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E-News Archives

The Tufts E-News archives contain hundreds of stories from across Tufts University dating back to October 1999. From cutting-edge research to world-famous alums, from the insights of internationally renowned experts to profiles on Tufts top programs, E-News is the most comprehensive daily electronic news source covering the University.

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December 2002

Alum Brings Ideas To Museum

[12-31-02] When he becomes Museum of Science President on Jan. 1, Ioannis Miaoulis plans to leverage his Tufts experience and creativity.

Locker Room To Board Room

[12-27-02] As Title IX marks its 30th anniversary, a Tufts graduate – and top executive – says the ruling has helped her on and off the field.

Winter Wonderland At Tufts

[12-26-02] A powerful nor'easter -- responsible for the region's first white Christmas in several years -- blanketed Tufts University's three Massachusetts campuses with 5 to 10 inches of snow.

Breaking the Language Barrier

[12-23-02]Using an innovative new approach, two of Tufts’ major teaching hospitals are helping non-English speaking patients understand their treatments.

Mapping Unforgettable Tunes

[12-20-02] In a newly released study, Tufts’ Provost – and his colleagues at Dartmouth – mapped the mind to locate the brain’s musical center.

Another Crisis In North Korea

[12-18-02] A recent weapons shipment from North Korea is forcing the Bush administration to re-examine its policy towards the country, according to two Tufts experts.

Gourmet Diplomacy

[12-18-02] A year after leaving Korea for Tufts, Christine Bosworth reflects on the unique demands of furthering diplomacy with food.

Drink To Your Health --- And Independence

[12-16-02] Once the center of political protest, tea continues to make headlines – now for its health benefits – more than 200 years after the Boston Tea Party.

Hollywood's Most Powerful Women

[12-17-02] Two Tufts graduates were named to Hollywood Reporter’s annual list of the entertainment industry’s most influential women.

Raytheon Taps Tufts Graduate

[12-16-02] Major defense contractor Raytheon appoints Edward Pliner as its new Chief Financial Officer.

New Light For Cancer Patients

[12-12-02] An innovative new combination of drugs and ultraviolet light – developed with the expertise of a Tufts doctor – is helping bone marrow transplants work more effectively.

Sister In Islam

[12-10-02] Tufts grad Zainah Anwar takes a leading role in the controversial struggle for expanded freedoms for Muslim women.

New Over-The-Counter Allergy Relief?

[12-09-02] While Claritin will soon be readily available without a prescription, the change may not have all patients – or doctors – breathing easier, says a Tufts expert.

"Not Just Another Issue"

[12-06-02] Environmentalism emerges as a major concern for both students and professors at Tufts.

Grads Help Romney Lead Bay State

[12-05-02] This week, Massachusetts Governor-Elect Mitt Romney appointed Tufts graduates to two of his first four top cabinet posts.

"Tune In" To Laugh Out Loud

[12-04-02] The Late Show with David Letterman is coming to radio with the help of award winning producer and Tufts graduate Rob Burnett.

A Better Test For Heart Attacks

[12-04-02] By giving existing emergency room equipment a new use, doctors can more accurately test for heart attacks in patients with chest pains, say Tufts doctors.

More Flu Shots Urged

[12-02-02] Citing increased hospitalization of children, a new policy by the American Academy of Pediatrics – written by a Tufts doctor – calls for expanded flu shots among kids.

November 2002

A Guilt-free Thanksgiving?

[11-27-02] As millions of Americans prepare to feast, Tufts experts offer advice on how to eat sensibly during the holidays.

At The Top Of His Field

Pioneering inventor and Tufts Trustee Bernard Gordon was named to Electronic Design’s Hall of Fame, alongside Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs.

Dean To Head Museum

[11-25-02] Boston's Museum of Science has named innovative educational leader and Tufts engineer Ioannis Miaoulis as its new President and Director.

The Legality Of War

[11-25-02] International law appears to be losing its legitimacy, writes a Tufts Fletcher Professor in a recent New York Times Op-Ed.

A Change Is In The Air

[11-21-02] The nation’s cities and towns need to prepare for the rising financial costs of global warming, says a Tufts expert.

Bringing Nature To The City

[11-20-02] A Tufts grad is honored for her efforts to create new green space – and a rich teaching environment for an inner-city school.

Detecting Heart Disease

[11-18-02] A simple and inexpensive new test may better gauge risk of heart disease, says a Tufts Medical School graduate.

More Than Tourists

[11-19-02] A national leader in international programs, Tufts is bucking many of the trends that now define college study abroad trips.

The Life Of The Party

[11-18-02] A lively exhibit of billboards advertising performances by Ghana’s traveling theater troupes – called “Concert Parties” – are on display at Tufts.

Oh Deer!

[11-15-02] Rapidly growing deer populations are proving to be a big challenge for scientists and local residents alike, says a Tufts expert.

Hit Drama Based On Tufts Graduate

[11-14-02] Scott Hollander’s work as a child advocacy attorney and head of a nationally-renowned nonprofit is the basis for CBS’ “The Guardian.”

Educating Young Entrepreneurs

[11.13.02] Part of a national trend, a growing number of Tufts students are incorporating entrepreneurship into their education.

Boston's Best

[11.12.02] Tufts received the highest rating of Boston-area nonprofits – and ranked 7th among the country’s universities – according to a comprehensive national survey.

Full Court Press

[11.08.02] The recruiting culture of women’s college basketball is increasingly intense, according to a Tufts graduate’s new book.

World-Renowned Wildlife Researcher Mourned

[11.08.02] Before her tragic death in a plane crash, Tufts graduate Dr. Annelisa Kilbourn dedicated her life to protecting gorillas, elephants and rhinos across Africa.

Champions, After Strong Rookie Season

[11.07.02] Using resourcefulness and creativity, a Tufts graduate led his team to victory in the “rookie” season of ESPN’s new reality game show.

Call Him Governor

[11.06.02] Tufts graduate Bill Richardson earns 58 percent of the vote to become the new Governor of New Mexico.

Romney Wins State House

[11.06.02] Despite the bitter, partisan battle for the Massachusetts Governor’s Office, a Tufts expert doesn’t expect gridlock between Republican Governor and Democratically-controlled legislature.

Election 2002 Special Report

[11.04.02] E-News profiles four Tufts graduates who are among the thousands of candidates up for election on November 5th

First-Of-Its-Kind Research Center Opens

[11.01.02] By fostering collaboration between medical and nutrition researchers, Tufts' Jaharis Family Center will catalyze studies of world's most difficult diseases.

October 2002

Are Environmental Toxins Causing Breast Cancer?

[10.28.02] More emphasis must be placed on environmental factors in the fight against breast cancer, says a Tufts medical expert.

Centering On The Pain

[10.25.02] A cutting-edge Tufts center - the largest in the U.S.- is focused on a common, but often overlooked, cause of headaches.

IT Phone Home

[10.24.02] Advances in information technology are helping parents stay engaged in their kids' lives while working on the road, says a Tufts graduate.

Is This Normal?

[10.23.02] A new book by a Tufts mother-daughter team sheds light on the unique struggles of adolescents.

To Snack Or Not To Snack

[10.21.02] Genetics may play a role in determining why some people can avoid tempting foods until they're hungry and others can't, says a Tufts Nutrition expert.

Knocking Around Hollywood

[10.18.02] After an 18-month delay, Tufts graduate Brian Koppelman's new film "Knockaround Guys" has hit the nation's big screens.

Will The US Strike Soon?

[10.17.02] Fletcher School Dean says it is likely that the United States will attack Iraq within the next four months.

Coming To Newsstands

[10.16.02] Two Tufts faces - a 1997 Tufts graduate and a Tufts senior - graced the pages of major fashion magazines in October.

Paradise Lost

[10.16.02] Saturday's terrorist bombing in Bali thrust the popular tourist destination into the middle of Indonesia's struggle with the U.S.-led war on terrorism, says a Tufts expert.

Burnett Wins Light On The Hill

[10.11.02] "Letterman" producer and "Ed" creator Rob Burnett awarded one of Tufts' most prestigious awards for graduates.

Overlooked Entrepreneurs

[10.10.02] Often overlooked, women played a major role in shaping the landscape of American business, says a Tufts historian.

Drink To Your Health

[10.09.02] Drinking green tea may help prevent heart disease and even cancer, reports research from Tufts nutrition experts.

Fall Colors Dimmed?

[10.08.02] This year's drought may result in more muted fall foliage, a Tufts plant biologist told Boston's WBZ News on a recent trip to New Hampshire.

Diplomacy Or War?

[10.07.02] While George Bush prepares to make his case for war against Iraq, Tufts experts say diplomatic compromise may be the ultimate solution.

Swaping Kidneys, Saving Lives

[10.04.02] A surgeon at Tufts Medical School was one of the first in the nation to perform a groundbreaking kidney exchange, saving two lives.

A Musician, Redefined

[10.02.02] In the fifteen years since Tracy Chapman released her Grammy-winning debut album, the Tufts graduate has redefined herself and her music.

September 2002

Vet School Open House

[09.30.02] Visitors from across the state learned about Tufts' high-tech animal treatment centers and toured the University's multi-million dollar veterinary facilities.

Let The Games Begin!

[09.27.02] Coming off a season-opening 20-0 victory over Hamilton, Tufts' football team looks to continue its winning ways at Homecoming.

Shooting To Win

[09.26.02] Discipline. Respect. Dignity. For Tufts graduate Aaron Dworkin, these are essential values for today's youth-as well as good names for a basketball team.

Is Our Food Supply Safe?

[09.25.02] Farmers must become the first line of defense against terrorist attacks on the U.S. food supply, says a Tufts expert.

Nerd Girls

[09.23.02] Calling themselves "Nerd Girls," a group of female engineers at Tufts are out to prove that science isn't just for men anymore.

Do Over

[09.20.02] In his second prime-time comedy, Tufts graduate Kenny Schwartz sends a 34-year-old back in time to re-live his high school days in "Do Over."

Educating The Courts

[09.19.02] The medical profession should help U.S. courts determine a consistent approach to evaluating the legitimacy of expert medical testimony, says a Tufts expert.

O'Brien Wins Primary

[09.18.02] Shannon O'Brien's wide appeal - and her campaign's strong start - gave her the edge in Tuesday's Democratic Primary for Governor, says a Tufts expert.

A Unique Bond

[09.16.02] At the third-annual Tufts Animal Expo, thousands of animal-care professionals addressed the social and medical impact pets have on human lives.

Whole Lotta Shaking Going On

[09.16.02] Tufts graduate Bill Richardson set a new Guinness Record for handshaking, while on the campaign trail in New Mexico.

"So It's Your First Year..."

[09.13.02] Tufts students share some tips with US News and World Report about how to survive - and even thrive - during freshman year.

A Renewed Search For Faith

[09.11.02] Many college students, says Tufts Chaplain David O'Leary, re-examined their faith in the days and months after the September 11 attacks.

Photo Gallery: Tufts Remembers September 11

[09.11.02] Tufts University's commemoration of the anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

Planting Seeds For The Future

[09.11.02] An innovative farming project run by Tufts has become a living memorial to the American Airlines pilot who served as an example of its generosity.

September 11 Memorial Address

[09.11.02] President Lawrence S. Bacow's September 11 Memorial Address.

Will America Be Safe Again?

[09.11.02] The U.S. should adopt some of the lessons of World War II to its current campaign against terrorism, says Tufts graduate and security analyst Harlan Ullman.

Making Waves

[09.09.02] Tufts freshman sailor Zander Kirkland hopes to start his journey to the Olympics with a strong performance at this week's Laser World Championships.

Guidelines For A Healthy Life

[09.06.02] For the first time in more than a decade, scientists have updated the nation's dietary guidelines - stressing flexibility and exercise.

An Alternative To War With Iraq

[09.05.02] Non-violent resistance - not a U.S. invasion - may be the best strategy for ousting Saddam Hussein, says an international relations expert and Tufts graduate.

Healthier French Fries?

[09.04.02] While McDonald's made news by cutting trans fats in its fries by 50 percent, a Tufts nutrition expert said the fast food chain isn't exactly selling health food.

Summer In Review

[09.03.02] Though it was technically called "summer break," Tufts never slowed down. Here's a look back at the top stories from Tufts during summer 2002.

August 2002

"Begin A New Chapter In Life"

[08.28.02] Thousands of students mark the ceremonial start of their college careers at Tufts.

A Little Boredom Is Healthy

[08.30.02] When parents plan every moment of their kids' lives, says a nationally-renowned Tufts expert, they may stifle their initiative and imagination.

The Next Campus Social Movement

[08.26.02] One of just a handful of universities with major commitments to addressing climate change, Tufts is at the forefront of a growing national trend.

Red Sox Honor Tufts' Gittleman

[08.23.02] Die-hard baseball fan and former Tufts provost Sol Gittleman threw out the ceremonial first pitch - a strike - to start Thursday's Red Sox game.

Second-hand Smoke, Osteoporosis Linked

[08.22.02] Women exposed to passive smoke have a greater risk of low bone density - a major risk factor for osteoporosis - say Tufts researchers.

Smokers Put Pets At Risk

[08.01.02] In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers from Tufts report a link between second-hand smoke and cancer in cats.

Are We Draining The Planet?

[08.19.02] The world's natural resources cannot continue to support the lifestyles of millions of people who live like Americans, says a Tufts expert.

Treating Students Like Customers

[08.19.02] At the front of a national trend, Tufts has transformed its approach to student services by creating a cutting-edge "one-stop-shop."

The Skinny On TransFat

[08.15.02] It's found almost everywhere, but even a small amount of trans fat can drive up cholesterol levels, says a nutrition expert at Tufts University.

Grad Joins Bo-Sox Hall Of Fame

[08.12.02] Cy Young winner and Tufts grad Jim Lonborg - who led the Red Sox to the World Series in 1967 - will be added to the team's Hall of Fame this fall.

The Wrong Approach?

[08.09.02] Humans, not mosquitoes, may be harmed the most as cities and towns spray chemicals into the air to fight West Nile Virus, says a Tufts expert.

Coming Full Circle

[08.08.02] Celebrating its 50-year anniversary, Tufts' Magic Circle Theater program continues to make a major impact on young actors across New England.

No Longer Child's Play

[08.07.02] An innovative engineering professor at Tufts is using LEGOS and robotics to teach sophisticated engineering concepts.

Should The US Invade Iraq?

[08.05.02] As the Bush Administration considers its options for dealing with Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Tufts experts weigh in.

Breaking The Bank

[08.02.02] Nearly one in four seniors skips doses of prescription drugs because they are too expensive, report Tufts experts.

July 2002

A Global Approach To Learning

[07.30.02] A Tufts professor's innovative program has brought together students from Tufts and two African Universities to explore international issues - without leaving their desks.

Balance Of Power

[07.29.02] As China tests new air-to-air missiles, the U.S. must protect the region's balance of power by sending missiles to Taiwan, write two Tufts experts.

Insights From A Virtual Eye

[07.26.02] Using a custom-designed eye simulator, a Tufts-New England Medical Center doctor is leading cutting-edge research that may help prevent blindness.

Room To Share

[07.25.02] Giving children their own rooms is typical in U.S. households, but may not always be the best choice, says a Tufts child-development expert.

Keeping Her Promise

[07.24.02] After she was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer, Susan Asci vowed that if she lived, she would raise money to help Tufts-NEMC track and study the disease.

No Time To Mince Words

[07.22.02] During a recent trip to Africa, Financial Times reporter and Tufts graduate Carola Hoyos reports that Kofi Annan has perfected the diplomatic power of words.

Heavy Hitter

[07.19.02] One of the most powerful people in boxing, Tufts graduate Lou DiBella is trying to clean up the sport.

Another Blow To Estrogen Therapy

[07.17.02] In an editorial in one of the nation's most influential medical journals, a Tufts expert says doctors should rethink the risks of estrogen therapies.

Rebuilding NYC's Tourism Industry

The job of bringing visitors back to NYC now lies on the shoulders of Tufts graduate Jonathan Tisch - the new head of the city's tourism agency.

Coping With Dog Days Of Summer

[07.15.02] As summer temperatures soar, people aren't the only ones at risk of heat stroke - their pets could be in harm's way too, says a Tufts expert.

The Forgotten Patients

[07.15.02] Though 1 in 25,000 newborns is diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome, a Tufts expert says the patients are often overlooked.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

[07.11.02] For some endurance athletes, drinking too much water during extended training sessions can be dangerous, says a Tufts expert.

A More Perfect Union

[07.03.02] A Fletcher graduate and political activist is leading a movement for electoral reform in Indonesia.

Big Dig Bonus

[07.01.02] The open spaces created by Boston's Big Dig - if planned well - will be worth at least $1 billion to property owners, says new research from Tufts.

June 2002

Homework: "A No Brainer"

[06.28.02] While students -- and some parents - bristle at the amount of homework assigned in schools, a Tufts expert says it prepares kids with skills for future success.

Grad Heads Red Cross

[06.27.02] Trailblazing Navy veteran Marsha Johnson Evans will leave her post as Girl Scouts executive director to join international humanitarian organization.

Making A Splash

[06.27.02] Thanks to her unique specialty, veterinarian and Tufts graduate Sandra Yosha has become a bit of a celebrity among fish owners.

Nelson On Strength Training

[06.26.02] Simple weightlifting and strength training exercises can turn back the clock on aging, according to groundbreaking research by a Tufts expert.

Throwing Baseball A Curveball

[06.24.02] A group of fans are planning a strike of their own as baseball's labor negotiations appear headed for the 10th work stoppage of the last three decades.

Feeling Sluggish? Snack On This.

[06.21.02] The right food choices can make all the difference between an energy boost and an energy drain, says a nutrition expert at Tufts.

Shooting Star

[06.20.02] A member of UConn's undefeated national championship basketball team will head Tufts' women's basketball program next season.

"Balancing Act" Diplomacy Not Enough

[06.18.02] The U.S. must play a greater role in resolving the conflict between India and Pakistan or risk continued instability in the region, says a Tufts expert.

Relaxing The Rules

[06.17.02] Does the New England Journal of Medicine's decision to relax its conflict of interest policy strengthen or weaken the prestigious publication?

The 8 Minute Matchmaker

[06.13.02] Thousands of singles around the country are getting to know each other at a blistering pace, thanks to a Tufts graduate's speed dating company

How Dangerous Are "Dirty Bombs?"

[06.11.02] They may be easier for terrorists to build than nuclear weapons, but how dangerous are so-called "dirty bombs?"

"Christmas In June"

[06.10.02] New questions about Republican gubernatorial candidate Mitt Romney's tax returns and residency status have given Democrats an unexpected boost, say Tufts experts.

A Womans World

[06.10.02] Already the overwhelming majority at veterinary schools like Tufts, women are slated to dominate the field of veterinary medicine within 3-5 years.

Body Makes Cholera Stronger

[06.06.02] After passing through the human digestive tract, cholera -- which infects over 30,000 a year -- can be up to 500 times more infectious, says a Tufts researcher.

D-Backs Draft Tufts Grad

[06.05.02] Following a record-setting season with Tufts, Dan Callahan was drafted by the World-Champion Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday.

Where's The Cup Fever?

[06.03.02] The United States -- unlike the rest of the world -- still hasn't caught the soccer fever that often defines the World Cup, Tufts' Jonathan Wilson told National Public Radio.

May 2002

Do You Need More "E"?

[05.31.02] Eighty years after vitamin E was discovered, Tufts researchers have found that most Americans don't know how to get enough of the important vitamin.

Getting Lead Out

[05.30.02] After showing that lead sinkers are poisoning the country's loon population, research by Tufts' Mark Pokras has helped states convince fisherman to change their tackle.

Democratic Runoff Favors Romney

[05.29.02] The biggest winner of the ongoing battle among Massachusetts' five Democratic candidates for governor is likely to be Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Getting Their Fair Share?

[05.24.02] While they welcome kids of both genders, many of the nation's coed youth programs are designed for boys, not girls, reports a study by a Tufts expert.

A Starving Nation

[05.23.02] Worsening drought in Afghanistan is causing a wide-spread humanitarian disaster, according to a new Tufts report commissioned by the federal government.


[05.22.02] Hit in the chest by a baseball, a seven-year-old Georgia boy was tragically killed by a rare heart injury, says leading expert at Tufts.

"Be An Enzyme -- A Catalyst For Change"

[05.20.02] During their keynote address for the 2002 Commencement ceremonies, Tufts graduates Pamela and Pierre Omidyar told the University's graduates to take an active role in society.

William G. Sinkford

[05.20.02] Tufts President Lawrence S. Bacow awarded William Sinkford an honorary degree during the University's 2002 Commencement ceremonies on Sunday, May 20, 2002.

Increase Funding Critical, Says Dean

[05.16.02] Testifying on Capitol Hill, Tufts Engineering Dean Ioannis Miaoulis called for increased funding to support engineering and science programs nationwide.

A Rising Star

[05.15.02] After quickly rising the corporate ranks, Tufts graduate Peter Dolan is helping the world's third-largest pharmaceutical group reinvent itself.

Obsessed With "The Curse"

[05.15.02] Boston's famous "Curse of the Bambino" has given the city's baseball fans a unique relationship with the American Pastime, says Provost Sol Gittleman.

Going Green

[05.13.02] As part of its decades-long focus on environmentalism, Tufts faculty, students and staff are turning -- more and more frequently -- to renewable resources like solar energy.

Clinic Finds New Home

[05.10.02] Tufts' Sharewood Project -- which provides free medical care to Boston-area residents -- recently reopened its doors at its new home in Malden, Massachusetts.

"We Salute Them"

[05.09.02] NBC's Willard Scott celebrated Tufts' 150th birthday with banners and praise for the University during Wednesday's broadcast of the Today Show.

New Cancer Center Planned

[05.08.02] The Tufts-New England Medical Center will dedicate $19 million to establish an institute to develop new strategies for identifying and treating cancer.

One For The Record Books

[05.06.02] Following a perfect game by senior Jodie Moreau, Tufts' Women's Softball team clinched its second straight NESCAC Championship title.

The Return On Investment

[05.06.02] In a cover story in the Boston Globe's Sunday Magazine, Tufts graduate Patrick Healy reports on one of the most important questions in higher education -- "What do I get for my tuition?"

Modern Abolitionist

[05.03.02] Tufts senior Tommy Calvert helped free 6,000 slaves in Sudan as part of an international effort to address human rights issues in the war-torn country.

Mogul In Training

[05.02.02] As the head of Viacom's parent company, Tufts graduate Shari Redstone is impressing many as she confidently emerges from her father's shadow.

Science Of Racial Bias

[05.01.02] In a groundbreaking study, a Tufts professor found that both black and white populations stereotype blacks based on their skin tone.

April 2002

Building Her Career

[04.29.02] Author and Tufts graduate Anita Shreve finds inspiration for her best-selling novels in an unusual place -- a clapboard house in Maine that she's never visited.

Losing Their Punch

[04.26.02] As doctors continue to over-prescribe antibiotics in China, a Tufts expert says the country's population may soon find that the once-powerful drugs don't work.

At The Helm

[04.25.02] In a series of interviews published last week, Tufts President Lawrence S. Bacow talked about his priorities for Tufts and his thoughts about higher education.

Tufts Inaugurates 12th President

[04.24.02] On the eve of University's 150th anniversary, Lawrence S. Bacow underscored Tufts' role in preparing students as leaders in global world.

"I've Never Been So Proud"

[04.12.02] On campus to accept a Light on the Hill award, NBC News President and Tufts graduate Neal Shapiro described the impact of the Sept. 11 attacks on the American media.

Marathon Man

[04.12.02] While he waited 57 years to run his first marathon, 70-year-old Tufts graduate Thomas O'Hearn hasn't slowed down since -- logging 30 marathons on his way to this weekend's race.

Fish Take Them To Heart

[04.10.02] New research continues to show that eating fatty fish can significantly reduce heart problems, and even death, say Tufts experts.

Eyes On The Prize

[04.09.02] Smashing previous records, Tufts graduate and New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.'s flagship newspaper earned seven Pulitzer Prizes, including the coveted public service award.

Treating "The Boys Of Summer"

[04.08.02] The Medical Director for the Cincinnati Reds, Tufts-trained Dr. Tim Kremchek balances the long-term health of his players with their desire to return to action quickly.

Tufts Names New Provost

[04.05.02] Jamshed Bharucha, Dartmouth's dean of faculty, will assume the post of Provost and Senior Vice President this summer.

"Sand And Fog" Takes Hollywood By Storm

[04.04.02] Two Oscar winners sign on to shoot the big-screen adaptation of Tufts lecturer Andre Dubus III's critically acclaimed and best-selling novel.

Arrested Activist Returns To U.S.

[04.03.02] Calling for international attention to the treatment of Falun Gong members in China, a 1999 Tufts graduate attracted world-wide coverage after he was detained by Chinese police.

War And Peace

[04.01.02] Though the Israeli-Palestinian conflict intensified during a weekend of bloody clashes, a Tufts expert says history shows past "low points" led to peace agreements.

March 2002

Must See TV

[03.29.02] Several of this season's most popular primetime dramas share at least one thing in common -- they all feature lead characters with Tufts degrees.

Grad Wants To Be Millionaire

[03.28.02] In the "Millionaire" hot seat on Thursday night, 1999 Tufts graduate Jonathan Tsilimos got his chance to face off against Regis Philbin on ABC's hit game show.

Final Graduation Speaker Named

[03.27.02] Dan Glickman -- the former Secretary of Agriculture in the Clinton Administration -- will deliver an address to graduates of the country's only independent graduate school of nutrition.

Religion And Conflict

[03.25.02] For centuries, faith-based battles have helped fuel conflicts worldwide, but a Tufts expert says religion should also play a greater role in their resolution.

A Date With Fate

[03.22.02] At this year's Match Day, over 140 medical students at Tufts joined thousands nationwide to learn where they'll spend the next leg of their medical training.

A Swift Change

[03.20.02] Acting Governor Jane Swift's decision to drop her bid to remain in the Statehouse is both surprising and unusual for an incumbent, says Tufts political science expert James Glaser.

Promise For The Future

[03.19.02] Through the eyes of children, Justine Shapiro's Oscar-nominated documentary has earned international praise for its moving and honest look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A Call For Peace

[03.18.02] Calling on Tufts students to help broker a new era of peace, South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke to a standing-room only audience at Tufts.

Lights... Camera... Action...

[03.18.02] To help promote a new $1 millon giveaway for a Boston radio station, Patriots star kicker Adam Vinatieri was on campus to film a commercial with KISS 108's Matty in the Morning.

"The Time Has Come"

[03.15.02] The ongoing violence in the Middle East threatens the fabric of world peace, said H.E. Issam M. Fares -- Lebanon's Deputy Prime Minister -- during his visit to Tufts.

"We've Got A Lot Of Work To Do"

[03.14.02] At the University's annual Fares lecture, President Clinton called on Tufts and other internationally-focused universities to help the U.S. play a greater role in the global community.

Too Smart For Their Own Good?

[03.13.02] Child prodigies are often faced with tremendous challenges that can isolate them from the world around them, says a nationally-renowned Tufts expert.

One Of Hollywood's Finest

[03.11.02] With close to 100 film, TV and stage credits to his name, Tufts graduate William Hurt is one of Hollywood's most respected and versatile talents.

Power Of Blue

[03.11.02] Cutting edge research at Tufts uncovers the anti-aging powers of blueberries and other dark colored fruits and vegetables, signaling the growing importance of a colorful diet.

Fighting Side Effects From HIV Drugs

[03.07.02] Exercise and nutrition can actually reverse the negative side effects caused by some HIV drugs, report a team of researchers from Tufts.

Tufts Tops Peace Corps Rankings

[03.04.02] With 23 graduates working around the world for the Peace Corps, Tufts is the largest supplier of volunteers among universities and colleges with less than 5,000 undergraduates.

February 2002

Academic All Star

[02.28.02] Tufts senior Jesse Levey was named to USA Today's College Academic Team, which recognizes the country's top undergraduate students.

Spanning Two Continents

[02.28.02] Through a unique class, undergraduates at Tufts and two Universities in Africa are using technology to study African political and social issues together.

A Vitamin That Packs A Punch

[02.26.02] Tufts researchers have found new connections between folate and Alzheimer's, reinforcing the importance of the vitamin's impact on healthy aging.

Log On To Lose Weight

[02.25.02] There is no shortage of weight loss and nutrition advice online, and finding credible information can be daunting. But a team of nutrition experts from Tufts is making the process easier.

New York's Finest

[02.21.02] Describing them as some of the best veterinary specialists in the country, the New York Magazine profiled three Tufts graduates for its compilation of New York's "Best Vets."

Taking His Show On The Road

[02.21.02] For two years, Tufts graduate Dan Elias has been traveling the country looking for undiscovered treasurers as host of PBS' hit series "Antiques Roadshow."

Bucking The Trend

[02.19.02] While the value of most college endowments dropped by 3-4 percent last year, Tufts was one of just a few whose endowments recorded growth.

Omidyars To Deliver Commencement Address

[02.15.02] After founding one of the most successful ventures on the Internet, Tufts graduates Pamela and Pierre Omidyar are focused on using philanthropy to strengthen community and activism.

Cutting Edge

[02.13.02] A team at Tufts has pioneered a new process to replace damaged ligaments -- which could transform the way doctors treat the 200,000 people who suffer annually from ACL injuries.

"The Great Global Reorientation"

[02.12.02] Terrorism poses a troubling challenge to the future of a unified and secure international community, warns Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in a foreign policy address at Tufts.

"All The Hoopla Is True"

After two trips to the Summer Games, Branwen Smith-King -- the assistant director of Athletics at Tufts -- knows the power of the Olympic experience.

Keeper of the "Olympic Spirit"

A thirty-year member of the U.S. Olympic Committee Board of Directors, Tufts graduate Harold Zimman played a major role in the Game's growth.

The Olympics Profiler

Covering her fifth Olympic Games, Tufts graduate Lisa Lax continues to build her award-winning career covering the human side of the Games for NBC Sports.

Track and Field "Big Shot"

One of the most dominating women to ever compete in her sport, Tufts graduate Maren Seidler was a four-time Olympian.

Tufts Doc Makes Olympic Cut

Almost fifteen years after Dr. Robert Cummings failed to earn an Olympic berth in the luge, the two-time Tufts graduate has finally earned a trip to the Games.

Special Delivery

[02.07.02] After winning a Dunkin' Donuts contest, Tufts employee Edna Gilreath will have her coffee and donuts specially delivered to her office by Boston Bruins star Joe Thornton.

Silent Killer

[02.06.02] New tests are needed for tens of millions of Americans who are at high risk for kidney failure, but don't know it, says a leading kidney expert at Tufts.

Weather Worries

[02.05.02] While many New Englanders may appreciate rising temperatures, research at Tufts shows recent climate changes pose growing problems for the Boston area.

New Rights For Gay Parents

[02.04.02] A scientific review by a Tufts professor helps provide the foundation for the American Academy of Pediatrics' first-ever endorsement of legal adoption by same-sex parents.

The Battle Heats Up

[02.04.02] If Saturday's Democratic Party Caucuses are any indication, the governor's race in Massachusetts could be one of the most exciting in the state's recent history, say two Tufts experts.

January 2002

Banking On His Success

[01.31.02] To help shape and secure its future, the country's oldest and largest private bank has named a Tufts graduate to its top post.

A "High Wire Balancing Act"

[01.30.02] Learning to read is among the most complex challenges children experience, a Tufts expert told PBS, and millions have to "remodel" their brains to do it.

Are Parents To Blame?

[01.28.02] The parents of John Walker Lindh have come under fire for their son's actions -- but a Tufts child development expert told CBS that the blame is misdirected.

It's Time To Rebuild Our Communities

[01.28.02] Attracted by Tufts' nationally renowned experts on child development, former Vice President Al Gore was on campus on Friday to lead a conference on youth development.

Rediscovering Somerville's "Lost Treasures"

[01.25.02] While just one of Somerville's 14 neighborhood movie theaters is still standing, they are all about to return to life, thanks to a unique project led by Tufts anthropologist David Guss.

New Hypertension Treatments

[01.24.02] Scientists are one step closer to developing new treatments for high blood pressure -- a leading cause of heart disease-- thanks to collaborative, international research led by Tufts.

Basking In The Sun

[01.22.02] Tufts graduate Gary Winick was a "hot ticket" at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival -- earning top honors for two of his projects.

"A Good, Tufts Fight"

[01.18.02] Election season is beginning to heat up, as two Tufts graduates -- Bill Richardson and Ray Powell -- prepare to square off in the upcoming elections for Governor of New Mexico.

House Calls For The Homeless

[01.17.02] Family Circle magazine honors Tufts graduate Roseanna Means for her unparalleled work to provide quality health care to low income and homeless women.

Scientists Mourn Grad's Death

[01.15.02] Before his mysterious disappearance captured national attention, Don Wiley's award-winning career was defined by his extraordinary research in infectious diseases and the immune system.

Restructuring His Approach

[01.14.02] Tufts' Masoud Sanayei says the events of Sept. 11 have raised many questions about how to train the next generation of architects and engineers.

It's Crunch Time

[01.11.02] Getting in shape, especially after the holidays, is a lot easier said than done -- but a Tufts nutrition expert says most people can "shape up" without even leaving the house.

Study: Freshman 15 A Myth

[01.11.02] In a first-of-its-kind study, Tufts researchers report some surprising findings about the short and long-term health and nutritional habits of college students.

What Now?

[01.10.02] Rebuilding Afghanistan after the war will not be easy, say several Tufts experts, but the international community must rise to the occasion.

A Healing Touch

[01.09.02] A Tufts graduate is among a growing number of veterinarians turning to chiropractic care and other non-western therapies as new ways to treat animals.

Mafia Doc A Big Hit

[01.07.02] Psychiatrists and Sopranos fans go crazy for actress Lorraine Bracco's alter ego Dr. Jennifer Melfi -- Tony Soprano's Tufts-trained psychiatrist.
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Notable and Quotable

For a century, the oil industry has suceeded with the help federal fossil fuel tax breaks;but some believe it's time to focus the subsidies on renewable energy. Tufts University economist Gilbert Metcalf is among those who believe it is time to plan for an end game when it comes to fossil fuel subsidies.

A hundred years later, I think that it's time for these industries toleave the nest and stand on their own two feet. Congress never has theright exit strategy to figure out how to phase things out.

Gilbert Metcalf
Marketplace, American Public Media
Sept. 22, 2010