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E-News Archives

The Tufts E-News archives contain hundreds of stories from across Tufts University dating back to October 1999. From cutting-edge research to world-famous alums, from the insights of internationally renowned experts to profiles on Tufts top programs, E-News is the most comprehensive daily electronic news source covering the University.

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December 2006

A Reason To Say 'Yahoo!'

Tufts graduate Susan Decker, CFO at Yahoo! since 2000, has assumed a new role at the search engine giant, signaling that she may be headed for the company's corner office.

Healing Locally, Healing Globally

The family of Tufts graduate Gloria White-Hammond, a Boston-based activist, minister and physician, is helping make a difference both in the city and around the world.

Women And Terrorism

In an op-ed in The Boston Globe, The Fletcher School’s Paula Broadwell discusses the growing role of women in terrorism.

The Work-Life Balance

Tufts graduate Pamela Rothenberg, a successful lawyer and mother of three, proves that you can, in fact, have it all.

The Congressional Voice

While President Bush considers the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, Michael Glennon, a professor at The Fletcher School at Tufts University, wrote in a recent op-ed that Bush's military options in Iraq are limited by Congress.

A History Of Discovery

A Tufts history professor is garnering acclaim for his new book on the history of exploration.

'Dear Bubbie and Zadie'

With his children's book, "Bubbie and Zadie Come to My House," Tufts graduate and author Daniel Bloom has sparked a holiday tradition.

Taking The Lead

In an op-ed published in The Boston Globe, Rob Hollister, dean of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, says that students are more energized now than ever to become active citizens.

The Truth Behind The Holiday Blues

Tufts School of Medicine professor Dr. Ronald Pies debunks some common myths about the holiday blues.

Pulling Away From Politics

In a recent op-ed in The New York Times, Tufts graduate David Ku -- former deputy director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives -- wrote that some conservative Christians are stepping out of the political arena to focus their attention on their "spirituality priorities."

November 2006

Success Through Chaos

Kyle Bradbury (E'07) recently received an award from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation in recognition of his research into chaos theory and communications processing.

Taking the Helm

Fletcher graduate Adm. James Stavridis brings a diplomatic perspective to his new post as head of the U.S. Southern Command.

Financial Aid Is Top Priority for Tufts University's New $1.2 Billion Fund-raising Campaign

$615 million already raised in “Beyond Boundaries” campaign that will fund student aid, faculty, and cross-disciplinary facilities and initiatives

Study: Benefits Of Eating Fish Outweigh Risks

Despite the risk of consuming contaminants, eating fish is good for your health, according to a recent report by a committee of nutrition experts, including Tufts’ Jose Ordovas.

Training For War

A Tufts graduate and photojournalist captures the intense training Marines go through before being deployed to Iraq.

A Kean Interest In Politics

As Thomas H. Kean Jr. campaigns in New Jersey for the U.S. Senate, he's out to prove he's more than just a famous political name.

October 2006

A New Prescription For Health

According to a study by two Tufts nutrition researchers, prescribing exercise to the elderly could be more effective in getting older patients to get moving.

Eye On The Election

When polls open on Election Day, numerous Tufts graduates will be on ballots across the United States.

Pushing The Issues

Fletcher School graduate Lisa Anderson, the dean of the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, believes that a free exchange of ideas is critical to both education and policy-making.

A Caretaker In The Community

As caretaker of the historic Brooks Estate in Medford, Mass., Tufts graduate student Josh Berkowitz is helping to preserve a community treasure.

Study: Cola Linked to Lower Bone Density in Women

A new study by Tufts researchers shows that drinking cola regularly may lead to lower bone mineral density in older women.

New Hope For E. Coli Treatment

Dr. Saul Tzipori of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine leads a team that has developed a treatment for early-stage E. Coli infection.

Warning Signals From Seabirds

The SEANET program at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University monitors seabird populations along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and Canada to identify threats to animals, the environment and humans.

An Army Of Fun

Student volunteers in the Tufts Literacy Corps are helping local kids grow to love learning.

Healing With 'Vigilance'

Commenting on a recent study of the effect of chemotherapy on younger breast cancer patients, two Tufts researchers warn against drawing hasty conclusions from clinical trials.

Nuclear Test Spikes Fears On North Korea

In the wake of what North Korea claims was a successful test of a nuclear weapon, experts from The Fletcher School say the international community has a lot to consider.

Tufts Celebrates Fourth Annual Community Day

Despite rainy weather, Tufts’ fourth annual Community Day celebration on Oct. 1 was a shining success.

Feeling The Heat

According to a study released by an independent group of scientists—including Tufts' William Moomaw—climate change in the Northeast is inevitable.

Committed To Wildlife Care

The Wildlife Clinic at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine has been providing emergency care to wild animals in New England for more than two decades.

Eye On Iran

With pundits and lawmakers alike speculating about the chance of the United States going to war with Iran, Fletcher professor William C. Martel lays out a course of action.

Tackling Obesity

As Boston launches an effort to get restaurant-goers to eat healthier, a Friedman School food policy expert says that such programs need focused federal support.

On The Cutting Edge Of History

The Tufts Digital Collections and Archives is the steward of the University's legacy, and is putting a high-tech spin on a bunch of dusty old books.

High Hopes For A Healthy Season

With a healthy team and a new assistant coach joining him on the sidelines, Tufts Head Football Coach Bill Samko has high hopes for what the Jumbos will be able to accomplish this season.

Is Democracy The Wrong Direction?

In a recent op-ed in The Boston Globe, Fletcher School student Lorenzo Vidino warned that democracy may not be the best approach to dealing with radical Islam.

Making Music, Staying Healthy

A company founded by a Tufts School of Dental Medicine graduate is trying to take the bacteria out of band practice.

September 2006

Effective Equine Care

Two Cummings School graduates joined forces—both as business partners and life partners—to build a high-tech horse clinic in rural Massachusetts.

‘Genius Grants’ Go To Two Tufts Graduates

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation recently awarded $500,000 grants to two Tufts graduates for their unique and innovative work as an author/illustrator and a deep-sea explorer.

Changing Health Care From Within

Recent Tufts graduate Hilary Glazer hopes to take a different approach to health care as she begins study at Washington University School of Medicine. Her commitment to change, along with her passion for language and science, helped her earn one of the most prestigious graduate scholarships in the country.

Cutting-Edge Engineering

Popular Mechanics magazine recently recognized Tufts University’s engineering psychology program as one of the most “cutting-edge science and engineering programs” in the country.

Making Magic On Stage

Each summer, Tufts' Magic Circle Theater gives young actors a chance to take center stage in a production at Tufts' Balch Arena Theater.

Strong Start For Vieira On NBC’s ‘Today’

Millions of viewers tuned in on Sept. 13 when Tufts graduate Meredith Vieira made her debut as co-host of NBC’s ‘Today,’ a role for which The New York Times said she is “well suited.”

Taking A Crack At It

For Tufts graduate Monty Sarhan, the attempt to relaunch the humor magazine Cracked as a successful comedy publication is no laughing matter.

A Long, Strange Trip

Tufts graduate and longtime travel guide writer Tom Brosnahan has published a memoir recalling his adventures in Turkey.

Art From Around The Corner

Tufts celebrates local artists in annual exhibit.

Power Of Attorney

A Tufts graduate who works in media and labor law has been named a “lawyer to watch” by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

Researcher Wins Early-Career Presidential Award

Tufts professor Marina Bers recently received the nation's top award for early-career researchers.

Tufts University Opens First 'Green' Dorm

Technology pioneer Bernard Gordon funded Tufts’ new ""green"" residence hall, which opened Sept. 3 and includes state-of-the art environmentally-friendly features.

August 2006

Tufts Welcomes The Class of 2010

Incoming students and their families flooded Tufts’ Medford/Somerville campus on Wednesday, marking the beginning of a new and “extraordinary” journey for the Class of 2010.

Project Stretch Helps Children of New Orleans

Nearly a year after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, volunteers from Tufts School of Dental Medicine traveled to New Orleans to provide much needed dental care to the city’s children.

Sticking To His Roots

Tufts graduate and award-winning country music singer-songwriter Darrell Scott has branched out to other parts of the music business, but he's still staying close to home.

Tufts Hailed As Gay-Friendly Campus

According to a guide published by a major gay and lesbian publication , Tufts ranks among the top 20 campuses for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students.

Leader of the Pack

Tufts graduate Harold W. (Terry) McGraw III —chairman, president and CEO of publishing powerhouse McGraw-Hill—was recently named chairman of Business Roundtable.

Pushing For More Reliable Rescue Devices

Tufts School of Medicine professor Mark Estes says it is time to revamp procedures for measuring the performance of automated external defibrillators.

A Fragile Peace

With a cease-fire tentatively holding between Israel and Hezbollah forces, Tufts experts weigh in on the conflict.

Tufts Named A ‘New Ivy’

Newsweek recently included Tufts University on its list of colleges and universities that have become the nation’s “New Ivies.”

Learning To Be Leaders

Tufts University graduate Aaron Dworkin – founder of a unique New York City basketball camp for teens – was recently named “New Yorker of the Week.”

The 'Power Play' In The Middle East

Tufts graduate Vali Nasr says that the Shia branch of Islam—which includes the militant group Hezbollah in Lebanon—is at the center of the Middle East conflict.

Tufts Graduate Named CEO of Pfizer

After working his way from the halls of the Supreme Court to the executive board room at McDonald’s, Jeffrey Kindler now takes the reins of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

Flying High At DuPont

Tufts graduate Ellen J. Kullman continues to rise through the ranks at DuPont, and she appears to be on a short list of executives being eyed as potential successors to the company’s current CEO.

Nipping Aggressive Behavior In The Bud

When toddlers start to experiment with aggressive behavior, parents need to step in and teach them right from wrong, according to Tufts’ Dr. Robert Sege.

July 2006

Putting Together The Puzzle

Tufts graduate Linda Luisi, an accomplished artist and muralist, has spent decades creating art that complements its environment.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Tufts graduate Ken Irwin says that Rounder Records, the label he co-founded with his first-year Tufts roommate, succeeds by sticking to its roots.

‘Know Your Enemy’

A new book by The Fletcher School’s Richard Shultz, Jr., and Andrea Dew sheds light on the realities of war in the 21 st century.

Pediatrician With A Mission

Through her research and advocacy work, Tufts School of Medicine professor Dr. Ellen Perrin is influencing social change.

Making Historians Out Of Students

Tufts graduate Alicia Kersten, a Somerville High School history teacher and Project LOCAL participant, was recently recognized for her innovative teaching methods.

Touring Tufts

The New York Times recently featured two Tufts student tour guides in an article about the importance of the campus tour.

Making America Great

Newsweek recently recognized Tufts graduate Pierre Omidyar as one of “15 People Who Make America Great.”

Fletcher Grads Vie For U.N.’s Top Post

Two graduates of The Fletcher School at Tufts University are among the small pool of candidates who have been nominated to take over the secretary-generalship of the United Nations.

June 2006

Solving A ‘Medical Mystery’

Tufts School of Medicine psychiatry professor Dr. Ronald Pies recounts the challenge of treating a silent patient.

New Album Features A Grown-Up Guster

With the release of a new album with a classic pop feel, Guster – a rock band with Tufts roots – has found a new sound.

Tufts Professor: Let Kids Be Kids

Tufts child development professor David Elkind says parents should be careful to not over-schedule their kids.

Breaking Down The 'Deal'

Tufts senior and Summer Scholar Mickey Ferri is putting the hit NBC show "Deal or No Deal" under the microscope in a study of risk behavior.

Bringing Farming Back To Life In New England

Tufts veterinary expert George Saperstein says it’s not too late to revive animal agriculture in New England.

The Art Of Housing

Tufts graduate student Audra Ladd—a rare hybrid of artist and economist—is trying to make space in Somerville for the city’s artistic community through a prestigious public policy fellowship she received from Harvard’s Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston.

Man In The Middle

Fletcher School graduate Mitchell B. Reiss, President Bush’s ambassador to Northern Ireland, has spent two years pushing the region’s peace process along.

Study: Food Insecurity Tied To Obesity

A new study by researchers at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University shows a link between food insecurity and weight gain in women.

A New Tradition Of Service

Tufts graduates take Alumni Weekend as an opportunity to reaffirm the commitment to active citizenship they cultivated as students.

Platt, Byrd Take On The Tonys

Donald Byrd, choreographer for ""The Color Purple,""and Oliver Platt, lead actor in the play "" Shining City,"" recently received Tony Award nominations.

May 2006

'A Change Will Do You Good'

Tufts graduate Katie O’Donnell recently made history in her hometown when she became the youngest person ever elected to the community’s Board of Selectmen.

Tufts Alumna Tapped To Lead Harvard Graduate School

Tufts graduate Kathleen McCartney was recently named dean of the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University.

Tufts' 150th Commencement Draws National Media Attention

Members of the local and national media headed to the Hill on May 21 to cover Tufts’ 150 th Commencement, which featured a keynote address from cancer survivor and seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong.

Changing the World

The Fletcher School's Richard Shultz was recently recognized by The Boston Globe as one of a select group of Bostonians whose work is changing the world.

Defining The Times

Tufts graduate and J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon – who has helped to shape the landscape of the financial services world – is one of 100 men and women on TIME magazine’s list of people who are transforming the world.

A Legacy of Giving

With his $40 million gift to endow the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, a Tufts graduate continues a family tradition.

A Strengthened Commitment To Community Service

With a $5 million endowment from Delta Dental of Massachusetts, Tufts School of Dental Medicine is strengthening its commitment to serving underprivileged and special needs populations.

Fletcher To Launch New Degree Program

A $5 million gift from Swiss businessman and philanthropist Thomas Schmidheiny has paved the way for a new international management degree program at The Fletcher School.

Wild Wild Life

To Tufts wildlife expert Dr. Mark Pokras, veterinarians are more than just animal doctors, and science is about a lot more than just research.

Tufts Graduate Student Turns Skating Scandal Into Opera

In a new opera composed by Tufts graduate student Abigail Al-Doory, the infamous figure skating scandal involving Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan takes center stage.

Getting 'Inside' The Film Industry

With his debut screenplay “Inside Man,” recently made into a film starring Denzel Washington, Tufts graduate Russell Gewirtz has made a splash on the Hollywood scene.

Shaping Our World

By bringing a high-tech approach to microfinance, Tufts graduate Vikram Akula has been recognized by TIME magazine as one of the world's most influential people.

April 2006

Abriola Named to American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Linda M. Abriola, Dean of the School of Engineering at Tufts University, is among the latest group of experts and intellectuals elected to the elite American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

A Golden Gate Of Opportunity

Through a position funded by Tufts graduate Seth Barad, senior Vanessa Vazquez is ready to embark on a career in the non-profit sector.

Abriola Named to American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Linda M. Abriola, Dean of the School of Engineering at Tufts University, is among the latest group of experts and intellectuals elected to the elite American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Bravo For Tufts Art Students

The Boston Globe highlighted two soon-to-be graduates of the dual graduate degree program between Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts as up-and-coming artists.

Fairer Justice

[04.24.06] Racially diverse juries can reach fairer verdicts by sharing information more efficiently and deliberating more diligently, reports a new study by Tufts' Sam Sommers.

The Roots of Terrorism

Fletcher School master's student and terrorism expert Lorenzo Vidino talks about the relationship between Europe and Islamic fundamentalism.

Breaking Into The Business

[04.19.06] Aspiring musician Bridget Kearney, a student in the Tufts University-New England Conservatory of Music double-degree program, is a finalist in the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Tufts University Selects New Dean For Cummings Veterinary School

Dr. Deborah Turner Kochevar Brings Extensive Leadership, Teaching, and Research Credentials to New Post in the Northeast.

Making A Difference Far From Fletcher

[04.12.06] Nearly a dozen students from Tufts’ Fletcher School spent their spring break in New Orleans chipping away – one house at a time - at the massive amount of debris that remains six months after Hurricane Katrina.

Multi-purpose Media

With a fast-growing Communications and Media Studies Program, Tufts is teaching its students not only how to understand and create media, but how to give it meaning.

The Drive To Do It

Tufts fitness and nutrition expert Miriam Nelson says that running a marathon is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical feat.

Tufts Grad Tapped To Host NBC's 'Today'

[04.07.06] Emmy-award winning journalist Meredith Vieira, a 1975 Tufts graduate, will replace Katie Couric as co-host of NBC’s top-rated morning news program, the “Today” show.

Tufts' David Walt Named Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor

[04.06.06] Renowned Scientist Will Use $1 Million Grant to Bring ""Joy of Research"" to Undergraduates and K-12 Students

Giving Back

[04.05.06] From teaching school children about trees and sap to engaging immigrants in community affairs, Tufts students are involved in a variety of service projects in Somerville.

Reading Between The Lines

Longtime news professionals Neal Shapiro and Phil Primack are turning their profession inside out—and Tufts students are reaping the gains.

Tufts President Testifies Before Federal Commission On Higher Education

[04.03.06] Tufts University President Lawrence S. Bacow recently spoke to members of a federal commission on higher education about issues ranging from financial aid to promoting active citizenship among students.

March 2006

Two Sides of the Same Coin

For Tufts' Claire Conceison, the production of Chinese director Meng Jinghui's "Heads or Tails?" is a unique opportunity to both enlighten and entertain.

Study: Depression, Anxiety Linked To Weight Gain In Women

[03.27.06] Young women who have a history of anxiety disorders or depression may be at a greater risk of becoming obese, according to a study by Friedman School student Sarah Anderson and Tufts School of Medicine assistant professor Aviva Must.

Fletcher Graduate To Lead Liberia's Finance Ministry

[03.21.06] In an effort to eliminate corruption in Liberia, the country’s newly elected president tapped Fletcher graduate Antoinette Sayeh to take over its Finance Ministry.

Veterinarians Play A Vital Role In Maintaining Public Health

[03.17.06] Veterinarians belong on the front lines of the fight against infectious diseases, says Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine expert George Saperstein, DVM.

Building Peace In His Spare Time

For Tufts senior Mauricio Artiņano, winning a coveted spot on USA Today’s College Academic All-Star First Team, is only one of many achievements that decorated his four years on the Hill.

New Profit, New Hope

[03.14.06] Through her company New Profit, Tufts graduate Vanessa Kirsch is giving nonprofits the power to produce social change.

Ready, Set...Recycle!

[03.10.06] More than halfway through the 2006 RecycleMania competition, Tufts is one of the top contenders in the race to recycle.

Lance Armstrong To Deliver Address At Tufts' 150th Commencement

Leader in cancer awareness and Tour de France champion gives his first commencement address, joined by entrepreneurial philanthropist, Marine Corps general, evolutionist, and pediatrician/ humanitarian.

More Than Just Music

[03.06.06] Fletcher School graduate Joseph Polisi, the longtime president of New York’s Juilliard School, encourages those who study at the famed conservatory to become “missionaries for the arts.”

River Of Dreams

After 16 years at Tufts, Director of Rowing Gary Caldwell celebrates a national rowing award and the opening of the first Tufts boathouse.

The Limits Of Compromise

[03.03.06] Fletcher student and terrorism expert Lorenzo Vidino says that even tolerance must have its limits.

The Gift Of Life

[03.02.06] For two Tufts School of Medicine graduates, friendship has no limits.

February 2006

Speaking Her Mind In Malaysia

[02.27.06] Fletcher School graduate Zainah Anwar is a force to be reckoned with in her native Malaysia where she fights tirelessly for women’s rights within the context of Islam.

The Right Woman For The Job

[02.24.06] Under the leadership of CEO Ellen Zane, Tufts-New England Medical Center is a top competitor in Boston’s healthcare market.

A Sport For (Almost) Every Season

[02.17.06] Sophomore soccer and hockey standout Greg O’Connell is making the most of his time at Tufts.

Tufts Grad Gives Bostonians A 'Taste' Of Life

[02.17.06] Tufts graduate Todd Feinburg is hosting a new radio program designed to keep Bostonians up to speed with what’s happening in the Hub.

Dedicated To Data

[02.13.06] As an assistant commissioner for epidemiology services in New York City, Tufts graduate Bonnie Kerker is helping to determine how best to address the health problems of the city’s homeless population.

Murrow Papers Donated To Tufts

[02.13.06] Tufts’ Fletcher School recently received a batch of never-before-seen scripts and papers belonging to journalism pioneer Edward R. Murrow.

A Step Forward Or Backward?

[02.08.06] Days after Hamas defeated the ruling Fatah party in the Palestinian parliamentary election, WBUR captured students’ reactions at Tufts’ Fletcher School.

At Home On The Vineyard

[02.07.06]Tufts School of Medicine graduates Gail O’Brien and Marc Shapiro recently relocated from Rhode Island to Martha’s Vineyard where they are part of a new team of doctors at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.

The Community Experience

[02.03.06] Recent Tufts University School of Dental Medicine graduates Rajia Sebbahi and Megan Lucier are gaining valuable experience in general practice dentistry, while at the same time providing a community with better access to dental care.

The Community Experience

Recent Tufts University School of Dental Medicine graduates Rajia Sebbahi and Megan Lucier are gaining valuable experience in general practice dentistry, while at the same time providing a community with better access to dental care.

Hurt Earns Oscar Nomination

[02.02.06] Tufts graduate and Academy Award-winning actor William Hurt was nominated for an Oscar this week for his supporting role in “A History of Violence.”

Soccer Star Takes Stance On Helmets

[02.02.06] A proposal by a Massachusetts lawmaker to require all soccer players in the state to wear helmets during games has Tufts senior Ariel Samuelson speaking out.

January 2006

Tufts Expert Offers Insight On North Korea

[01.30.06] Fletcher School Dean Stephen Bosworth was among the “very impressive array of talent” who spoke at a recent meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations about North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

Two Of A Kind

[01.27.06] Tufts hockey players Matt and Greg McCarthy know the true meaning of teamwork.

A Cappella With An Edge

[01.23.06] Tufts graduate and former Beelzebub Deke Sharon is considered to be “one of the most respected innovators” in the field of contemporary a cappella music.

Let The Games Begin

[01.23.06] Tufts alumnus and former Massachusetts Senator Louis P. Bertonazzi is the driving force behind a 16-town competition designed to encourage people to vote.

Tufts Grads Voice Support For Supreme Court Nominee

[01.20.06] Two Tufts University graduates who worked with Samuel A. Alito, Jr., believe he is the right candidate to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on the United States Supreme Court.

Tufts Historian Up For National Book Award

[01.27.06] Tufts history professor Martin Sherwin’s biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer – the man behind the atomic bomb – is a finalist for the 2005 National Book Critics Circle Awards.

A Mississippi Mission

[01.17.06] More than 100 Tufts students and alumni spent a week of their winter break in the Mississippi Gulf region helping to rebuild three small towns that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Portraits Of Truth

[01.11.06] In his new documentary, “Country Boys,” Tufts graduate and acclaimed filmmaker David Sutherland gives audiences a rare, up close and personal glimpse into the lives of two Kentucky teenagers as they come of age in poverty-stricken rural America.

A Nonviolent Approach To Reform In Iran

[01.10.06] As people in Iran explore nonviolent methods of protest against the country’s radical government, one Tufts graduate and internationally-renowned expert says they are on the right track toward freeing themselves from oppression and deserve the world’s support.

Response and Recovery, In Retrospect

Peter Walker, director of the Feinstein International Famine Center at the Friedman School, looks back at a year where significant disaster struck both in the United States and around the world.

Man With A Mission

[01.06.06] As director of overseas operations for Catholic Relief Services, Tufts graduate Sean Callahan has been on the front lines of major disaster recovery efforts around the world throughout the past year.

Closing Computer Science's Gender Gap

[01.05.06] With a growing gender gap in the computer science field, Tufts is taking an innovative approach to draw more females into the field.
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A hundred years later, I think that it's time for these industries toleave the nest and stand on their own two feet. Congress never has theright exit strategy to figure out how to phase things out.

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