of staph infection making its way out of hospitals, Tufts microbiologist Stuart Levy offers perspective how to combat its spread.

Running Strong

As a candidate to run the Olympic torch relay in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Tufts graduate and global marathoner Kimi Puntillo is taking it stride by stride.

Where Showbiz Meets Sports

As chairman and executive vice president of the New York Giants, Steven Tisch (A'71), a veteran Hollywood producer, is focused on the fan experience and making the stadium a hot spot in town.

New Director Takes Over at The Gordon Institute

Robert Hannemann, a mechanical engineer with a wide range of industry experience, was recently named director of The Gordon Institute at Tufts School of Engineering.

In Pursuit Of A Better Economics

This year's Leontief Prize, issued by the Global Development and Environment institute at Tufts, honors economists challenging conventional thought on climate change.

Graying, But Still Going

As people age, says Tufts nutrition and fitness expert Miriam Nelson, they are increasingly looking for ways to stay physically fit and active.

New Program Encourages Students to Pursue Their Passion

Tufts' new loan repayment program is being hailed for its unique approach to encouraging college students to pursue careers in public service.

Cold Case

Scott Borgerson, a graduate of The Fletcher School and a fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations, is pushing for increased focus on the Arctic.

Courtesy Counts

On the stage of international politics, says The Fletcher School's Daniel Drezner, manners matter—and more than you might think.

A Tribute to 'Coach'

Don Megerle, who coached the Tufts swimming team for more than three decades, received the Athletics Department's Distinguished Achievement Award on Oct. 5.

Interfaith Work In The Spotlight

As Tufts' first female Muslim chaplain, Shareda Hosein is committed to expanding interfaith dialogue—a goal aided by the new Interfaith Center on campus.

Tufts Sophomore Sails to Victory

With good winds, there's no telling how far international sailing champion Tomas Hornos can go.

Piracy at Its Height

In his new book, The Republic of Pirates, Tufts graduate Colin Woodard explores the period known as the Golden Age of Piracy.

Making Good Neighbors

Tufts' fifth annual Community Day celebration brought Tufts students, faculty and staff together with members of the community for fun, food and a sample of the research and education taking place across the university.

The Truth Behind Iran's Ahmadinejad

According to The Fletcher School's Vali Nasr, the Iranian president is a leader whose real power is mainly derived from influence and perceptions.

September 2007

Hundreds Gather To Remember Gill

On Sept. 24, 2007, the Tufts community honored the life and work of Professor Gerald Gill.

Perry Carries The Load

Tufts sophomore and football player Alex Perry stepped in last season when a teammate was injured. This year, as a starter, he plans to step up his game.

Study: Steroids Can Power Home Runs

Tufts physicist Roger Tobin found that increased muscle mass that can be generated by steroid use could help batters knock 50 percent more baseballs out of the park.

Greek PM Karamanlis Wins Re-Election

Tufts graduate vows to press ahead with economic reforms as he recovers from recent political challenges.

Laying Out 'The Argument'

In his new book, Tufts graduate and journalist Matt Bai talks about the evolution of the Democratic Party's political strategy.

'Wicked' Ways

As he reexamines the themes of his best-selling book "Wicked," Tufts graduate Gregory Maguire cautions against the dangers of moral arrogance.

Keeping an Eye on the Environment at Xerox

Tufts School of Engineering graduate Patricia Calkins is leading environmental initiatives at Xerox Corporation, helping the company implement a sustainability strategy for the future.

The Reading Brain in the Digital Era

In a Boston Globe op-ed, Tufts' Maryanne Wolf discusses the need for children of the fast-paced digital age to take the time to develop an "expert reading brain."

The Battle for Southern Iraq

Political power in southern Iraq is at the heart of the conflict between the country’s two major Shi'ite political factions, according to The FletcherSchool’s Vali Nasr.

Discovering Amerigo

Tufts historian Felipe Fernández-Armesto's new biography of Amerigo Vespucci sheds light on the man for whom America is named.

Overcoming a Bad Reputation

Tufts' Richard Lerner says that adolescents deserve more credit than the popular myths about "troubled teens" afford them.

Jamie deLemos Takes on Toxins on the Navajo Nation

Doctoral candidate Jamie deLemos is working with a team of researchers to better understand the health impacts of uranium mining on the Navajo Nation.

What Makes Him Tick

Through his research into in tick-borne infections and illnesses, Tufts' Sam Telford hopes to help relieve the public health burden posed by outbreaks of infections like Lyme disease and tularemia.

Shelter Solutions

This fall, Tufts will exhibit a collection of refugee shelter designs, intended to highlight the humanitarian potential of art.

Teaching the Teachers-to-Be

The Tufts Graduate Institute for Teaching (GIFT) prepares graduate students to become not just scholars in their field, but skilled instructors, as well.

August 2007

Formula for Disaster

British researchers are working on a baby formula that would make infants resistant to obesity later in life. Tufts nutrition expert Susan Roberts is skeptical.

Real Lessons From A Virtual World

Multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft can provide opportunities to learn how people would behave during an epidemic, according to Tufts' Nina Fefferman.

Uncovering The Past

Tufts' Bruce Hitchner and a multi-national team of students and archeologists spent a month this summer excavating the ruins of a Roman villa in the French Alps.

An Enlightening Experience

In search of a brighter smile? Tufts' Dr. Gerard Kugel breaks down the differences between various teeth-whitening procedures.

Tufts Community Remembers Gerald Gill

Gerald Gill leaves behind a legacy of teaching and research that enriched the lives of students for more than 25 years.

The Virus Mechanic

Armed with a prestigious Pew research grant, Tufts' Ekaterina Heldwein is parsing viruses to uncover the mysteries of their structure.


As NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander hurtles toward the "Red Planet," Tufts' Sam Kounaves and his research team await the chance to answer the big question: Is there life on Mars?

Making Bridges Safer

In the wake of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, a Tufts engineering professor discusses the causes of the tragedy and how to prevent similar events in the future.

July 2007

Beloved Professor and Scholar Gill Dies

Gerald Gill leaves behind a legacy of teaching and research that enriched the lives of students for more than 25 years.

Walking on the Wild Side

Students who participate in Tufts' Adventures in Veterinary Medicine program are exploring both career options and the many offerings of the Cummings School.

Study: Some High-Sugar Foods Linked To Vision Loss

A recent study by Tufts nutrition researchers found that the development of age-related macular degeneration may be tied to over consumption of certain carbohydrates.

Summer's Silent Spectacle

Tufts professor Sara Lewis, who has researched fireflies extensively, explains the purposes behind their dazzling light shows.

Lenovo Exec Keeps Learning

Fletcher graduate Jeffrey Carlisle is reveling in his role as a top executive for one of the world's leading personal computer manufacturers.

Think Globally, Eat Locally

Tufts' Hugh Joseph says that this year's farm bill presents an ideal opportunity to encourage local food production while promoting good health.

What's Next For Mexico?

The Fletcher School's Lawrence E. Harrison co-authored an op-ed detailing how Mexico can work toward economic development and a true democracy.

Doing His Civic Duty

In his new role at Duke University, Tufts graduate Eric Mlyn is carrying the banner of civic engagement—with some inspiration from the Hill.

The New Kid in Old Town

As the new head of the Old Town School of Folk Music, Tufts graduate James "Bau" Graves is guiding the 50-year-old school into the future.

Self-Made Leader

Tufts graduate Diane Hessan, who heads one of the Boston area's most rapidly growing Internet companies, helps companies and consumers communicate with one another.

Platt Sits in the Boss' Chair

Tufts graduate and acclaimed actor Oliver Platt portrays legendary New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner in a new ESPN miniseries.

Tufts Graduate To Head Missouri Supreme Court

Laura Denvir Stith, who began her two-year term as chief justice of the Missouri Supreme Court this month, has been hailed for her legal acumen and diplomatic style.

A Race to Change the World

In an effort to raise awareness about the worldwide lack of clean drinking water, recent Tufts graduate MacKenzie Rawcliffe organized a road race in her hometown.

Expressions and Impressions

Facial expressions aren’t always an indication of what a person is feeling, according to two Tufts professors.

June 2007

Yahoo Shakeup Lands Tufts Grad on Top

Tufts graduate Susan Decker was recently named president of Internet search engine giant Yahoo.

Defeating Dragons with Open Minds

Two former Tufts roommates seek to entertain while they educate, capturing children’s imaginations through film adaptations of classic books.

Jumping Into a Unique Challenge

Charged with composing a piece for a Massachusetts choral group led by his colleague Andrew Clark, Associate Professor of Music John McDonald let his creative juices flow.

A 'Monumental and Historic Moment' in Mass.

Tufts graduate Arline Isaacson, co-chair of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, saw her hard work pay off on June 14 when the Massachusetts Legislature rejected a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in the state.

A Shift on Climate Change

As President Bush embraces the need to address climate change, one professor from The Fletcher School says the shift is based more on politics than science.

The Thrill of the Chase

Breaking big news stories in the business world is what makes CNBC anchor and reporter David Faber tick.

Hitting the Change-Up

After a year of change including a trade and a promotion, Tufts graduate and baseball standout Randy Newsom is on an upward swing.

Connecting with Latino Youth

As a senior executive vice president at Telemundo, Tufts graduate Antoinette Zel is committed to providing young Latinos with positive role models on the small screen and in real life.

Living the Dream

Tufts graduate and Hollywood producer Ben Silverman—the newly named head of NBC’s television and entertainment business—has landed what he calls his “dream job.”

Not the Right Time for Peace

According to one Fletcher School graduate student, despite the best intentions of all parties involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the region is too unstable for peace to hold.

The 'Envi' of Town

With a newly launched eco-fashion boutique on Boston’s Newbury Street, two Tufts graduates are painting the town green.

May 2007

Big Sky Dentistry

School of Dental Medicine graduate Ryan Smart, whose research brought attention to the phenomenon of "meth mouth," is honored by the chance to help his community.

Remembering Our Values

In an op-ed in The Washington Post, Tufts graduate Gen. Joseph P. Hoar speaks out against the ‘torture techniques’ he says are condoned by the CIA.

Start Spreading the News

Members of the local and national media came to the Medford/Somerville campus on May 20 to cover Tufts' 151st Commencement, which featured New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Supporting the Moderate Voice

To win the battle against Islamic extremists, Fletcher School student Lorenzo Vidino says the West must support and connect with the more moderate voices in Islam.

Gaining A Health Policy Education On Capitol Hill

Tufts University School of Medicine student Yen Truong is spending eight months on Capitol Hill, gaining a real-world education in health policy.

Report: Nations Must Stop Emissions Now

According to a UN panel report co-authored by two faculty members at The Fletcher School, time is of the essence in working to combat climate change.

Shaping Up Well

According to a new study, Tufts' Shape Up Somerville program is making strides in improving health for residents in one of the university's host communities.

Visual Visionaries

Members of Tufts' vibrant visual media community are doing more than producing films and TV shows. They are gaining experience that will help them elsewhere on the Hill and beyond.

Raising a Puppy 101

Led by Tufts animal behaviorist Nicholas Dodman, experts from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine have released a new book that provides pet owners with a guide for raising happy, healthy puppies.

Treating the Troops

A trauma surgeon at a United States military hospital in Germany, Dr. Stephen Flaherty (A'84, M'88) says he is building a strong connection with the soldiers he treats.

Tufts Faculty, Trustee Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Professors Madeline H. Caviness and Martin J. Sherwin join 203 notable leaders from the worlds of business, politics, philanthropy, art, research and academia.

April 2007

A Deeper Understanding of Age-related Macular Degeneration

According to a new study led by Tufts' Johanna Seddon, M.D., Sc.M, the progression of age-related macular degeneration can be linked to genetic and environmental factors.

Richardson Campaign Ramping Up

Tufts graduate Bill Richardson is campaigning around the country in an effort to raise his profile in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

A New Spin On Summer Camp

Through the summer camp he started in Maine three years ago, Tufts graduate Rick Mades (A’83, G’90) is giving kids an opportunity to explore visual arts, theater and technology during their time off from school.

A Presidential Accolade

In recognition of their commitment to leadership and service, 14 Tufts undergraduate, graduate and professional school students receive one of the university's highest honors for

Tufts Grad Honored At Sarasota Film Festival

Tufts graduate and Hollywood writer/ producer Brian Koppelman recently received the Sarasota Film Festival’s “Excellence in Screenwriting” Award.

The Exciting Side Of Engineering

Through a variety of community projects and outreach activities, Nerds Girls—a group of engineering students at Tufts—is creating excitement about engineering.

Tufts Entrepreneurs Plan Big

The winners of this year’s annual business plan competitions at Tufts look forward to the opportunity to expand their businesses.

Gallagher Honored With 'Light On The Hill'

In early April, Tufts graduate Peter Gallagher was on campus to accept the 'Light on the Hill' award.

Gallagher Honored With 'Light On The Hill'

In early April, Tufts graduate Peter Gallagher was on campus to accept the 'Light on the Hill' award.

Minor League Makeover

As the new president and managing partner of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, Tufts graduate Charles Greenberg is building a buzz about the Class A minor league baseball team.

Exploring Lebanon

[04.09.07] Over spring break, a group of students headed to Lebanon to learn more about a country that plays a pivotal role in the Middle East.

No Place Like Home

As the youngest person ever elected to the Marshfield, Mass., Board of Selectmen, Tufts graduate Kate O’Donnell is working to preserve her hometown’s charm.

The Meaning Of Victory

In a Providence Journal op-ed, Fletcher School expert William C. Martel warns that political leaders in the United States are risking defeat in Iraq because they have not yet defined the meaning of victory.

Earning Consumers' Trust

As CEO of a popular camcorder review website, Tufts graduate Robin Liss says earning consumers’ trust is her top priority.

Journey to Ghana

Tufts junior Faith Davis was among a group of students who spent last semester studying abroad in Ghana, Africa.

Of Competition and Cooperation

[04.02.07] For Tufts diver Kendall Swett, training with her division rival has not only given her a competitive boost, but a new ally.

Sacrificing Food In The Name Of Nutrition

It takes dedicated researchers and disciplined volunteers to fuel nutrition studies, which lead to important discoveries about food and health.

March 2007

A Sweet Approach To Customer Service

[03.26.07] In Jonathan Tisch's new book, the Tufts graduate and Loews Hotels CEO says that the key to success can be found in the customer experience.

More Motivation To Exercise

During a recent interview on NBC’s Today, Tufts fitness and nutrition expert Miriam Nelson discussed the role of exercise in boosting brain power and preventing disease.

The Democratic Challenge

[03.26.07] While the Democrats are quick to criticize U.S. President George W. Bush for his handling of the war in Iraq, one Tufts political science professor says they have yet to present a true alternative to the president’s current global strategy.

Tufts To Spearhead Statewide College Advising Program

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation recently awarded Tufts University and the Massachusetts Campus Compact a $1 million grant to launch a program aimed at increasing college enrollment among low-income high school and community college students.

Sign of the Times

For Tricia O'Neill, a graduate from Tufts' dual degree program with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and acclaimed sign artist, education never really stops.

Housing As A Right

[03.16.07] Tufts' housing policy expert Rachel Bratt thinks that the United States should make housing a right to which all Americans are entitled.

Tufts Remembers Former President Nils Wessell

Nils Y. Wessell—who guided Tufts to university status as its eighth president—passed away in early March.

Paw And Order

A strong interest in animal protection brought former prosecutor Nadine Pellegrini to the public policy program at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

Computers in Cambodia

Tufts sophomore Constantin Sabet D’Acre is working to establish a computer center in Cambodia through his non-profit, International Funds for Children’s Computer Assistance.

The 'Write' Idea

[03.09.07] Students applying to Tufts University have an opportunity to showcase their ability, through a new supplemental application that is designed to go beyond standardized test scores and academic records in measuring aspects of intelligence.

Facilities Staff And The Sustainability Movement

[03.07.07] As part of a roundtable discussion on sustainability, Tufts’ Sarah Hammond Creighton discussed the role facilities departments can play in promoting sustainability on college campuses.

Building International Bridges

Every year, the Tufts Initiative for Leadership and International Perspective enables students from Tufts to collaborate with Chinese counterparts to study key global issues.

Discovering 'Lost'

A student-taught course in Tufts' Experimental College explores how the hit ABC show "Lost" became such a cultural phenomenon.

Michael Bloomberg to Deliver Address at Tufts’ Commencement

New York City mayor, entrepreneur and philanthropist will receive honorary degree in his home town on May 20; will be joined by composer, nanotechnology pioneer, astronaut, dancer and Nobel laureate in economics.

February 2007

Are Hospital Pay-For-Performance Programs Really Paying Off?

Tufts expert Peter Lindenauer says that more research is needed into hospital pay-for-performance programs, which have led to only small improvements in quality of care, according to a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Eye On '08

[02.26.07] With the 2008 presidential candidates stepping into the spotlight, Tufts political science expert Jeffrey Berry talked to New England Cable News about their strengths and weaknesses.

Taking the Lead

Since its inception more than two decades ago, Tufts’ innovative and award-winning Master of Science in Engineering Management program at The Gordon Institute has produced engineering and technical leaders.

The "Swampwalker"

[02.26.07] Tufts graduate David Carroll’s lifelong passion for turtles has earned him both personal and professional satisfaction, but he sees disappearing wetlands as a growing cause for concern.

Mr. Thursday Night

[02.20.07] As a television producer, Tufts graduate Ben Silverman is churning out hit after hit. But his long-range goals extend far beyond Hollywood.

The Producer

Tufts graduate Albert Berger, one of the names behind the critically acclaimed and Oscar-nominated film “Little Miss Sunshine,” is just a film lover at heart.

Where Nature Meets Man

[02.20.07] In an exhibit at the Tufts University Art Gallery, Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky captures the 21st century transformation of China.

Canine Intuition

According to Tufts animal behavior expert Nicholas Dodman, a dog's ability to predict a human's impending seizure can be credited to its sharp senses.

'Canvas' Comes to Campus

A chance encounter between Tufts child development professor Richard Lerner and Emmy-Award winning actor Joe Pantoliano led to a special screening of the feature film “Canvas” at Tufts.

A New Era At The Olympic Club

[02.12.07] Tufts graduate Susan Morse recently made history when she became the first female president of San Francisco’s Olympic Club.

Soft Bodies, Hard Science

[02.12.07] An interdisciplinary group of Tufts researchers is working to create the first soft-bodied robots, which they hope will make major contributions to the fields of medicine and science.

‘Canvas’ Comes To Campus<

A chance encounter between Tufts child development professor Richard Lerner and Emmy-Award winning actor Joe Pantoliano led to a special screening of the feature film “Canvas” at Tufts.

He's On The List

[02.09.07] Tufts graduate Sendhil Ramamurthy is finding stardom as a determined geneticist on the hit NBC drama "Heroes."

Finding A Place In The Classroom

Tufts graduate Danny Wilcox has transformed his personal challenges into a career devoted to giving kids the best education experience possible.

Finding The Right Climate Plan

Multiple plans for fighting climate change are under debate at both the state and federal level. One Tufts economist urges discretion in weighing the options.

Improving Access To Oral Health Care

[02.05.07] As head of Delta Dental of Massachusetts, Tufts graduate and trustee Kathleen O’Loughlin has made it her mission to improve access to oral health care for residents in the state.

Ladino Lives On

[02.05.07] A centuries-old Jewish tongue is finding new life on the lips of undergraduates at Tufts, thanks to the efforts of Associate Professor Gloria Ascher.

January 2007

A Shining Star

Tufts graduate Elliot Ackerman, a first lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, recently received the Silver Star—the nation’s third- highest military award for valor— for his role in the 2004 battle of Fallujah.

Educating Executives

[01.29.07] The Fletcher School is carving a niche for itself by educating some of the world's leading corporations on the finer points of international relations.

Searching For Truth

Associate Professor of Political Science Pearl Robinson, director of Tufts’ Africa in the New World interdisciplinary minor, has dedicated her career to the hands-on study of African politics, culture and life.

Shapiro Named President Of Educational Broadcasting Corporation

[01.24.07] Former NBC News President Neal Shapiro, a 1980 graduate of Tufts University, was recently tapped to head the nonprofit Educational Broadcasting Corporation.

A ‘Participatory’ Approach

Health officials in Indonesia have turned to two Tufts-trained veterinarians for their help in implementing a new system to control the spread of avian influenza.

Moving Toward Technological Literacy

In a recent op-ed in The Boston Globe, Tufts alumnus and trustee Ioannis Miaoulis wrote about the importance of technological literacy.

Richardson Enters 2008 Presidential Race

[01.22.07] The New Mexico governor and Tufts graduate hopes his domestic and diplomatic credentials can propel him into the White House.

Head Of The Class

Tufts sophomore Adam Weldai is looking to make an impact in his nearby hometown by running for a seat on the school committee.

A Good Position

[01.16.07] Tufts nutrition and exercise expert Miriam Nelson says that yoga can provide numerous benefits in terms of both physical and mental well-being.

Type Cast

When he's not studying, Alex Holman, a doctoral student at the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at Tufts, is busy making music with the Boston Typewriter Orchestra.

Where East Meets West

[01.12.07] Through a partnership with a local school of eastern medicine, Tufts School of Medicine offers a unique approach to the study of pain management.

Buoying The Shipping Industry

[01.08.07] According to a group of maritime studies experts from The Fletcher School, the American shipping industry is due for a major revitalization.

Confronting Culture

In a recent Washington Post op-ed, The Fletcher School's Lawrence Harrison examined the relationship between political and cultural change.

Tufts Earns 'Community Engaged' Distinction

[01.08.07] Tufts University was recently recognized for its commitment to community engagement by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

A 'Grand' Tradition

[01.02.07] In a recent New York Times article looking back at developments in the medical field, Tufts graduate Lawrence K. Altman explores the evolution of grand rounds.

A Natural Connection

[01.02.07] A lifelong love of biology propelled Tufts graduate Eric Strauss into a career as an ecologist.

A Rising Star

[01.02.07] At age 33, Tufts graduate and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Stibel is one of the youngest leaders of a publicly traded company in the country.
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Notable and Quotable

For a century, the oil industry has suceeded with the help federal fossil fuel tax breaks;but some believe it's time to focus the subsidies on renewable energy. Tufts University economist Gilbert Metcalf is among those who believe it is time to plan for an end game when it comes to fossil fuel subsidies.

A hundred years later, I think that it's time for these industries toleave the nest and stand on their own two feet. Congress never has theright exit strategy to figure out how to phase things out.

Gilbert Metcalf
Marketplace, American Public Media
Sept. 22, 2010