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E-News Archives

The Tufts E-News archives contain hundreds of stories from across Tufts University dating back to October 1999. From cutting-edge research to world-famous alums, from the insights of internationally renowned experts to profiles on Tufts top programs, E-News is the most comprehensive daily electronic news source covering the University.

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December 2003

Grad Honored For Work

[12-23-03] Judith Goldner – co-founder of a series of special needs programs – received a distinguished citizen award for two decades of tireless work.

A Year in Tufts Books

[12-22-03] Tufts authors produced acclaimed novels, nonfiction, and essays this year -- from a celebrated historical novel to an important new philosophical inquiry.

A Revolutionary Breakthrough

[12-18-03] Recently named by Esquire magazine as an individual who has the potential to ‘revolutionize the world,’ Anne De Groot, who trained in a residency with Tufts faculty, is making strides to find a HIV vaccine.

Singing Their Own Tune

[12-18-03] Peking and the Mystics – an a cappella group formed by Tufts graduates – is celebrating 30 years of gigs and fun memories.

Hollywood Starlet Comes To Campus

[12-17-03] Sixty years after starring in the cult movie ‘I Walked with a Zombie,’ actress Frances Dee made a rare public appearance for a film screening at Tufts.

Hussein’s Fate Undecided

[12-15-03] After former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was captured this weekend, U.S. and Iraqi leaders have a host of new questions to answer about his fate and Iraq’s future.

Another First for Will

[12-12-03] Tufts graduate Katherine Haley Will was chosen over more than 100 applicants to become the first woman president in Gettysburg College’s 171 year history.

Altman Receives Grant

[12-11-03] Dedicated to tissue research after a career-ending knee injury, former Tufts football player Greg Altman recently received a major government grant.

MacKinnon Accepts Nobel Prize

[12-10-03] In a ceremony in Stockholm on Wednesday, Tufts graduate Roderick MacKinnon accepted his Nobel Prize in Chemistry before an audience of 1300 dignitaries and guests.

The Revolution Will Be Televised

[12-09-03] Tufts’ Peter Ackerman – an internationally-renowned expert on non-violent resistance – says Georgia’s recent uprising shares much in common with other movements he’s chronicled.

A Nonprofit’s Right To Lobby

[12-08-03] Tufts political science professor Jeffrey Berry has identified a major deficiency amongst nonprofit organizations -- failure to recognize their right to lobby.

Is the U.S. Moving Toward a Flat Tax?

[12-03-03] According to Tufts economist Brian Roach, the Bush administration’s tax cuts are shifting the country closer to a flat-tax system.

A House With History

[12-03-03] A centuries-old home at Tufts – currently inhabited by University Provost Jamshed Bharucha – has ties to both a famous poem and an important historic figure.

Tufts Frontrunner

[12-02-03] Tufts junior Nate Brigham is running his way to the top of the men’s cross country team, notching impressive individual victories while remaining the ultimate team player.

Tufts Student Saves Drowning Swimmer

[12-01-03] In a dramatic rescue, a Tufts medical school student pulled an unconscious swimmer from the bottom of a YMCA pool.

November 2003

Tufts Experts Weigh-In on Thanksgiving

[11-26-03] Think too much holiday cheer will interfere with your diet? According to Tufts experts, the best strategy is to enjoy the meal – and skip low-fat alternatives.

Koppelman Wows 'Jury'

[11-25-03] In his first screenplay since ‘Knockaround Guys’ Tufts graduate Brian Koppelman adapted John Grisham’s ‘Runaway Jury’ – garnering big stars and critical acclaim.

Sewing Together the Cloth Of History

[11-24-03] A historian by training, Tufts graduate Henry Cooke is doing his part to preserve history – making a name for himself as the “Ralph Lauren” of restored historic uniforms and costumes.

Behind Every Successful Woman Is Herself

[11-21-03] A pioneer for affordable medicine in America, Tufts overseer and honorary degree recipient Agnes Varis is a political powerhouse with an activist agenda.

EBay Founder Meets His Match

[11-19-03] After founding eBay, Tufts graduate and renowned philanthropist Pierre Omidyar is investing in a new online community –

More Than Just a Helping Hand

[11-18-03] After founding a nonprofit at the tender age of nine, Tufts freshman Kayt Norris was recently named to the Hall of Fame for Caring Americans.

Evaluating Interest

[11-17-03] Federal interest rates are at historic lows, and according to Tufts graduate Robert Hormats, they are likely to stay that way for the next quarter.

Taking A Cue From Your Kids

In an interview with CBS’ Early Show, a Tufts mother-daughter team advised parents and college students on staying in touch without getting on each other’s nerves. Medford/Somerville, Mass.

Questioning 'Party' Politics

[11-12-03] By asking a standout question at the recent CNN Rock the Vote debate, Tufts graduate Alethea Pieters caught the democratic presidential candidates off guard.

Sounding Off On Frozen Trumpet

[11-12-03] While many trumpet players swear that freezing their instruments improves their sound, a new Tufts study says otherwise.

The Top Nutrition Guide

[11-10-03] According to The Wall Street Journal, a Tufts-authored food pyramid is the best nutrition guide for older adults.

When Youth and Politics Collide

[11-07-03] Tufts students and alumni were among the young people quizzing the Democratic presidential nomination candidates at CNN’s Rock The Vote in Boston.

Iraq: The New ‘Homeland Security’

[11-06-03] As the American public grows weary of an open-ended occupation, the U.S. must define a timeline for Iraq to take responsibility for its own security, says a Tufts expert.

Infants and Junk Food

[11-04-03] Babies and toddlers are increasingly weaned on soda and French fries, according to a new study co-authored by a Tufts professor.

Aid Groups Under Fire

[11-03-03] International humanitarian aid groups are rethinking their efforts in Iraq – and other war-torn regions – following a string of deadly attacks.

October 2003

A Defining Role

[10-30-03] The chief of the Pentagon’s office for Middle Eastern policy, Tufts graduate William Luti has earned recognition for playing a key role in Iraq.

Expert: FleetBoston Merger May Spur Copycats

[10-28-03] Bank of America’s takeover of FleetBoston to form the world’s second largest bank may inspire other regional banking companies to join forces, says a Tufts expert.

Boston's Cultural Heyday

[10-27-03] A century ago, the city’s cultural scene experienced a period of rapid growth – creating a unique collection of thriving theaters, says a Tufts drama professor.

Saudi Official Gives Rare Briefing At Tufts

[10-24-03] In only his second news conference since 9/11, Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar told an audience at Tufts that he supports U.S. troops in Iraq.

Time For U.S. To Listen On Trade

[10-23-03] While the world listened to the U.S. during trade talks in the 1990s, a Tufts expert says it’s time for a role reversal.

Berry on Kerry

[10-21-03] According to Tufts expert Jeffrey Berry, presidential candidate John Kerry must better define his character if he wishes to win the Democratic nomination.

Making Global Climate Change a Local Fight

[10-20-03] Local communities may provide the best opportunities for real progress in the battle against global warming, says a Tufts expert.

Operation Weight Loss

[10-17-03] Surgery to aid weight reduction is one of the fastest growing operations in the U.S. Now Tufts doctors are pioneering a new procedure which may revolutionize the industry.

A New Space Race?

[10-16-03] The launch of China’s first manned spaceflight could lead to healthy competition, but only if the U.S. acts carefully, says a Tufts doctoral student.

Tufts Doctor Treats Ozzy

[10-15-03] British musician Ozzy Osbourne will undergo treatment for a nervous tremor, says his doctor, a Tufts professor.

Expert Gives Optimistic Foliage Forecast

[10-14-03] Unlike last year, this year’s foliage will be vivid and long-lasting, says a Tufts plant biologist.

Bacow and Abriola Honored By Academies

[10-10-03] Two Tufts leaders – President Lawrence S. Bacow and Engineering Dean Linda Abriola – will be inducted into renowned academies this weekend.

Improving Doctor-Patient Relations

[10-09-03] U.S. medical schools are focusing more on communication -- and Tufts is at the forefront of the teaching trend.

Tufts Grad Wins Nobel Prize

[10-08-03] Roderick MacKinnon – who graduated from Tufts’ School of Medicine – won the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his groundbreaking work on the inner workings of cells.

Report: Preventable Illnesses Costly

[10-08-03] A new Tufts study reports that environmental toxins are increasing the occurrences of many childhood illnesses, costing Massachusetts as much as $1.6 billion a year.

Tufts Wins $25 Million Bioterrorism Grant

[10-03-03] Funding will help researchers at Tufts’ Veterinary School to study ways to detect and treat diseases that could pollute the nation’s food and water supply.

Web Parenting

[10-03-03] The Internet can offer a variety of childrearing tips, say Tufts experts – but parents need to pay attention to the source.

September 2003

Is Iraq Still Sovereign?

[09-30-03] Its leader has been overthrown and its borders are occupied, but according to Tufts’ Hurst Hannum, Iraq has sovereignty that the U.S. has a duty to protect.

A Strong Start

[09-29-03] Tufts’ athletic teams are posting strong performances so far this fall as they head into Homecoming Weekend.

When Inspiration Strikes

[09-29-03] After working for 15 years as a successful executive, Tufts graduate David Schor traded his desk for an easel.

Soft-Drinks And Bones

[09-25-03] According to new research by experts at Tufts, bone density in women may be reduced by soda consumption.

Returning To Campus

[09-24-03] Sports Illustrated named 1991 Tufts graduate Christian Stone as the editor of its new SI On Campus magazine.

To Conserve Or Not To Conserve

[09-22-03] Around the world, nations are reconsidering their energy policies for a climate-changed world. What will the U.S. choose?

Breaking The Silence

[09-19-03] Tufts senior Rosalyn Chi rallies to keep Boston's rape crisis centers open in the face of statewide budget cuts.

Tufts Professor Named “Top Young Innovator”

[09-18-03] Chemistry Professor Krishna Kumar was named to Technology Review’s list of the “World’s Top 100 Young Innovators” for his cutting-edge work on proteins.

The Oil Curse

[09-16-03] According to a Tufts expert, large revenues from oil development are often mismanaged by governments – but this need not be the case in post-war Iraq.

In The Interest Of Science

[09-15-03] According to Tufts expert Sheldon Krimsky, industry-sponsored research is on the rise.

Incubating Economic Growth

[09-15-03] Tufts’ small business incubator in Grafton is helping boost Massachusetts’ economy, say state leaders and local businesspeople.

Finding “Commercial” Success

[09-12-03] Papas Fritas – a band formed by three Tufts graduates – is experiencing a new wave of commercial success after one of its songs was used in a Dentyne commerical.

Racing to Athens

[09-10-03] Top runner and Tufts graduate Jen Toomey has her sights on the finish line – and a berth in the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Getting A Foot In The Door

[09-08-03] An innovative approach by Tufts is giving the university an edge in recruiting new faculty.

Graduate Appointed U.S. Ambassador to Haiti

[09-05-03] Renowned diplomat and Fletcher alum James B. Foley is committed to building a strong relationship between the United States and Haiti -- the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

Cool As Ice

[09-04-03] While others puzzled over warm drinks, a Tufts graduate saw potential -- in the untapped market for ice in Germany.

Digital Scholarship

[09-02-03] Academia is in for a radical shift from paper to pixels, says a Tufts professor who founded an innovative electronic archive.

August 2003

Scientists Crack Secret Strength of Silk

[08-29-03] A Tufts team has figured out how spiders and silkworms spin such strong silk, which could have far-reaching implications for everything from hospital dressings to body armor.

Tufts Welcomes Class of 2007

[08-27-03] Hailing from 42 different countries around the world, Tufts incoming freshmen were met by upper classmen to help them unpack their belongings and meet their new classmates, roommates and friends.

Tufts Taps New Dean of Undergrad Admissions

[08-26-03] Lee Coffin -- who has a 20 year career in admissions -- brings experience, perspective from both applicants and enrolling college students to Tufts.

Will Diplomacy Prevail?

[08-26-03] According to the Fletcher dean, Beijing’s six-way talks on North Korea’s nuclear threats represent a forward step, but aren’t likely to produce a major breakthrough.

Transforming The Family Business

[08-25-03] Tufts graduate Harold “Terry” McGraw has helped transform the 115-year old McGraw-Hill publishing company into one of the world’s leaders in education, publishing and financial services.

A Hot New Dish

[08-22-03] The founder of an innovative dining magazine, Tufts graduate Roseann Tully has The Boston Globe calling “Move over, Martha Stewart.”

Another Emmy For Azaria

[08-21-03] Tufts graduate Hank Azaria – the voice of more than 29 Simpsons characters – has won a third Emmy for his work on the animated series.

Can The U.N. Rebuild?

[08-20-03] United Nations officials vow not to let the bombing of U.N. headquarters in Iraq destroy reconstruction efforts, but Tufts experts say they cannot help but be shaken.

Summer Scholars

[08-15-03] For a group of Tufts undergraduates, the summer was spent in labs, libraries and the field as they worked with faculty on a wide range of research projects.

Tufts Grads Eye Olympics

[08-14-03] Two Tufts graduates – part of the first all female crew in history to win the Yngling Open World Championship – are contenders to reach Athens in 2004.

New Medical School Dean Named

[08-13-03] Dr. Michael Rosenblatt – globally renowned osteoporosis researcher and Harvard professor – will lead Tufts' 110-year-old Medical School.

An Old School Reborn

[08-11-03] This fall, Medford’s 75-year-old Hillside School will open its doors to its next life – a new apartment complex for Tufts faculty.

Grad Runs In Recall Election

[08-12-03] Tufts’ Mark Mishkin – a high school history teacher – says he plans to teach his students about the democratic process through his candidacy for California governor.

Visionary Researcher, Physician Mourned

[08-07-03] Dr. Louis Lasagna – Dean Emeritus of the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences and drug research pioneer – died this week at age 80.

Political Shake Up

[08-07-03] The resignation of UMass President William Bulger appears to be a major political victory for Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, says a Tufts expert.

Curbing Boston's Youth Violence

[08-06-03] Boston – once a national model of youth violence prevention – must jumpstart its efforts following a rise in juvenile crime, says a Tufts expert.

Alternative Pet Care On The Rise

[08-04-03] More and more veterinarians are turning to universities like Tufts to learn about holistic treatments for animals, including chiropractic care and acupuncture.

July 2003

Antibiotic Overdose

[07-31-03] The overuse of antibiotics, says a Tufts expert, could have disastrous effects, prompting one major food company to phase out their use.

Back In The Saddle

[07-30-03] One of rodeo’s biggest stars is back in the ring, thanks to a team of Tufts doctors who repaired his heart and saved his career.

Richardson To Chair 2004 Convention

[07-29-03] New Mexico Governor and Tufts graduate Bill Richardson will become the first Hispanic to hold the top post at a Democratic National Convention.

Former Tufts Drama Chair Mourned

[07-28-03] Tufts’ Sherwood “Doc” Collins – who chaired the University’s drama department for more than a decade – died at the age of 79.

Broadway Bound

[07-25-03] Mitchell Maxwell brought student musical theater to Tufts – and now he brings a little bit of Broadway to the mile-high city by reopening the Denver Civic Theatre, where he has produced a hit new musical.

Saving AmeriCorps

[07-24-03] Threatened with program funding cuts, AmeriCorps volunteers – which include more than 40 Tufts students – are speaking out about the benefits of service.

The Turning Point

[07-23-03] The killing of Saddam Hussein’s sons, say Tufts experts, is not only a military but a psychological victory in Iraq.

Striking A Healthy Balance

[07-21-03] Selected among more than 3,000 contestants, Tufts senior Christina Anderson-McDonald was named a finalist in Fitness Magazine's "Face of Fitness" competition.

Shining Brights

[07-18-03] A significant part of the U.S. population does not believe in God or have a religious preference says a Tufts expert, who thinks it is time for these “brights” to come out of the closet.

Eaten Out Of House And Home

[07-17-03] Growing in popularity as a food source, apes may be wiped out of Africa by the booming bushmeat black market, says a Tufts expert.

Heart Of The Matter

[07-16-03] Nearly 30,000 patients with heart attacks are misdiagnosed and sent home without treatment, reports a new Tufts study.

A Storyteller's Tale

[07-14-03] Laura Bobrow turned her passion for telling stories into a career and created a popular annual storytelling festival.

Tracking Trans Fat

[07-11-03] The FDA recently announced that trans fat content must be included on food labels – a move which, according to Tufts expert Alice Lichtenstein, will alter both consumer habits and the food industry.

U.S. and the New Asia

[07-10-03] The dynamics of East Asia are changing – and according to Fletcher dean Stephen Bosworth, the U.S. must adjust to a new role in the region.

When Past and Present Collide

[07-09-03] Set in Palestine nearly 80 years ago, the newest novel by Tufts’ Jonathan Wilson weaves together a powerful mix of religious and political issues that are still very much alive.

A "Golden" Discovery

[07-06-03] New research by Tufts scientists – which finds that fuel cells can be made with signifcantly less precious metals – may help slash the cost of the alternative energy source.

Who's Responsible For Generation O?

[07-03-03] More children than ever are obese, and according to Tufts experts, the battle over who to blame – individuals or the food industry – is just beginning.

TV’s Hot Property

[07-02-03] Ben Silverman has built a successful career discovering the “next big thing.” Now, the Tufts graduate has become a “hot property,” himself.

In Loving Memory

[07-01-03] The United Nations recognizes the achievements of Tufts Veterinary School graduate Annelisa Kilbourn, who died in a plane crash last year.

June 2003

Swimming In Success

[06-30-03] A frequent swimmer of the Long Island Sound, Tufts graduate and environmentalist Nina Sankovitch is now responsible for its protection.

A Hard-Earned Homecoming

[06-26-03] Part of a whirl-wind collection of concerts, prime time appearances and promotional events, Tufts’ own Guster launched their CD with a huge Boston homecoming.

Engineering Dean Named

[06-26-03] Linda Abriola – one of the world’s top experts in groundwater contamination – will lead Tufts’ School of Engineering.

A Scientist, Evolved

[06-25-03] A leading developmental geneticist at only 42, Tufts graduate Sean B. Carroll has quickly risen to prominence in his field -- but he isn’t afraid to act his age.

Depression, Low Folate Levels Linked

[06-23-03] Tufts nutrition experts find that the vitamin folate – found in a variety of foods including vegetables and cereals – may help ease depression and prevent memory loss.

Landmark Decision

[06-23-03]On Monday, the Supreme Court released two critical decisions on affirmative action which supported, but limited, the use of race in admissions decisions.

Back To School

[06-18-03] It may be summer, but Tufts graduate Randy Ward has no time for a vacation as the new head of Oakland's ailing public schools.

The Other Side Of The Rainbow

[06-20-03] Bound for Broadway, ‘Wicked’ – the best-selling novel by Tufts graduate Gregory Maguire – tells the story of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ from a new perspective: the Wicked Witch of the West.

Overcoming Hurdles

[06-16-03] Jamil Ludd used his work ethic and ambition to succeed in the face of adversity – and to earn a spot in Tufts’ class of 2007.

Paving The Road To Peace

[06-12-03] As Israeli-Palestinian violence surges, it appears the road to peace is not without curves – and according to a Tufts expert, it is time for President Bush to lead the way.

A Novel Career

[06-11-03] Both a top United Nations official and a renowned author, Tufts graduate Shashi Tharoor is taking an important role in the U.N.’s attempt to help rebuild Iraq.

Stretching Her Horizons

[06-10-03] Life’s twists and turns inspired a Tufts graduate to leave a career in publishing and open a successful yoga studio.

Does Diabetes Run In The Family?

[06-09-03] According to a Tufts expert, new research on diabetes may change the way doctors attempt to prevent the disease.


[06-06-03] The Tufts women’s sailing team earned its eighth national championship with a dominating showing in Michigan.

Low Tech, But High Value

[06-04-03] While the Internet may be loaded with health and nutrition information, the Wall Street Journal reports that newsletters from universities like Tufts often offer the best information.

Parenting Online

[06-03-03] Tufts experts are helping parents untangle the web to find the most accurate information on parents and children available on the Internet.

From Both Sides Of The Fence

[06-02-03] Tufts graduate and veteran prosecutor Andre Birotte Jr. switches gears to take on a new role as the LA Police Department’s inspector general.

Graduate's Company Tops Fortune Rankings

[03.06.02] Joseph Neubauer's $9 billion Aramark is the world's leading provider of food and support services -- and is one of Fortune Magazine's Most Admired Companies.

May 2003

Community Building

[05-30-03] Teaming up with local residents, Tufts volunteers from around the country built a playground just down the street from the University’s Medford/Somerville campus.

From Outer Space To Cyber Space

[05-29-03] Eric Chaisson, the director of Tufts' Wright Center for Science Education, uses Internet technology to enhance high school science curriculums.

“Let The Passion Flow”

[05-28-03] Tufts graduate Candie Wilderman says that passion – and a love for teaching – are the keys to her success as an award-winning environmentalist and educator.

Taking A Calculated Risk

[05-27-03] Bollywood star Amisha Patel earned a degree in economics at Tufts, but decided that filmmaking was her true passion.

Going For The Green

[05-23-03] An eco-friendly Tufts graduate is honored with the Environmental Protection Agency’s first-ever lifetime achievement award.

Twenty-Five And Counting

[05-23-03] In just a quarter of a century, Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine – the only school of its kind in New England – has made a lion’s mark.

The Bay State's Best

[05-21-03] At least six companies with ties to Tufts rank among the Boston Globe’s listings of Massachusetts’ top publicly held companies.

ElBaradei Speaks At Tufts

[05-19-03] According to the U.N. nuclear official, the lack of worldwide cooperation on nuclear weapons inspections in Iraq should be taken as a sign that international law needs improvement.

“Push Forward And Lead”

[05-18-03] Court’s Chief Justice challenges Class of 2003 to remember the lessons they learned at Tufts as they embrace their futures.

An Environmental Role Model

[05-16-03] Tufts will be the first university to adopt a new set of strenuous climate change goals, University President Lawrence S. Bacow announced at an international conference.

Nuclear Blackmail

[05-15-03] North Korea’s arms threats are nothing new, says a Tufts expert -- who thinks that this time the United States should respond with a carrot instead of a stick.

Beyond Their Years

[05-13-03] Having recently isolated the gene which causes progeria, two sisters – one a researcher at Tufts, the other a Tufts graduate – are working to fight the rapid-aging syndrome.

Inspiring Engineers

[05-12-03] Recognizing his innovative approach to engaging students in engineering research, Tufts’ Chris Rogers will be awarded the National Science Foundation’s highest teaching honor.

Capturing Kids' Hearts

[05-09-03] Combining a talent for narrative and enthusiasm for the “things kids are interested in,” Tufts graduate Robert Munsch has become one of the world’s most beloved children’s authors.

Top Honors For Griffin

[05-09-03] Tufts sophomore Bryan Griffin capped two strong lacrosse seasons with the conference’s “Player of the Year” honors.

No Ifs, Ands or Butts

[05-08-03] Tufts graduate Matthew Myers is leading a national fight to close the Internet loopholes that enable kids to buy cigarettes.

Veterinarian Diplomat

[05-07-03] While leading a disease control project in the Mideast, a Tufts veterinarian saw an opportunity to use his expertise to help a troubled region.

Bacow Elected To Academy

[05-05-03] Tufts’ President among top experts and intellectuals – including Walter Cronkite and Kofi Annan – named to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Boston's Top Power Brokers

[05-05-03] Four Tufts graduates were named to Boston Magazine’s first-ever Power 100 list of the city’s most influential women.

Scents and Sensitivity

[05-02-03] The complexity of mammals’ noses plays an important role in helping them distinguish scents, reports a team of Tufts researchers developing high-tech sensory equipment.

History In The Making

[05-01-03] Fletcher graduate Adriana Bosch’s dissertation research inspired creation of award-winning political biographies for PBS.

April 2003

Tufts E-News --Too Many Vitamins?

For Americans taking vitamin supplements, experts at Tufts may have some news that’s hard to swallow. Boston.

Pudgy Pets On The Rise

[04-28-03] Like many of their owners, America’s dogs and cats are struggling with obesity, according to a Tufts animal nutrition expert.

The Ninth Inning

[04-28-03] As graduation approaches, a talented Tufts catcher looks back on her record-breaking softball career.

Rewriting The Curriculum

[04-25-03] Part of a growing national trend, Tufts religion experts are adjusting their comparative religion classes to examine the current crisis in the Catholic Church.

Mob Ties and Cement Shoes

[04-24-03] A Tufts graduate is bringing the fashions of HBO’s hit show "The Sopranos” to a department store near you.

Bragging Lights

[04-22-03] The length of a male firefly’s flash is a mating boast to females, say researchers from Tufts.

Elated, Excited, Exhausted

[04-22-03] The Tufts team of runners, led by President Lawrence S. Bacow, made the 26.2 mile journey from Hopkinton to Boston, boosted along the way by scores of Tufts supporters.

Marathon Savvy

[04-18-03] Running 26.2 miles is never easy, but the right preparation can make all the difference for marathon runners, say Tufts experts.

President Set To Race

[04-18-03] After months of training, President Bacow and the Tufts team are ready to run Boston’s annual marathon to raise money for an innovative health and fitness program at the University.

Building A Hollywood Buzz

[04-17-03] With two major projects earning high marks from critics, two Tufts graduates are turning heads in Hollywood with their production company.

In Comptrol

[04-16-03] It’s not ‘controller’, it’s ‘comptroller’ says Tufts graduate William Thompson Jr.– who, as chief financial officer for NYC, is keeping a lot more than spelling in check.

Grad To Help Rebuild Iraq

[04-14-03] Barbara Bodine – a Fletcher graduate and former ambassador – is slated to lead transitional government in Baghdad and central Iraq.

Scrambled Eggs

[04-14-03] First we were supposed to eat them -- then we weren’t. Now what? Tufts nutrition expert Alice Lichtenstein weighs in on whether eggs are all they’re cracked up to be.

The Waiting Game

[04-11-03] Yet to hear from her relatives in Baghdad, Tufts senior Rana Abdul-Aziz waits for word from her family -- and the Iraqi people’s freedom.

Hospitals Prepare For SARS

[04-09-03] As the mysterious disease begins to surface in the United States, Tufts experts say hospitals across the country are taking extra steps to protect their workers.

A Different Voice

[04-07-03] Concerned that mainstream media sources may not offer enough perspectives, one Tufts graduate aims to bring community voices to the radio dial.

Understanding The Congo's Gorillas

[04-07-03] For more than a decade, a Tufts expert has studied the Congo’s gorilla population, documenting critical information about the dwindling animals.

Somerville’s Reel Gems

[04-03-03] The rich and vibrant history of Somerville’s local theaters has been revived in a new exhibit created by a Tufts professor and his students.

Mind Or Matter?

[03.04.02] Is the human mind much different than a machine? Tufts' internationally renowned philosopher Daniel Dennett says the two have a lot more in common than you'd think.

A Lion's Share

[04-01-03] For Tufts graduate Jeremy Goodman, caring for different animals from all over the globe is all in a day’s work.

March 2003

Grad Organizes Skating Event

[03-31-03] The 2003 World Figure Skating Championships went off without a hitch, thanks to Tufts graduate Sam Gutter – one of the event’s lead organizers.

A Full Plate

[03-28-03] Just a few years after graduating from Tufts, Philip Wang is already earning a reputation as one of Boston’s most talented chefs.

Political Giant, Tufts Grad Dies

[03-27-03] Former New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan – who held three degrees from Tufts – passed away Wednesday at age 76.

Chief Justice To Give Keynote

[03-26-03] Margaret H. Marshall –first woman to lead state’s highest court – to be joined by drug company CEO, Dance Theater of Harlem founder and Nobel Prize winning scientist.

A Date With Fate

[03-24-03] Tufts fourth-year medical students – and thousands nationwide – found out where they will begin the next leg of their training during 2003 Match Day.

It's Just Chicken, Right?

[03-21-03] While many parents believe chicken nuggets are a relatively healthy meal for kids, Tufts nutrition experts say they are little more than junk food in disguise.

After War, What Next?

[03-20-03] Extensive humanitarian aid must be provided to the Iraqi people, who are already facing a challenging road to survival, says a Tufts expert.

Preparing For War

[03-18-03] America’s path to war with Iraq may have long-term military and political consequences, say Tufts experts.

Training Future Leaders

[03-17-03] Defense Department to prepare senior staff for changing global political landscape through an innovative international affairs program at Tufts.

Blurring Racial Distinctions

[03-14-03] To address shifting demographics, experts are redefining the nation’s traditionally rigid racial classifications, says Tufts’ James Jennings.

Center Stage

[03-12-03] Making her recent Broadway debut alongside Whoopi Goldberg and Charles S. Dutton, Tufts graduate Heather Alicia Simms is carving her own path across stage and screen.

Boston’s Economic Engines

[03-11-03] Tufts among top research institutions that infuse $7.4 billion into area economy every year, according to a newly released report.

Battle in the U.N.

[03-10-03] Bush’s next hurdle to disarming Iraq is attaining U.N. support – a task which, according to Tufts experts, is a high-stakes conflict on its own.

Taking A Stand

[03-07-03] Oxfam recently announced it will not accept funds from nations who participate in a war on Iraq – and according to two experts from Tufts, more organizations need to do the same.

A Winning Track Record

[03-05-03] Tufts junior Jessica Trombly outpaced the competition to win five events in one day at the New England Division III indoor track and field championships.

Feeding Your Genes

[03-04-03] Cutting-edge research at Tufts into the relationship between certain foods and a person’s genes may lead to some new approaches for fighting disease.

Bush To Nominate Graduate

[03-03-03] Fletcher School graduate James Foley slated for nomination as newest United States Ambassador to Haiti.

February 2003

The Evolution Of Free Will

[02-28-03] In a new book, renowned Tufts philosopher Daniel Dennett explores the possibility of free will in the Darwinian era.

“Choose Hope Over Hate”

[02-27-03] In an address at Tufts, former President George H. W. Bush said peaceful solutions are still possible in the standoff with Iraq.

New York's Beer: Born Again

[02-26-03] With a new marketing strategy, a Tufts graduate is reviving 120-year-old Rheingold Beer as New Yorkers’ beer of choice.

Building Bridges

[02-25-03] In charge of constructing the New Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Tufts graduate Manuel Rondón has both the artistry and managerial skills to close the gap.

No Longer Immune

[02-24-03] Over-prescribing of antibiotics is weakening an important medical weapon, says a Tufts expert.

Grad Nominated For Grammy

[02-21-03] Darrell Scott receives the ‘Best Country Song’ nomination, honoring a track he wrote for the Dixie Chicks.

Brighter Smiles

[02-20-03] As teeth whitening becomes a national trend, Tufts experts weigh in on what works – and what doesn’t.

Life In The Pits

[02-14-03] When the Daytona 500 rumbles through Florida on Sunday, a Tufts graduate will be reporting from the most exciting seat in the house – the pits.

On High Alert

[02-14-03] Entering its second week on high terrorism alert, the U.S. must be prepared for attacks in unexpected places, says a Tufts expert.

A "Jumbo" Collection

[02-12-03] A massive collection of more than 3,000 elephants – collected and donated to the University by Tufts graduate John Baronian – is now on display.

Early Detection Critical

[02-12-03] Tufts doctors praise Senator John Kerry’s handling of his prostate cancer diagnosis, citing importance of early diagnosis and treatment.

Uniting Leaders For Change

[02-12-03] Disillusioned with disillusionment, a group of Tufts graduates are working to build a new political vision for their generation.

A Scientific Advancement

[02-10-03] Tufts graduate Richard Meserve is appointed president of one of America's premier scientific research institutions.

Afghan Envoy Speaks Out

[02-04-03] In a speech at Tufts’ Fletcher School, Afghan ambassador Ishaq Shahryar urged Tufts students to take an active role in rebuilding his nation.

Uncovering The Past

[02-04-03] While many may not know the history of slavery in the town of Medford, Mass., a new exhibit created by Tufts historians and students re-examines the role slaves played in the city’s past.

In Search Of Answers

[02-03-03] Despite the tragic loss of the shuttle Columbia and its crew, the space program must not be abandoned, says a former shuttle commander and Tufts graduate.

January 2003

Still Flying High

[01-31-03] Canada’s first female astronaut – who conducted post-graduate research at Tufts – is appointed Chancellor of Trent University.

In Search Of A Smoking Gun

[01-30-03] The President says Saddam Hussein is deceiving, not disarming -- but according to Tufts experts, world leaders will likely need more evidence before they will support a U.S-led attack.

America’s Top Young Philanthropists

[01-29-03] Three Tufts graduates were named to Worth Magazine’s list of the “25 Most Generous Young Americans.”

Weighing In On Gastric Bypass Surgery

[01-27-03] While the popular new surgery may prove effective in fighting obesity, Tufts doctors say it won’t solve the nation’s weight crisis alone.

Celtics Star Joins Tufts Team

[01-24-03] Paul Pierce pledged $2.5 million to expand the cutting-edge surgical center at Tufts’ teaching hospital that helped save his life.

Playing With Words

[01-22-03] An acclaimed author and professor of English, Tufts’ Jay Cantor releases his third novel to critical praise.

TV Influences Infants

[01-22-03] A Tufts study shows TV carries messages that influence the behavior of children as young as 12 months old.

Tufts Mourns Student's Death

[01-21-03] Memorial service is planned to remember the life of Tufts junior Wendy Carman.

Emptying Death Row

[01-17-03] When Illinois’ Governor commuted 156 death sentences last week, he thrust the national debate over the death penalty into new territory, says a nationally-renowned Tufts expert.

College Bound!

[01-16-03] For the 352 students accepted through Tufts’ early decision program, the search for the right college is finally over

Former President Bush To Deliver Annual Fares Lecture

[01-15-03] Forty-First President to Speak on the Middle East.

Grad Negotiates With N. Korea

[01-13-03] Governor of New Mexico and Tufts graduate Bill Richardson led the first high profile talks with North Korean officials in months in hopes of easing tensions over the country’s nuclear buildup.

All Rise!

[01-10-03] Veteran actor – and Tufts graduate – Oliver Platt stars as a judge in the new CBS show “Queens Supreme.”

Will Tax Cuts Boost Economy?

[01-10-03] The tax relief in President Bush’s economic stimulus plan – says a Tufts graduate and renowned economic advisor – may not solve the country’s economic woes.

See Spot Heal

While veterinarians at Tufts are using innovative ways to save pets, they stress that preventive care is often the best approach for domestic animals. No. Grafton, Mass.

Grad To Run New NBA Team

[01-07-03] Former Tufts basketball player Ed Tapscott was named executive vice president of the NBA’s newly-approved expansion franchise in Charlotte.

A Dean With A Doctor's Touch

[01-03-03] After nearly a decade, John Harrington will return to teaching after leading Tufts’ Medical School. .

Negotiating North Korea

[01-03-03] Asserting its nuclear program amidst desperate social conditions, North Korea – say two Tufts experts – will be hard to appease – and harder to disarm.

2002 Year In Review

[01-02-03] In just 365 days, members of the Tufts community made their mark on everything from science to pop culture to the nation’s top companies and non-profits.
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For a century, the oil industry has suceeded with the help federal fossil fuel tax breaks;but some believe it's time to focus the subsidies on renewable energy. Tufts University economist Gilbert Metcalf is among those who believe it is time to plan for an end game when it comes to fossil fuel subsidies.

A hundred years later, I think that it's time for these industries toleave the nest and stand on their own two feet. Congress never has theright exit strategy to figure out how to phase things out.

Gilbert Metcalf
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