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E-News Archives

The Tufts E-News archives contain hundreds of stories from across Tufts University dating back to October 1999. From cutting-edge research to world-famous alums, from the insights of internationally renowned experts to profiles on Tufts top programs, E-News is the most comprehensive daily electronic news source covering the University.

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December 2005

2005: A Year To Remember

It was an exciting year for E-News; take a look back at Tufts’ top newsmakers in 2005.

Getting Wise To The WTO

Tim Wise, deputy director of the Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University, believes that the World Trade Organization has missed the mark on the objectives set for its latest reforms.

Tufts Grad Helps Bring 'King Kong' To Life

Tufts graduate Tara Stoinski, a primatologist with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, gave “King Kong” actor Andy Serkis a crash course in gorilla behavior.

Do Secret Prisons Sidestep The Law?

As the United States comes under fire at home and abroad for allegedly detaining terror suspects in secret European prisons, Tufts expert Hurst Hannum examines possible violations of international law.

Exciting A New Generation Of Engineers

As its president, Tufts graduate Ioannis Miaoulis is taking the Museum of Science to new heights, seeking to make the 175-year old establishment a national leader in promoting “technological literacy” to its young visitors.

A Cross, A Crescent And A Crystal

Tufts famine expert Peter Walker, a former director of the International Red Cross, explains why the organization adopted a new “red crystal” emblem.

Dealing With A Wild Child

Tufts child development expert George Scarlett advocates for a democratic approach to raising children that balances individual freedoms with parent-enforced limits.

The New Suicide Bombers

Fletcher doctoral student Assaf Moghadam discusses the global spread of suicide bombings and how to stem the violence.

Cracking Down On Container Security

Fletcher graduate Stephen E. Flynn urges improvements to container security programs in the United States.

Richardson Reflects On A Life 'Between Worlds'

While rumors fly about whether or not New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will run for president in 2008, the Tufts graduate remains focused on the short-term, which includes the release of his new autobiography and getting re-elected next year.

Savvy Sandberg

Tufts graduate Leslie Sandberg – the well-respected press secretary of Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch – has what one newspaper describes as among the most demanding political jobs in the state.

Giving Children With Disabilities In Ukraine A Chance

Tufts University’s Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Development has been a model for the creation and enhancement of a learning center for children with special needs in Ukraine.

A Growing Problem: Violent Girls

Girls are becoming just as violent as boys in schoolyards and streets across the country and one Tufts expert says it’s time for parents, communities and the media to respond and teach girls to be “nonvictim and nonviolent.”

Platt Is Back In Christmas Comedy

Tufts graduate Oliver Platt is back on the big screen this holiday season with a supporting role in the dark comedy “The Ice Harvest.”

November 2005

Finding A New Direction At Fletcher

Former Massachusetts legislator and current Fletcher student Paul Demakis left his life in state politics to make a difference in the developing world.

Looking Back On A Painful Past

Tufts graduate and Trustee Emeritus John Baronian recalls his family’s painful plight during the Armenian genocide of 1915.

High Endurance

For Tufts alumni and high-profile businessmen Peter Dolan and Dan Barber, running is about more than just staying in shape; it’s an exercise in discipline and determination.

Making The Switch: Tufts Grad Gives Up Dentistry For Teaching

After a successful career as a dentist, double Jumbo Jeffrey Meropol is trying his hand at something new: teaching secondary school.

Samuelson Makes Tufts Women's Soccer History

Tufts senior Ariel Samuelson – the first women’s soccer player in Jumbo history to earn NESCAC Player of the Year honors – is leading her team into the NCAA Division III ""final four.”

Tufts Strengthens Ties With India

Tufts President Lawrence S. Bacow and Provost Jamshed Bharucha were among a group of University officials, trustees, international board members, faculty, staff and alumni who recently traveled to India.

Snowflakes Of Hope

Tufts graduate Nancy Poydar, who writes and illustrates children’s books, joined forces with fellow authors this season to raise money for cancer research.

Time Magazine Highlights Tufts Grad Saving Lives in Nepal

Tufts graduate and health expert Ram Shrestha got involved with Nepal’s vitamin program over a decade ago; today, millions of children benefit each year from his creative efforts to broaden the distribution of vitamin A throughout his native country.

Gearing Up For Next Year's Election

While Massachusetts Democrats are stashing money for their re-election bids next year, Tufts political science professor Jeffrey Berry says that Republican challengers pose little threat.

Go-To Girl: Tufts Grad Is Top Expert In Dermatology Field

In between appearances on national television and radio programs, Tufts graduate Jeanine Downie, a medical consultant, author and savvy businesswoman, owns and directs a dermatology practice.

Of Secrets And Science

Tufts’ Michelle Simons explores the neuroscience of memory and how family stories shape us.

Keeping Canines Healthy During The Holidays

With a new strain of canine influenza striking animals in some kennels and shelters, two veterinary experts associated with Tufts have advice for pet owners who are planning on boarding their dogs during the holiday season.

$100 Million Puts Tufts On Cutting Edge

Tufts graduates Pierre and Pam Omidyar gave $100 million to their alma mater – the largest gift in the University’s history -- to create a microfinance fund that will drive entrepreneurship in developing countries and enable Tufts to explore innovative investment opportunities.

A Perfect Partnership

In their alma mater, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife, Pam, have found a partner who is uniquely poised to help them further their mission to change the world through microfinance.

Outstanding In Her Field

After finishing up her Tufts field hockey career on Oct. 30, Tufts senior Lea Napolitano is facing a bright future.

Tufts Grad To Lead Public Policy Institute

Tufts graduate Diana Kerry, who recently became director of North Shore Community College’s Public Policy Institute, is looking forward to working with local cities and towns to promote civic engagement.

October 2005

Eye On The Arctic

As the Arctic ice cap shrinks, Fletcher PhD candidate Scott Borgerson urges the United States to prepare for the global impact of a navigable North Pole.

Getting Back In The Game

Tufts graduate and stay-at-home mom Lori Sharton turned to her alma mater for a boost back into the working world.

Love, Life And TV

Tufts graduate Peter Gallagher talks about love, life, his career and his hit teen drama, The OC.

Running The Show

Since the retirement of longtime coach Connie Putnam, Tufts senior cross country star Matt Lacey has become a leader on and off the track.

Blix Brings WMD Insights To Fletcher

On campus in October for a one-day conference on weapons of mass destruction, former United Nations chief weapons inspector Hans Blix discussed WMD and the war in Iraq.

Old Game, New Math

A unique class at Tufts delves into the world of baseball statistics, uncovering the meaning behind the numbers that populate America's pastime.

The Road To Democracy

Fletcher professor Dimitris Keridis believes that the European Union’s decision to begin full membership talks with Turkey is a positive development for the international community.

Making His Mark

Tufts graduate and Aramark Chairman and CEO Joe Neubauer is being recognized for his contributions in the boardrooms of corporate America.

The Power Of Higher Education

After an international meeting of university leaders in Talloires, France, President Lawrence S. Bacow is optimistic that institutions of higher education can enhance social responsibility worldwide.

Unique 'Gift' Comes To Tufts

On Oct. 14, students, faculty, families and friends on campus for Parents Weekend and Homecoming were treated to a sneak screening of “Emmanuel’s Gift,” an emotional documentary by Tufts graduates Lisa Lax and Nancy Stern.

A True Homecoming

Tufts graduates John Koeppel and Susan Rothstein, who met on campus 33 years ago, bring a unique perspective to Parents Weekend when they visit their daughter this year.

Jumbo Teams Off To Strong Start

The Jumbos are off and running this fall sports season, with the men’s cross country and women’s soccer and sailing teams holding top spots in the country.

Stepping Up, Standing Out

Tufts junior Ryan McGeary has a starting spot on the football team this season and is stepping up his performance to help take the Jumbos to the top.

Expert Says Dogs May Jump To Judgments

Tufts animal behaviorist Nicholas Dodman says it’s possible that dogs may like or dislike people based on the way they look.

Spreading Hope To The Children Of Chile

Tufts graduate Karina Weinstein is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for children in Chile.

Unlocking The Secrets Of SARS

Tufts alumni Jonathan Epstein teams up with scientists from around the world to determine the origin of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

MTV Offers Real World Experience

Tufts junior Erin Yeh says working as an intern for MTV Hong Kong helped prepare her for the real world.

Piling Up On Pets

Pet hoarding may be an attempt to fill voids caused by childhood trauma, according to one Tufts veterinary expert.

September 2005

Remembering The Roots Of Religious Freedom

The start of a new school year is a good time for people to reflect on their roots and celebrate religious freedom and civility, according to Tufts University Chaplain David O’Leary.

Information Overload: A Closer Look At MedlinePlus

The National Institutes of Health is spending millions to make an online collection of medical research available to the public, an investment Tufts professor Jeff Glassroth believes is unwise.

Doctor's Orders: Seniors Need To Be Seen Regularly

Tufts Medical School professor Richard Dupee says seniors need to see their doctors regularly to prevent health problems from cropping up unexpectedly down the road.

Tufts Grad Looks To Lead U.N.

Fletcher graduate and Thai deputy prime minister Surakiart Sathirathai is campaigning to replace Kofi Annan as United Nations’ Secretary-General when his term expires next year.

Tufts Grads Pack Prime Time Punch

A wide variety of Tufts graduates are doing their part – on screen or behind the scenes – to make this fall’s television season stand out.

Faculty React To Hurricane Katrina

On Thursday, Sept. 8, the University College of Citizenship and Public Service sponsored a panel discussion about Hurricane Katrina.

Surviving The Career Identity Crisis

In her new book, Tufts graduate and career coach Jeanine O’Donnell offers advice about how to find the right career path based on an individual’s strengths, talents and needs.

Role Reversal: Accepting Aid After Katrina

According to one Tufts expert, the outpouring of international support for the U.S. after Hurricane Katrina should be a catalyst for the reassessment of the country’s foreign policies.

Looking Back At Terrorism

Fletcher graduate Harout H. Semerdjian talks about the history of international terrorism and urges world leaders to acknowledge and learn from terror tragedies of the past.

Shapiro Resigns As NBC News President

After four years as president of NBC News, Tufts graduate Neal Shapiro stepped down from his position this month with a desire to seek new, more creative challenges.

Eliminating Antibiotic Overuse in Animals

Tufts School of Medicine professor Stuart Levy views the FDA’s new ban on feeding Baytril to poultry as a victory in his 30-year campaign to end the overuse of antibiotics in animals.

Novel Number Two

As the follow-up to his debut novel hits the bookshelves, Tufts graduate Christopher Castellani continues to immerse himself in the writing life.

A Lifelong Navy Link

After an accomplished Navy career, Tufts graduate Joseph Strasser has settled down in Newport, Rhode Island, where he enjoys his role as executive director of the Naval War College Foundation.

Study: Early Puberty Does Not Affect Adult Obesity

A study by a Tufts researcher shows that the age at which a girl first menstruates does not determine risk for adult obesity. Rather, her weight as a child is key.

Tufts University Awarded $15-Million NIH Grant

Tufts' Cummings Veterinary School recently received funding from the National Institutes of Health to build a biosafety laboratory to study naturally occurring diseases of public health importance.

Calling All Creationists

Tufts philosophy professor Daniel Dennett challenges creationists to produce scientific evidence in favor of intelligent design, a theory he says flies in the face of evolution.

"Time Has Come" For Class of 2009

Tufts’ Medford/Somerville campus was blanketed by luggage, balloons, proud parents and excited students, as the University welcomed the 1,367 members of Class of 2009.

August 2005

An Hour Here, An Hour There

Tufts lecturer Michael Downing takes a realistic look at the impact of the United States’ decision to extend Daylight Saving Time in 2007.

New Dean, New Ideas

Recently appointed Dean of Arts and Sciences Robert Sternberg is bringing fresh ideas about intelligence and learning to Tufts.

Comedy Quest

Tufts graduate and comedy writer Mark Treitel is close to realizing his decade-long goal of having his own sitcom.

Recalling Romania And Looking Ahead

Tufts graduate and Peace Corps volunteer Trent Ruder is back from a two-year trip to Romania, where he made a meaningful impact on some college students’ lives.

Order In The Court Of Public Opinion

Tufts' Richard Eichenberg has been analyzing public opinion and national security for 20 years. According to his research, attitudes toward the conflict in Iraq spell bad news for President Bush.

Shifting Gears On Supplements

According to Tufts nutrition scientists Alice Lichtenstein and Robert Russell, research into individual nutritional supplements is a ""double-edged sword"" that should be wielded carefully.

Bringing Baseball Back To Norwich

Tufts graduate and Norwich Navigators head honcho Louis DiBella is in the midst of revamping his newly-purchased minor league baseball team in a major way.

Taking On Terrorism

Tufts graduate and terrorism expert Matthew Levitt is advocating for countries to take a “no excuses” approach to terrorism.

New Global Nutritional Challenges

Dean and international nutrition expert Eileen Kennedy talks about the need for new research into the changing issues of global nutrition.

For Murphy, The Sky Is No Limit

Tufts graduate Dan Murphy is bringing aerospace and defense company ATK to new heights, with the support of his tried and true team.

The Man Behind The Bomb

In a biography of one of the physicists who helped create the nuclear age, Tufts history professor Martin Sherwin explores the rationale behind the atomic bomb.

The Need For Nonprofits

Tufts political scientist Jeffrey Berry says that nonprofit organizations play integral roles in society and must be allowed to fulfill the expectations of populations who need them.

Widespread Famine Plagues Niger

According to experts from the Feinstein International Famine Center at Tufts, disasters like the famine in Niger could be prevented with better planning and efficient response.

A Look At The Economy

On the heels of a better-than-expected job report in July 2005, a Fletcher economics expert examines employment trends in the United States.

In The Clinic, Around The World

For Tufts’ Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine graduate Rachel Francis, her training has taken her farther – both figuratively and literally – than she could have ever imagined.

The Pediatric Mechanic

While Tufts' Dr. Ivan Frantz III enjoys both working under the hood and speeding behind the wheel, nothing is a bigger thrill for him than helping sick kids get well.

A Chance for Reform in Egypt

A Fletcher student writes that a window may be opening for reform in Egypt, where a decades-long state of emergency has long-repressed many constitutional freedoms.

Fighting Poverty From Within

According to Jerry Sternin, founder of the Positive Deviance Initiative at Tufts, ways to fight poverty around the world can be found in the impoverished communities themselves.

Dental Grad on Ebony's List

Dr. Aljernon Bolden, a graduate of the Tufts School of Dental Medicine, was named by Ebony as one of the 100 Most Influential Black Americans

Grad Heads To Maine's Highest Court

Tufts graduate and longtime Maine lawyer Warren M. Silver was recently appointed to fill a vacancy on the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

A Critical Diagnosis

Tufts School of Medicine professor Jerome Kassirer believes that money from drug companies is creating harmful conflicts of interests among physicians, affecting patients and risking the public’s trust.

July 2005

Game Master

A Tufts graduate teaching entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago has developed an innovative course based on the successful Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

Finding Common Ground

Tufts sophomore Marc Marrero, who participated in an intercultural dialogue between American and Arab students, believes that the two sides need to learn to trust each other.

Tufts Names Two to Senior Posts

Robert Sternberg, who has redefined understanding of intelligence, will bring PACE Center from Yale to Tufts; Amelia Tynan recruited from University of Rochester.

Tufts' 'Huff' Stars Honored

Actors Hank Azaria and Oliver Platt, both Tufts graduates and co-stars on the Showtime drama ""Huff,"" have received Emmy nominations for their performance on the show.

High Altitude For Altman

Stuart Altman, a renowned health care economist who sits on the board of Tufts-New England Medical Center, has high expectations but also draws high esteem from his colleagues.

The Mighty Caseys

Longtime Tufts baseball coach John Casey has not only sculpted a legacy on the field with the Jumbos, but also with his brood of budding baseball stars.

Quick Draw McGraw

Under the focused leadership of Harold W. ""Terry"" McGraw III, McGraw-Hill has become a highly profitable publishing entity.

Tipping The Balance

One Tufts political science professor believes that outgoing Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor leaves behind a hostile judicial legacy toward religion.

The Real Apprentice

A Tufts graduate is getting a crash course in the world of Donald Trump by heading up the online university named for the famous billionaire.

Grad Recalls Runnin' In London

In the wake of London winning the right to host the 2012 Summer Olympics, Tufts graduate and former Olympic runner Ted Vogel recalls the 1948 Games there.

Terror Tragedy In London

Tufts international security experts react to the coordinated terrorist attack on London’s transit system that killed several dozen people.

The Accidental Pied Piper

Tufts graduate Peter Rosché loves taking care of more than 100 children in the Newton, Mass., after-school program he has supervised for the past 30 years.

Dental Care For Pets

According to one faculty affiliate of the Tufts School of Dental Medicine, taking care of your cat or dog's teeth is key to ensuring its health.

A Starr At Lacrosse

Recent Tufts graduate Andy Starr may have hung up his cleats with the Jumbos, but he still can't get enough of lacrosse.

Professor Wins Global Health Research Grant

Tufts School of Medicine researcher Dr. Abraham "Linc" Sonenshein will develop heat-resistant vaccines with the grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

This Doctor Is No Island

Asthe only surgeon on the Massachusetts island Nantucket, Tufts School of Medicine graduate Dr. Tim Lepore has his hands full– but he's enjoying every second.

June 2005

From The CIA To The Circulation Desk

Thecareer path of Fletcher School graduate Elizabeth Moran has woundits way from the top-secret innards of the CIA to the forefrontof innovation at a Maine library.

Guster Rocks With Pops

The popular rock band formed by three Tufts graduates performed two shows with the historic Boston Pops orchestra.

Tufts Grad, Viacom Heir, Gets Promotion

Shari Redstone, daughter of media mogul Sumner Redstone, will become vice chairman of Viacom, taking a highly visible role overseeing the company's evolution.

Keeping Women Heart-Healthy

Tufts School of Medicine professor Dr. Richard Karas recently spoke about waysto prevent the onset of heart disease and other ailments in women.

Young Dental Grads Recognized

Five graduates from the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine were recognized by the Massachusetts Dental Society for their contributions to the field.

Flying High In The Private Sector

Aftera distinguished career as a highly decorated diplomat, Fletcher graduate Thomas Pickering is looking at the Middle East through different eyes as a Boeing executive.

Sharing Melodies Creating Harmony

Tufts graduate Abdul-Wahab Kayyali – an accomplished performer on the traditional, lute-like instrument called the oud –values diversity in the realm of Islamic music.

A Fine Line: Bringing Pop Culture’s Courtroom Into the Classroom

TwoTufts professors discuss the benefits and detriments of incorporatingreal-world legal drama into the classroom.

Med Student Considers The Alternative

For Lauren Elson MD, an interest in alternative therapies is helpingher shape a varied curriculum and a unique perspective on healthcare.

Alumni Take Time To Give Back

During commencement weekend, approximately 100 Tufts alumni set aside a day to help renovate an area preschool that serves mostly low-income families.

Kindling The Romance

In the lab and in the field, Tufts entomologist Sara Lewis has extensively studied the mating behaviors of fireflies, learning how the insects communicate and survive.

Enlightenment On Engineering

Tufts graduate and former engineering dean Ioannis Miaoulis, now director of Boston's Museum of Science, recently urged students to marvel at the creations of man.

Evolution In Flight

Scientist and Tufts graduate Sean Carroll is at the forefront of the field of evolutionary developmental biology, exploring how things came to be and where they're headed.

A Big Future For Tiny Devices

Miniature medical diagnostics, according to Tufts chemistry professor David Walt, will bring big changes to the health care industry.

Tufts Students Help Record Medford History

The rich history of African-Americans in Medford from the late 19th through the late 20th century is being preserved with the help of Tufts students and faculty.

A 'Mission' Accomplished

With help from his brother and an accomplished filmmaker, Tufts senior Matt Pohl captured the historic commencement of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts to film.

Separating Out The Sewage

In an op-ed column, Tufts public health professor Jeffrey K. Griffiths argues against a new federal environmental proposal that he says would endanger the drinkable water supply.

Catching Up With President Bacow

With his morning runs evolving into a campus tradition, Tufts President Lawrence S. Bacow is grateful for the chance to stay in shape – and stay in touch.

Moving At High (Shutter) Speed

Tufts senior Robin Liss is both an involved student and a CEO of a growing company. While balancing the two roles has proved challenging, she's met with success at both.

Assessing A New Security Threat

Two Fletcher students, writing with counterterrorism expert Richard Clarke, contend that a new natural gas facility in Providence would create a security vulnerability.

May 2005

Clinical Professor Picked To Lead UMass Boston

A clinical professor of internal medicine at Tufts who is also a Tufts graduate has been chosen as the new chancellor of the state university system's Boston campus.

Heart Health For Women

In their new book, Tufts nutrition experts Miriam Nelson and Alice Lichtenstein discuss the risks for heart disease in women and what can be done to combat them.

Trouble-Free Teens?

A Tufts child development professor is working on a six-year study with the goal of determining the ingredients that turn an adolescent into a well-adjusted adult.

The Screen Is Their Classroom

For the Tufts roommates who co-founded educational film production company Walden Media, there's no reason why movies can't teach kids a thing or two.

In The Eye Of The Hurricane

As the press coordinator at the Michael Jackson trial, Tufts graduate Peter Shaplen performs a balancing act in the middle of a three-ring media circus.

Tufts E-News: 2005 Commencement

In his commencement address, Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis told members of the Class of 2005 to "continue fighting all those good fights that make progress possible."

A Nice Way To Say Goodbye

Amidst the flurry of social outings and goodbyes that define Senior Week, one group of graduating Tufts seniors set aside time to give backto the community.

Tufts Recognized By EPA

The Tufts Climate Initiative, which works reduce greenhouse emissions across the University, has been honored for its efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Banker Eyes Pro Soccer Team

Tufts graduate Andrew Murstein has started his own bank. Next, he hopes to delve into sports ownership. A Kansas City Major League Soccer franchise may be his next stop.

Azaria Earns Tony Nomination

Tufts graduate Hank Azaria – who stars in the Broadway hit "Monty Python's Spamalot" – received a Tony Award nomination for best leading role in a musical.

Engineering A Dynamic Future

Linda Abriola, dean of Tufts' School of Engineering, is laying out the groundwork for a major evolution at the school by recruiting new faculty and planning new facilities.

Another Look At Southeast Asia

In an op-ed column, Fletcher School Dean Stephen Bosworth argues that the United States needs to revisit its policy in an increasingly complex region.

Tufts Graduates Among Boston's Most Powerful

In their annual rankings, Boston Magazine has cited three Tufts graduates as among the most powerful individuals in the Greater Boston area.

Gaining Critical Exposure

Two Tufts graduates have launched a project that puts cameras in the hands of middle and high school students in order to chronicle the state of public schools.

The Way They Move

Tufts graduate Brenda Connors has made a career out of analyzing the movements of world leaders, drawing conclusions about patterns in their behavior and character.

Veterinary School Changes Name

The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts is named for benefactor William S. Cummings, who pledged $50 million to the school lastfall.

Alums Author Sox Books

In the wake of Boston's historic 2004 World Series victory, Tufts graduates and Red Sox writers Tony Massarotti and Bill Nowlin each examined the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry.

Defense Of An Embattled Nominee

In an op-ed column, one Fletcher student says that John Bolton, President Bush's nominee for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is the right man for the job.

Alums Team Up For Safety's Sake

Two former Tufts lacrosse players – one now a dentist, the other a lacrosse coach – joined forces to provide a high school lacrosse team with free customized mouth guards.

Keeping Women In Science

Efforts to encourage women to pursue careers in science and technology are being geared to all ages and coming from all corners of the Tufts community.

April 2005

Spring Standouts

Spring sports may be winding down for the Jumbos, but that hasn't stopped standout athletes from some of Tufts' most winning teams from gaining recognition.

Good Vibes For Vocab

A Tufts graduate and a friend have developed an album that aims to teach college-level vocabulary to high school students through hip-hop songs.

Trustee Honored For Humanitarian Efforts

Joseph Neubauer, CEO of Aramark Corp., received the Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship for his philanthropy.

Jumbo Crew Team Docks In Medford

After several years without a home to call their own, the Tufts crew team is anxiously awaiting completion of a new boathouse along the Malden River in Medford.

New Food Pyramid Unveiled

The introduction of a Web-based, 12-pronged health guide that replaces the iconic food pyramid was met with mixed reactions by some Tufts nutrition experts.

Fletcher Grad Leads Japanese School

Bruce Stronach is breaking new ground as the first foreigner to become president at a Japanese public university.

Researcher: CAFTA Endangers Environment

In an op-ed column, a Tufts environmental expert says that the Central American Free Trade Agreement could do more harm for the environment than good.

Early Education Gets A Low Grade

Tufts child development expert David Elkind says that the growing trend of providing preschool-age children with academic tutoring is not beneficial for the child.

Tufts Runners Meet Marathon Challenge

Morethan 200 members of the Tufts community set out on the historic26.2 mile route from Hopkinton to Boston to raise money for healthresearch on campus.

Tufts Volunteers Help Ease Tax Woes

As tax season approaches its feverish conclusion, some of Somerville's low-income families are breathing easier thanks to the hard work of a dozen Tufts students.

New Health Website Helps Bridge Divide

A unique online resource created by the Tufts Health Science Library provides Asian Americans with a health resource that speaks their language.

The Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In testimony before a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee, Tufts Professor Bruce Hitchner made the case for advancing constitutional reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tufts Biomedical Researcher Honored

As a prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, Tufts scientist Andrew Camilli's research of bacterial pathogens will receive unrestricted funding.

Reflection, Looking Ahead Upon Pope's Passing

FatherDavid O'Leary, the Tufts Chaplain, reflects on the legacy of thelate Pope John Paul II and what issues the new pope will face.

Festa Finds His Place At State House

Tufts graduate and Massachusetts State Rep. Michael Festa has found the change in leadership at the State House beneficial to his political fortunes.

History's Historian

Tufts graduate Libby Haight O'Connell's passion for history translated into a prominent position as one of its chief marketers and advocates.

Smarter Intelligence

A Tufts international security expert and a colleague have put forward new ideas about how to conduct intelligence efforts, emphasizing the need for greater human intelligence.

Practical Parenting Products

Rather than just coping with the small problems that inevitably cropped up as the mother of a toddler, Tufts graduate Sharon Mullen began creating solutions.

March 2005

It's That Time Of The Year

Tufts lecturer and novelist Michael Downing has written a book exploring America's history of springing forward and falling back with Daylight Saving Time.

Greek PM To Give Keynote

Kostas Karamanlis – the youngest prime minister in modern Greek history – to be joined by Oscar-winning actor, Hiroshima mayor, former Dartmouth president and National Medal of Science winner.

Patriots Star Faces Heart Surgery

Tufts experts react to news that the cause of New England Patriots Pro Bowler Tedy Bruschi's stroke in February may have been a hole in his heart.

Grad Goes To Bat For MLB

As Major League Baseball's senior vice president of corporate sales and marketing, Tufts graduate John Brody is helping drive home revenue at the ballpark.

A Mission To Give Back

Once tentative about entering the medical field, Tufts Medical School graduate Janet Magnani has found her niche – improving health care for the underprivileged.

A Match Made In Heaven

On March 17 – "Match Day" – Tufts School of Medicine students and other medical students around the country found out where they would conduct their residencies.

A Life In Pursuit Of Justice

A Tufts graduate and prominent Kentucky social activist is continuing her efforts to fight against social injustice both at home and abroad.

A Head Of The Times

Tufts graduate and New York Times Co. publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. is charged with guiding one of the country's premier media properties into the multimedia age.

Jeans Feeling Tight? Check Your Genes

Tufts nutritionist Jose Ordovas is at the leading edge of the emerging field of nutritional genomics, which explores the connections between genetics, diet and health.

Pope's Illness Worries Faithful

A Tufts expert explains Pope John Paul II's recent respiratory ailments, which have generated concern and speculation about the future of the pope's service.

For Doctors, Does Age Matter?

In an op-ed published in The Boston Globe, Tufts neurology chairman Allan Ropper defended the experience and cumulative skills provided by older physicians.

Grad Turns Rejection Into 'Honeymoon'

After being demoted and spurned at the altar, one Tufts graduate has turned his subsequent worldwide trek with his brother into a compelling memoir.

Baseball Fever Comes To Worcester

On the heels of the Red Sox' historic World Series victory last fall, a Tufts graduate is helping bring professional baseball back to central Massachusetts.

Figuring Out North Korea

A Tufts expert on Asian politics says North Korean ruler Kim Jong Il is a crafty dictator, and dealing with the Communist nation is a delicate matter.

Tension Mounts Between China, Taiwan

A Chinese antisecession bill aimed at bringing the island nation of Taiwan back into the mainland's fold is heightening tension in the region, and the consequences for China could be mixed, according to one Tufts expert.

Tufts Out-Trashes The Competition

In an innovative recycling competition among universities nationwide, Tufts is working hard to be the pick of the litter.

Challenging the Party Line

In an op-ed published in the Boston Herald, Tufts graduate and United Leaders founder Jesse Levey discusses the attitudes of his party – the Republican party – towards homosexuals.

Adding Some Pep To Academia

Tufts graduate Steve Nowicki may be dean of Duke's natural sciences department, but he's also an enthusiastic trombonist for the school's pep band.

Tufts Scholar Helps Draft Kosovo Constitution

Bruce Hitchner, classics professor and chairman of the Dayton Peace Accords Project, is part of a team helping prepare a constitution should Kosovo attain independence.

Fletcher Grad Named Adviser To Rice

Philip Zelikow, a political scholar who served as executive director of the 9/11 Commission, will become a senior adviser to the new secretary of state.

February 2005

The Drug Debate Continues

With increased scrutiny on both the federal government and drug companies in the wake of the controversy surrounding various prescription pain relievers, Tufts experts say that both groups need to be more diligent.

Tufts Reaches Out To Community

At the third annual meeting between Tufts and members of the local non-profit community, both sides hailed the value of university-community partnerships.

Tufts Teams Enjoy Playoff Berths

The Tufts men's hockey and basketball teams enjoyed a tremendous amount of success this season – success they hope to extend into postseason play.

Veterinarian Rolls Out Mobile Clinic

A graduate of the Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine put her practice on wheels out of a desire to more closely serve her clientele.

DiBiaggio Tapped To Aid Colorado

[02-25-04] Tufts President Emeritus John DiBiaggio will lead efforts to evaluate and reform Colorado University’s athletics department following a series of scandals.

Study Warns On Global Warming

New research shows that in 100 years, global warming could affect the oceans such that a major storm would generate enough storm surge to submerge parts of the city of Boston.

Conserving New England's Flora

As the new president of the New England Wild Flower Society, Tufts graduate Frances Clark is committed to spreading the word about plant conservation.

Cummings Turns Focus To Giving

Developer Williams S. Cummings – founder, with his wife Joyce, of Cummings Foundation which last fall committed to investing $50 million in Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine – is leaving the real estate business to focus on his charitable works.

Roosevelt Defends Legacy Of Social Security

In testimony before Congress, James Roosevelt – Tufts School of Medicine instructor and senior vice president of Tufts Health Plan – defended the institution founded by his grandfather, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Bridging A Divide In Europe

A Fletcher School graduate student says that tensions between Turkey and Armenia won’t subside as long as the border between the countries remains sealed.

Healing Pets At Home

Tufts’ Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine graduate Dr. Jeremy Gransky travels around Massachusetts making house calls for sick pets.

Sustainable Growth On The Farm

A Tufts Veterinary School program is helping regional farmers take full advantage of their resources in ways that are both humane and economically beneficial.

Could Marrow Cells Replace Stem Cells?

Tufts scientists are among those exploring the possibility that a type of cell found in human bone marrow shares the potential of embryonic stem cells.

Fletcher Students Assess Bush's Vision

When President Bush gave the first State of the Union address of his second term, the world was watching – including a group of students from the Fletcher School.

A New ‘Experience’ For Filmmaker

Documentary producer and Tufts graduate Adriana Bosch, known for her presidential biographies on PBS, tackled a more personal subject with a new biography of Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Surgeon Trades Scalpel For Priest's Collar

After more than two decades helping people heal physically, a Tufts School of Medicine graduate joined the priesthood to help them spiritually.

The Legality Of Torture

The decision to use torture raises a complicated set of moral and legal questions that are not easily resolved, say Tufts experts.

Iraqis Hold Free Elections

Despite continued concerns about security in the region and the ongoing presence of American troops, Tufts experts are cautiously optimistic about the first free Iraqi elections in 50 years.

Sometimes, It’s OK To Cry

Parents and educators, contends Tufts child development expert David Elkind, are increasingly geared towards cocooning children from sometimes difficult experiences they need to go through in order to mature into fully-functional adults.

January 2005

Tufts Veterinarians Help Fight Terrorism

In the post-9/11 world, the skills of veterinarians are needed beyond the scope of everyday pet care. Tufts’ veterinary school is on the front lines of the fight against bioterrorism.

Placebo's Power Dissolving

[05.01.29] Nationally renowned expert at Tufts says research shows "placebo effect" of sugar pills doesn't hold water.

Rosenberg Seeks To Lead Democrats

Tufts graduate Simon Rosenberg, a political strategist with a centrist vision of the Democratic Party, is eyeing the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee.

The Spirit Of The Truth

As a leading printmaker in the international art community, Tufts graduate Kim Berman is also a part of a major artistic partnership between Boston and her native South Africa.

Fighting For Freedom

Tufts graduate Tommy Calvert Jr.’s involvement in abolitionist efforts have helped free slaves and raise awareness of modern-day slavery around the world.

New Dietary Guidelines Announced

The government’s publication of a new set of dietary guidelines is accompanied by the push of doctors and nutritionists trying to encourage people to adhere to them.

A Call For Sensible Disaster Relief

As governments and aid agencies still struggle to meet needs almost a month after the South Asian tsunamis, two staff members of the Feinstein International Famine Center at Tufts say that the system can be improved.

Donning A New Set Of Gloves

After rolling with the punches during a long career in the boxing promotion business, Tufts graduate Lou DiBella is stepping out of the ring and into the diamond.

A Hands-On Approach

The chairman of the neurology department at Tufts’ School of Medicine is one of the last remaining doctors who adhere to the time-honored practice of patient-centered grand rounds.

Grad Helps Immigrants Become CEOs

By assisting poor immigrants to become entrepreneurs, Tufts graduate Farhana Huq is helping them realize the dreams that brought them to the U.S.

Medical Outreach Across Borders

A Tufts School of Medicine professor’s program helps Massachusetts high schoolers and Tufts medical students learn about health care in Central America while providing much-needed outreach services.

Problems At The United Nations

With scandal and speculation swirling around the U.N. in recent weeks, one Fletcher School professor says that the organization may be at a historic low point.

Faith Amid Chaos

After last month’s disastrous tsunamis, some people are grappling with unanswered questions of faith. But religion, says Tufts’ chaplain, can be a guidebook for how to help those struggling to rebuild.

Latino Studies Are No Minor Matter

Amid a diverse and vibrant Latino culture in the United States, Latino studies programs such as the one at Tufts are growing in popularity and prominence in universities nationwide.

Orchestrating Libya's Metamorphosis

Recently appointed as prime minister of Libya, Fletcher graduate Shukri Ghanem is charged with the weighty task of re-introducing this Islamic nation to the world and shaking off the specters of isolationism and terrorism.

The Security Council and Global Security

The belief that the United Nations Security Council should be the ultimate arbiter of international security is a mistaken one, a Fletcher professor writes in a commentary.

What's Next For Ukraine's Democracy?

After a runoff election plagued by fraud and a popular movement around opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko, Ukrainians cast their ballots on Dec. 26 in what Tufts experts say was a promising step for democracy in Ukraine.

Relief Comes To South Asia

In the wake of the massive tsunamis that killed over 150,000 people and left millions displaced, international relief efforts continue to face challenges, say Tufts experts.
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For a century, the oil industry has suceeded with the help federal fossil fuel tax breaks;but some believe it's time to focus the subsidies on renewable energy. Tufts University economist Gilbert Metcalf is among those who believe it is time to plan for an end game when it comes to fossil fuel subsidies.

A hundred years later, I think that it's time for these industries toleave the nest and stand on their own two feet. Congress never has theright exit strategy to figure out how to phase things out.

Gilbert Metcalf
Marketplace, American Public Media
Sept. 22, 2010