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E-News Archives

The Tufts E-News archives contain hundreds of stories from across Tufts University dating back to October 1999. From cutting-edge research to world-famous alums, from the insights of internationally renowned experts to profiles on Tufts top programs, E-News is the most comprehensive daily electronic news source covering the University.

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December 2004

The Road From Gaza

Two Fletcher students – one an Israeli, the other the wife of a Palestinian – debated the pros and cons of Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and whether or not it will lead to peace.

Fighting Back Against Bullying

Parents and teachers are increasingly approaching schoolyard bullying less as a rite of passage and more as a problem that needs addressing.

'Digging' For The Big Dig

After 3,000 rolls of film, 110,000 photographs and seven years of work, photojournalist and Tufts graduate Michael Hintlian recently published a book chronicling Boston’s Big Dig.

Are Nutrition Labels Misused?

Some Tufts researchers believe that nutritional information labels, which were designed to help consumers make informed food purchases, may not be used by consumers as they were intended.

Tufts Alum Gets Golden Recognition

Actor and Tufts graduate Oliver Platt, who stars in Showtime’s new TV series “Huff” with fellow alumnus Hank Azaria, has earned a Golden Globe award nomination.

A Call For Smarter Intelligence

In a recent Boston Globe op-ed column, a Fletcher School Ph.D candidate calls on U.S. officials to consider our nation’s history of terrorist attacks in order to make intelligence reform effective.

Rounder Rolls With The Changes

Thirty-four years after its founding by a group of friends that included two Tufts graduates, Rounder Records is one of the nation’s premier independent music labels, thriving in an ever-evolving music universe.

Breaking A Leg, Breaking The Mold

Tufts theater student Kristin Baker co-founded an unconventional theater company in Boston that seeks to reinvent the concept of theater as we know it.

Mediterranean Diet Gains Ground

Recent studies are indicating that a Mediterranean-style diet – rich in olive oil, nuts and whole grains – may be good for your heart. Tufts experts weigh in on the research.

Tufts Rabbi Is A Grammy Nominee

Music professor and Hillel director Jeffrey Summit has received one of the music industry’s highest honors for producing a collection of the music of Uganda’s Jews.

As Brokaw Departs, NBC Looks Ahead

Neal Shapiro, president of NBC News and a Tufts graduate, says that the network’s transition from longtime anchor Tom Brokaw to Brian Williams will be smooth and successful.

Eating Healthy, Affordably

Why are some people in the country malnourished? Tufts experts say the cost of fruits and vegetables is a factor but it’s not always as simple as the price of produce.

Fletcher Graduate Sounds Warning on Iran

A Fletcher graduate and Middle East expert says that unless we appeal to the younger, more politically frustrated population of Iran, the Islamic state could pose a major nuclear threat to the United States.

Exotic Animals Abroad And At Home

For a graduate of both Tufts’ undergraduate and veterinary schools, a worldly and varied schooling led to a rewarding position as one of three vets on staff at a small Texas clinic.

November 2004

'Huff' Just What The Doctor Ordered

A new series on Showtime starring two Tufts graduates, Hank Azaria and Oliver Platt, is reaping accolades from both critics and viewers.

Holiday Health

With heaping portions of turkey, potatoes and pie on the horizon, Tufts researchers offer some guidance on how to enjoy holiday meals healthily.

Thanksgiving Showdown

On Thanksgiving, Tufts graduate John DiBiaso "gobbled" at the chance to take his football team to a fourth straight Super Bowl.

Expanding in the Right Direction

Tufts graduate Ed Tapscott is president of the Charlotte Bobcats, an NBA expansion team attempting to fill the void left by the departure of the Hornets in 2002.

Rebuilding the Human Body

In Tufts’ Tissue Engineering Resource Center, director and biomedical engineering chair David Kaplan is figuring out how the human body is put together, one cell at a time.

With Powell’s Departure, Rice Takes The Stage

After widely respected diplomat Colin Powell’s resignation as secretary of state, Tufts experts looked back on his tenure and forward at his replacement, Condoleezza Rice.

Tisch's 'Power' Is About Partnerships

In his new book, CEO of Loews Hotels and Tufts graduate Jonathan Tisch talks about adhering to principles of partnership – not only in the corporate world, but also with the community.

From Tufts Sophomore To Freshman Legislator

While most of his classmates were spending their weekends studying and sleeping in, Tufts sophomore D. Scott Merrick was waging a successful campaign for a seat in the N.H. House of Representatives.

Clinton: Rekindle the Peace Process

At a crossroads of current events – with post-election buzz lingering and rumors about Yasser Arafat’s health circulating – Hillary Clinton came to deliver the annual Fares Lecture at Tufts.

Big Smiles of Gratitude

Two graduates of Tufts School of Dental Medicine made a couple of Massachusetts residents smile by selecting them to receive more than $20,000 in free dental work.

Hillary Clinton To Give Fares Lecture

On Wednesday, November 10, U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will deliver Tufts University’s annual Fares Lecture on the topic of "Policy Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean After the Presidential Election.”

Twenty Years Of Sweet Success

A job scooping ice cream while attending Tufts led Amy Simmons to Austin, Texas, where her popular ice cream chain celebrates 20 years of business.

Safe At The Top

Tufts graduate Ellen J. Kullman thrives as a female executive at one of the nation’s largest—and increasingly important— manufacturers.

Election Win Eludes Massachusetts’ Kerry

In the wake of Tuesday’s tight election, members of the Tufts community reacted to the results on both the federal and local level.

Darfur Tragedy Recalls Bosnia

In an op-ed jointly written for The Providence Journal, a Tufts scholar and the head of a Balkans support organization speak in favor of U.S. intervention in Sudan.

Political Rundown

Nearly a dozen Tufts graduates were among the candidates making a final push before the polls opened.

Working For A Fair Vote

A Tufts grad on the front lines of electoral reform talks about ways to reform the political process and how he found himself fighting for changes to the system.

October 2004

Cursed No More

For fans and former players in the Tufts community, Boston’s World Series victory brings an end to years of agony and anxiety.

Iraq War ‘Deal With The Devil’

In a rebuttal to an essay published in the prestigious Foreign Affairs magazine, a Tufts political science professor argues that the United States’ rush to war in Iraq was a “power play.”

Solutions for Nuclear Proliferation

In an age where the nuclear threat from both rogue states and terrorist organizations weighs heavily on people’s minds, a Fletcher School graduate says the U.S. must stop the problem at its root.

Dangerous Dogs

Certain dogs – like pit bulls and Rottweilers – are as dangerous as loaded guns, but their owners are in denial about the risks.

The 'Anachronism' Of The Electoral College

With Florida’s election fiasco in 2000 still fresh in the minds of voters, Tufts political science professor Jeffrey Berry says the Electoral College is outdated and should be abolished.

Alum’s New Brand On Fire

John Bello, founder of SoBe beverages and a 1968 Tufts graduate, is getting a warm reception to his new line of firefighter-themed food products.

The Global Classroom

At the forefront of a growing national trend, Tufts continues to gain national recognition for its emphasis on studying abroad.

Making The Laughs Last  Late night comedy may look like easy, but the Tufts graduate behind the “Late Show with David Letterman” says finding the formula for success requires a lot of work.

A New Kind Of Service

While some students may be afraid of the possibility of a military draft, a Tufts expert believes that compulsory national service may be worth it for both young adults and the country.

An Eye For Opportunity

Tufts’ Amy Ingrid Schlegel is steadily transforming the University’s art galleries into a regional player.

Walking Off The Weight

Through a unique Tufts program, Somerville city workers are counting their steps en route to healthier lifestyles.

Too Big For Our Own Good?

It's time for Congress to take a closer look at the role big food companies are playing in the nation's bulging waistline, says a Tufts expert.

September 2004

Arabic On Rise At Tufts

To meet a growing student demand for Arabic language classes, Tufts has been expanding its offerings.

Grad Eyed For UN Post

When Kofi Annan steps down as Secretary-General in 2006, many think Thai foreign minister Surakiart Sathirathai will be his replacement.

Another 'Pass' At History

Citing convincing evidence, former athletic director Rocky Carzo says the start of U.S. college football actually began with a Tufts victory.

A Fair Trade?

As the presidential election approaches, a Tufts expert says the candidates have been silent for too long on NAFTA and its impact on the environment.

Fielding Dreams For The Fall

A veteran field hockey player with a track record of success, Tufts' new field hockey coach has high hopes for her Tufts team.

Grad Wins Local Seat

In a local election that attracted national attention, 26-year-old Carl Sciortino narrowly unseated a 16-year incumbent to become a Massachusetts state representative.

Publishing Parts Of Life

After series of acclaimed memoirs about personal struggles, Tufts graduate Brendan Halpin is testing his hand at fiction.

Taking Aim At Hollywood

With his acclaimed new film, “The Assassination of Richard Nixon,” screening at Toronto’s film festival, Tufts graduate Niels Mueller has set his sights on box office success.

'About Face' For Chelsea High

This year, Chelsea High turned to a US Army Colonel and Tufts graduate to transform the school’s academic programs.

Nothing To Be Blue About

While staying young isn’t as simple as sipping from the “Fountain of Youth,” there is another – tastier – way to slow the aging process: eating blueberries.

Tufts Receives Largest Gift in History

Tufts University officials today announced that Cummings Foundation, Inc., has committed to investing $50 million in the University’s veterinary school over the next 15 years.

Class of 2008 Moves In

[09-01-04] Despite heavy boxes and long line of cars pulling in this morning, the crowds of new students and families are “very excited” to finally be on campus.

President Welcomes Class of 2008

[09-01-04] Ladies and gentlemen, members of the faculty, staff and administration, the Board of Trustees who are represented here today by Dr. Bernard Harleston, but most importantly to members of the Class of 2008, welcome to Tufts! You have finally arrived.”

August 2004

Fetal Cells Foster Research

[08-30-04] In an unexpected finding, a Tufts researcher appears to have discovered a new – and much less controversial – source of stem cells.

Kicking It Up A Notch

[08-27-04] For Tufts football captain and starting quarterback - senior Jason Casey - the upcoming year is full of “high expectations.”

Syron Saves Shares

[08-26-04] New Freddie Mac CEO and Tufts graduate Richard Syron helps his company get back to business.

Engineering A Turnaround

[08-25-04] After losing his job in Silicon Valley, Tufts graduate Linc Jepson headed to Russia to start a company and found himself in the middle of a growing technology hotbed.

Friends "Click" Before College

[08-23-04] Incoming freshmen need no longer wait till September to meet roommates and friends, thanks to a new online system at Tufts.

Toy Story

[08-19-04] As Mayor Thomas Menino looks for a new home for Boston’s famous FAO Schwarz Bear, Tufts-New England Medical Center’s Floating Hospital for Children could be the perfect fit.

Vitamin E: Infection Prevention

[08-18-04] Vitamin E supplements may play an important role in preventing colds and other upper respiratory infections, report Tufts researchers in a new study.

International Appeal

[08-16-04] The newest Kaplan/Newsweek College Resource Guide ranks Tufts as the “Hottest School for Study Abroad,” celebrating the university’s international approach to learning.

Athens 2004: Special Report

[08-13-04] Over the next two weeks, the world's best athletes will compete against each other for Olympic gold during the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Terrorism's "Grey" Areas

[08-12-04] While intelligence resources are poured into certain areas of the world to fight al-Qaida, the U.S. may be overlooking a growing hotbed of terrorist activity.

Baron's Battles

[08-11-04] She always gave of herself, and in the end, homeless advocate and Tufts alum Cynthia Baron lived “a wonderful life.”

Arts and Sciences

[08-09-04] When Ranjani Saigal’s students take the stage in September, they’ll be part of a unique dance performance designed to teach science through art.

Dining Outside The Box

[08-09-04] A passion for fresh produce and commitment to seasonality has led Tufts graduate and celebrated chef, Dan Barber, to his latest gourmet success.

Biodiversity Preserved

[08-06-04] Using a new reproductive process, experts from the Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine may have taken a major step in the preservation of endangered species.

Fat Cats

[08-04-04] A Tufts veterinary nutrition expert helps an overweight cat – and her owner – drop excess pounds the safe way.

Playing Hardball

[08-02-04] Tufts Dr. Mark Link is working on research which could help prevent a rare heart injury from killing more young athletes.

July 2004

A Virtual Success

[7-30-04] Just 21 years old, Tufts graduate Paul Kafasis is already a seasoned businessman heading up his own lucrative software company.

Kerry Takes The Stage

[7-20-04] Tonight, John Kerry will address the Democratic National Convention in what Tufts experts agree is one of the most important speeches of his political career.

Grad Heads To Senior Open

[7-28-04] While golf usually takes a backseat to his dental practice, Dr. George Pirie will let his skills on the course take center stage during the upcoming PGA Senior Open.

Running The Show

[07-26-04] The 2004 Democratic National Convention is a homecoming for Tufts graduate Bill Richardson, who returns to Boston to chair the event.

Found Cells Stem Hope

[7-23-04] Research from Tufts suggests the possibility of an exciting natural source of stem cells – which may hold the key to new era of medical treatments.

It’s Showtime For Tufts Duo

[7-23-04] Tufts graduates Hank Azaria and Oliver Platt are teaming up for the first time in “!Huff,” a new series premiering on Showtime this fall.

Bridging The Digital Divide

[7-19-04] One of Boston’s most “plugged in” entrepreneurs, Tufts graduate Derek Brooks is building a start-up telecommunications company with a community focus.

Directing Dynamo

[7-19-04] Selected from more than 160 entries, a Tufts graduate won HBO's First Annual Latino Filmmaker Competition – earning an opportunity to premiere his short film.

Beyond 'The Matrix'

[7-16-04] Though she calls herself a ‘robot psychiatrist,’ Tufts graduate Joanne Pransky aims to help humans allay their fears about the future of technology.

Pedaling Toward Democracy

[7-14-04] Through an innovative new initiative, Tufts student Amara Nickerson is helping hundreds of young Americans get registered to vote.

A 'Kean' Eye For Politics

[7-09-04] A young state senator with politics in his blood, Tufts graduate Thomas H. Kean Jr. is already a top choice to run for New Jersey Governor next year.

Newsom Gets The Nod

[7-09-04] Tufts graduate and former baseball standout Randy Newsom is taking aim at the big leagues after getting signed by the Boston Red Sox.

Not-So-Slim Pickings

[7-06-04] With their innovative dating services, Tufts graduates make lonely nights a thing of the past.

Toomey Speeds Ahead

[7-06-04] On July 12th, world-class runner and Tufts graduate Jennifer Toomey will attempt to qualify for the Athens 2004 Olympics in the 800 meters.

Lights, Camera, Convention

[7-02-04] With top internships and an innovative new course, more than 40 Tufts students will get a behind-the-scenes peek at Boston’s upcoming Democratic National Convention.

June 2004

Class of 2008 Steps Up

[6-30-04] From world travelers to National Merit Scholars to varsity baseball players, a talented incoming class prepares to enter Tufts this fall.

Has Language Gone to the Dogs?

[6-28-04] A recent study found that dogs may have a greater capability to comprehend language than previously thought – but Tufts experts are still debating whether canine language is anything to bark at.

Tapscott’s Team Takes Shape

[6-25-04] Tufts graduate Ed Tapscott got the NBA’s newest franchise off to a strong start with some key selections during Thursday’s draft.

Tufts Grad Awarded “Medal Of Freedom”

[6-24-04] In a White House ceremony, former Citicorp CEO Walter Wriston was honored by President Bush with the country’s highest civilian honor.

Chip Off The Old Block

[6-23-04] Dick and Rich Miller, both graduates of Tufts School of Dental Medicine, are sinking their teeth into a new challenge: a father and son orthodontics practice.

Controlling The Risk of Alzheimer's

[06-21-04] Following the death of America's most prominent Alzheimer's sufferer, a Tufts expert shares some lifestyle and nutritional changes that may reduce the risk of developing the condition.

Fulfilling A Promise To Help Others

[06-18-04] After being diagnosed with breast cancer while working on her bachelor’s degree, a Tufts graduate is focused on helping women living with the disease.

Big Ideas For The Big Screen

[06-17-04] “Around The World in 80 Days” – the latest film project by Cary Granat and Michael Flaherty – is further cementing the Tufts graduates' vision of blending entertainment and education.

Recent Grad Flexes Political Muscle

[06-16-04] Just weeks after his graduation, Joseph Coletti is already getting a taste of political life as a “Governor’s Fellow” for the Massachusetts GOP.

A Top Talker

[06-14-04] Todd Feinburg – a veteran talk radio host both in national syndication and on Boston’s WRKO – has been named one of the nation’s best talk radio hosts by Talkers Magazine.

Losing A Great Communicator

[06-10-04] With the passing of Ronald Reagan, experts are wondering if the former president’s eloquent manner of speech has also faded from American culture.

Experts Weigh Diet Options

[06-09-04] Two Tufts nutrition experts helped assess various diet options at an obesity panel and recommend a simple solution: eat less, eat healthy – permanently.

Greek PM: ‘This Is The Summer of Pride’

[06-08-04] In his first trip to the United States as Prime Minister of Greece, Tufts graduate Costas Karamanlis said that the upcoming Olympic Games in Athens will be a ‘time to remember.’

Books of Hope for Medford

[06-07-04] The Class of 1954 raised $10,000 for new books in Medford Public Schools in an innovative project to commemorate its 50th reunion.

East-West Synergy

[06-07-04] Reiki – a Japanese healing method – may complement Western medicine to help sick animals get better, says a Tufts veterinarian.

Taliaferro: ‘Tread Carefully’

[06-04-04] The war on terror raises tricky questions regarding prisoner’s rights – uncharted territory that a Tufts expert says should be approached with caution.

Fixing New York’s Elections

[06-03-04] Voter reform is a serious issue for Tufts graduate Keith Wright, the head of a committee charged with bringing New York State’s election regulations up to par.

Too Many Choices?

[06-01-04] Eating a variety of foods may be the spice of life – but it also may be partially to blame for overeating, says a Tufts expert.

May 2004

Tufts' Top Gun

[05-28-04] A fighter pilot on the U.S.S. Enterprise aircraft carrier, Tufts graduate Lt. Adrian Jope recently returned to the country after a six-month tour of duty in the Persian Gulf.

Tufts Enters Partnership With Local Communities

[05-27-04] In a historic agreement, Tufts recently announced that it will give $1.25 million to the cities of Medford and Somerville over the next 10 years.

TV's Coolest Dad

[05-26-04] After a career of playing nefarious characters, Tufts graduate Peter Gallagher has taken on a different role – the charitable father on one of television’s hottest new dramas.

Lugar Stresses Role of Diplomacy

[05-24-04] The Unites States administration must reevaluate the importance of diplomacy in world affairs, Senator Richard G. Lugar (R-IN) told a Tufts audience.

Twelve Virtues To Live By

[05-23-04] Ben Franklin’s insights on life offer a valuable guide to life after Tufts, Walter Isaacson told graduates in his keynote address at Tufts.

Tufts' Ironman

[05-21-04] Tufts graduate Brian Mozinski is taking physical fitness to the next level – competing against the world’s toughest athletes in his first triathlon.

The New Pet Care

[05-20-04] Contemporary expectations for veterinarians and an evolving applicant pool are revolutionizing the field of animal medicine.

A Politician With Street Smarts

[05-17-04] Tufts graduate Paul Scapicchio is no ordinary cabbie – he’s a Boston city councilor looking to get a new view of the district he represents.

The Naturalist

[05-17-04] While some philosophers ponder the mysteries of life, Tufts’ Daniel Dennett says there are no mysteries at all – just problems we don’t yet know how to approach.

Splitting Hairs

[05-14-04] Custody battles over pets are becoming increasingly common, according to a Tufts animal law specialist.

‘Wicked’ Earns 10 Tony Nods

[05-12-04] With 10 Tony award nominations, there’s no place like Broadway for ‘Wicked’ – the celebrated musical adapted from a novel by Tufts graduate Gregory Maguire.

Tufts Mourns John Dowling

[05-10-04] Described as ‘larger than life’ by his friends, Tufts trustee John Dowling will be greatly missed by the University community.

Working For Peace

[05-10-04] Palestinian Fletcher student Amal Jadou – recently named one of three young leaders with the potential to ‘shape tomorrow’s world’ – hopes to make a difference in the Middle East.

'Goodnight' Dawns Film Career

[05-07-04] Independent film ‘Goodnight Joseph Parker’ dawns the directorial career of Tufts graduate Dennis Brooks – and the screen debut of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

Preparing Veterinarians For The Front Lines

[05-03-04] Well trained and observant veterinarians may be the country’s best defense against a devastating agroterrorism attack, says a Tufts expert.

April 2004

Too Much, Too Soon

[04-30-04] Think your children are growing up too fast? Tufts child development expert David Elkind agrees.

Sovereignty Redefined

[04-29-04] As the deadline for the U.S. to hand over sovereignty to Iraq approaches, Tufts professor Hurst Hannum says that the sovereignty Iraqis receive may differ from their expectations.

Health Benefits, Tai Chi Linked

[04-28-04] New research from Tufts finds the ancient practice of tai chi may actually help improve health.

Activism In Action

[04-26-04] Hundreds of Tufts students pulled an all-nighter to travel to the nation’s capitol this weekend to participate in a massive women’s rights march.

Same-Sex Parenting OK, Says Prof

[04-23-04] Studies show that children of gay and lesbian parents fare as well as those raised by heterosexuals, according to a Tufts expert.

Reversing Kerry’s Fortunes

[04-20-04] Over the last eight months, Tufts graduate Alan Solomont has helped orchestrate a major turnaround of John Kerry’s fundraising effort.

Guster, Kerry On Tour

[04-14-04] Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry turned to the popular band of Tufts graduates to pump up his audiences during a new college tour.

Aiding A War Zone

[04-12-04] While aid organizations cited humanitarian motives working in post-war Iraq, a new report indicates that politics may have a role as well.

Study: Pill Can Boost ‘Good’ Cholesterol

[04-12-04] A new study by Tufts researchers finds that a drug can help raise HDL, or ‘good,’ cholesterol levels -- which may usher in a new way to fight heart disease.

The Buzz On Beer’s Health Benefits

[04-15-04] Does a beer a day keep the doctor away? According to Tufts experts, moderate beer consumption may offer health benefits worth drinking to.

Tufts’ ‘Mane’ Man

[04-09-04] In an effort the Boston Herald calls a ‘miracle,’ doctors at Tufts’ Veterinary School saved a seven-year-old horse from critical injuries caused by a tragic barn fire.

Former USDA Official Named Dean

[04-07-04] International nutrition policy expert Eileen Kennedy named Dean of Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts.

‘A Coat of Many Colors’

[04-05-04] A new CD produced by a Tufts professor highlights the special blend of Hebrew and African musical traditions from a small Jewish community in Uganda.

The Next Step In Health Services

[04-05-04] Tufts is ratcheting up medical services for undergraduate students on the Medford/Somerville campus, according to a recent profile by National Public Radio.

Pakistan Ambassador: ‘We Have to Forge Peace’

[04-02-04] In a speech at Tufts’ Fletcher School, the Pakistani ambassador to the United States said that fighting terrorism is the only way to ensure his country’s economic future.

Can Vitamin Supplements Bridge the Gap?

[04-01-04] Despite a booming supplement industry, Tufts nutritionists say it is still unclear whether taking vitamins can make up for poor nutrition.

March 2004

Behind The Mask

[03-29-04] Transforming a local program in Medford, Tufts senior Rachel Klein is using puppets as an innovative tool to teach young children about their peers with disabilities.

A Defining Moment In History

[03-26-04] Five years after the United States-led NATO intervention into Kosovo, the region remains at a crossroads – and according to a Tufts expert, it’s time for the U.S. to step in again.

Cuba As A Classroom

[03-25-04] From a two week trip to Cuba to a series of guest lectures, a new multidisciplinary course at Tufts is giving students an insider’s view of the country and its people.

Carbs: A New 'Low'

[03-24-04] In the 90s it was ‘low-fat.’ Now it’s ‘low-carb.’ According to experts from Tufts, the only low Americans haven’t seen in awhile is a low number on the scale.

Tufts Grad Hosts Boston’s Famous Roast

[03-22-04] Massachusetts State Senator Jack Hart presided over Boston’s annual St Patrick’s Day Breakfast, drawing barbs from local politicians and national figures alike.

Tufts Doctors Meet Their Match

[03-19-04] In an annual ritual filled with suspense and excitement, fourth year medical students across the country find out where they’ll complete the next phase of their training.

Metcalf’s Two Cents on Social Security

[03-18-04] Alan Greenspan is playing the ‘Social Security shell game’ with the American public, according to the chair of Tufts’ economics department.

Services for Swap

[03-15-04] What happens when people stop buying with money? A Tufts economics expert says “skill swapping” programs are making a comeback, helping local communities along the way.

A New Type of Black Hole?

[03-12-04] Tufts’ Rosanne Di Stefano recently led a study that may suggest the existence of a new intermediate class of black holes.

Leader of the Pack

[03-10-04] Featured on the cover of this month’s ‘Runner’s World’ magazine, Tufts graduate Jen Toomey is at the top of her game.

Grad Elected Prime Minister of Greece

[03-08-04] Costas Karamanlis will become the youngest prime minister in modern Greek history, following a sweeping victory in Sunday’s general elections.

From Chairman to Bellman

[03-04-04] As part of a new series for The Learning Channel, Tufts graduate and Loews Hotels CEO Jonathan Tisch spent a demanding day in the life of his staff.

Searching For John Kerry

[03-04-04] Now that John Kerry has all but sewn up the democratic nomination, Tufts experts discuss the Massachusetts senator’s next move: defining himself to American voters.

A Call To Arms

[03-02-04] There are no universal penalties for spreading nuclear secrets – and a Tufts graduate student says the U.N. must take action.

A Local Super Tuesday

[03-02-04] Tufts graduate Rep. Scott Brown (R-Wrentham) is one of two candidates campaigning to win a special election for the Massachusetts State Senate.

February 2004

Grad Named Head of ‘People en Español’

[02-27-04] Tufts graduate Jacqueline Hernandez-Fallous is the new publisher of the Spanish-language edition of 'People' – the best selling Hispanic magazine in the United States.

Richardson on Nader: ‘Nobody’s Backing Him’

[02-20-04] According to Tufts graduate Gov. Bill Richardson, independent candidate Ralph Nader cost Democrats the presidential election in 2000 – and could do it again.

The Injury Report

[02-24-04] Dr. Rick Herman has combined his passion for medicine and football, bringing a different perspective to the world of sports radio.

Under Siege

[02-23-04] As a rebellion threatens Haiti, Tufts graduate and US Ambassador to Haiti James Foley is working to bring a diplomatic solution to the beleaguered nation.

A Student of Kerry's Career

[02-20-04] Can John Kerry win the White House? Political science professor Jeffrey Berry – a self-described “political junkie” – analyzed the Democratic frontrunner for WGBH’s Greater Boston.

Right Solution, Wrong Problem

[02-23-04] President Bush’s recent measure to address nuclear proliferation is the right step in the wrong direction, wrote Tufts’ Adil Najam in a recent USA Today op-ed.

Quick Encounters, Lasting Impressions

[02-17-04] Research by a Tufts psychologist indicates that humans can form a lasting impression of another person after just a few-second glimpse.

There's Something About Kerry

[02-17-04] The likely choice as the Democratic nominee for President, John Kerry may have a long road ahead of him if he wants to reach the White House, according to two Tufts experts.

Commencement Speaker Announced

[02-13-04] Walter Isaacson – author of best-selling biography ‘Ben Franklin: An American Life’ – to be joined by Grammy-winning musician, U.S. Senator, Apollo Astronaut, College President.


[02-11-04] A medical doctor working ringside at boxing matches, Tufts graduate Dr. Richard Weinstein – recently honored for his work -- is a healer, not a fighter.

Expert: Globalization Dates Back To Romans

[02-09-04] Challenging popular views that globalization is a modern phenomena, Tufts’ Bruce Hitchner says it may actually owe its start to the Roman Empire.

Twelve Days In Iran

[02-09-04] Part of an elite medical unit deployed to aid victims of the recent earthquake in Iran, Tufts’ Geoff Bartlett and his teammates were the first humanitarian mission sent to the country in 23 years.

Defending Their Home Turf

[02-06-04] Fueled by talented players and a driven coach, Tufts’ women’s basketball team has made their home court a very intimidating place for visiting teams.

'There's No Coming Home Early'

[02-05-04] In a unique forum on the United States’ role in the Middle East, nine Tufts experts spoke on the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq – and why there will be no easy resolution for either.

Letter From Abroad

[02-02-04] Trent Ruder – one of 31 Tufts graduates volunteering in the Peace Corps this year – says that ‘real development comes from within.’

Moving Beyond Mad Cow

[02-0204] An emerging family of diseases including mad cow require a new approach to protecting the nation’s food supply as well as human and animal populations.

January 2004

From the Farm to the Lunchroom

[01-28-04] Serving local produce in public school cafeterias is a recipe for success, writes Tufts expert Kathleen Merrigan in a recent Boston Globe op-ed.

Making A Splash On Wall Street

[01-28-04] Tufts graduate Seth Merrin – who has already brought high-tech innovation to Wall Street once – hopes to do it again with his new idea for peer-to-peer transactions.

Bed Rest for the Weary?

[01-26-04] A unique Tufts study on the debilitating effect of bed rest is expected to help everyone from NASA astronauts to patients with heart failure.

Tufts Senior Wins Bronze

[01-23-04] After medaling at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships this month, Tufts’ David Mitchell and his partner are steadily climbing the ranks of the ice dancing elite.

Expert: Economy on Mend, But Work Unfinished

[01-21-04] As the president urges the nation to stay the economic course, Tufts expert Gilbert Metcalf weighs in on what to expect along the way.

Destination: Mars

[01-16-04] Part of a team awarded a $325 million grant from NASA to build a new Mars scout, Tufts professor Samuel Kounaves is setting his sights on the Red Planet in 2007.

Nano-Discovery, Big Idea

[01-16-04] A Tufts startup is making big progress in a small-scale technology that could lead to advances in pharmaceutical research, biosensors and tissue engineering.

Mars Rover Begins Journey

[01-16-04] The science manager for the Mars Exploration Rover Mission, Tufts graduate John Callas said his NASA team is ‘happy, elated but exhausted’ after last week’s successful landing.

Tufts Grad, Family Mourned

[01-12-04] Edward Zalaznick – remembered as a ‘marvelous husband and father’ – and 10 members of his family were killed when their Paris-bound plane crashed into the Red Sea.

Tufts Graduate Sworn In

[01-12-04] Not even a torn knee ligament could stop James Fiorentini’s door-to-door campaign to become the mayor of Haverhill, Mass.

In The Spotlight

[01-09-04] Veteran actor and Tufts graduate Stephen Kunken returns to the New York stage this season, starring in the Off-Broadway premier of "The Journals of Mihail Sebastian."

'The Test' Turns 25

[01-08-04] A quarter century ago, Tufts graduate Judith Vaitukaitis made a key discovery that helped lay the foundation for the first home pregnancy test.

Grad Gives “David” A Bath

[01-05-04] The founder of Friends of Florence, Tufts graduate Simonetta Brandolini d’Adda is helping to finance the restoration of some of Italy’s finest art.

Covering Kennedy

[01-02-04] Forty years ago, Tufts graduate Herbert Black boarded a plane for Dallas to report the biggest story of his career – the assassination of the president.

Syron Steps In

[01-02-04] With a reputation as a veteran ‘Mr. Fix-it’ for companies looking to improve their stock, Tufts graduate Richard Syron was recently named CEO of Freddie Mac.
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For a century, the oil industry has suceeded with the help federal fossil fuel tax breaks;but some believe it's time to focus the subsidies on renewable energy. Tufts University economist Gilbert Metcalf is among those who believe it is time to plan for an end game when it comes to fossil fuel subsidies.

A hundred years later, I think that it's time for these industries toleave the nest and stand on their own two feet. Congress never has theright exit strategy to figure out how to phase things out.

Gilbert Metcalf
Marketplace, American Public Media
Sept. 22, 2010