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E-News Archives

The Tufts E-News archives contain hundreds of stories from across Tufts University dating back to October 1999. From cutting-edge research to world-famous alums, from the insights of internationally renowned experts to profiles on Tufts top programs, E-News is the most comprehensive daily electronic news source covering the University.

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December 2001

Rescued From Pain

[12.21.01] While millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, most physicians don't understand their suffering -- but pioneering doctors like Tufts' Daniel Carr are trying to change that.

Eureka! They Found It!

[12.19.01] Tufts researchers have isolated the electrical pulse that marks each "moment of clarity" in the brain, sparking new insights into how the brain handles thinking and creativity.

Doing His Homework

[12.18.01] Tufts grad and sportswriter uncovered the inconsistencies in George O'Leary's record, leading to the resignation of the newly-hired Notre Dame football coach.

The Giant Puzzle

[12.17.01] A Tufts scientist is looking for new ways to fight diseases like heart disease by unlocking the genetic code behind obesity.

Coping With Evil

[12.14.01] Built-in safeguards help children deal with fears from evil images -- including recent depictions of Osama bin Laden -- a Tufts expert told ABC News.

Back On Their Feet

[12.13.01] A unique team of hockey players is hitting the ice, thanks to a Tufts doctor's cutting edge work in special prosthetics.

Olympics Bound!

[12.13.01] Tufts freshman Christy Ren will represent Hong Kong in Salt Lake City, marking the first time her home country has ever earned a berth in the Winter Olympics.

Diamond In The Rough

[12.12.01] Less than three years after graduating from Tufts, Coralie Charriol is putting a new face on her father's exclusive brand of luxury jewelry.

An Innovative Housing Solution

[12.10.01] Tufts, Medford agree on plan to convert a closed school building into housing for low income families and faculty members.

On The Verge Of Breakthrough

[12.07.01] A collaborative team at Tufts is close to uncovering a defense against E. coli bacteria, which is responsible for outbreaks that make millions of people sick every year.

The Ballooning Price Tag

[12.04.01] A closely watched study by Tufts experts shows the cost to develop a new drug has nearly tripled over the last decade, intensifying the national debate over prescription drug coverage.

Another Step Closer

[12.01.01] On Monday, a cutting-edge project between Tufts and several local towns to clean the Mystic River got a boost from the Environmental Protection Agency.

November 2001

The "Lizard King" is Crowned

SoBe founder and Tufts grad John Bello was just named Retail Entrepreneur of the Year -- the latest crowning achievement of the self-proclaimed "Lizard King." Palm Springs, Calif.

Admissions Decisions Go "High Tech"

[11.28.01] Several years ago, Tufts began sending out admissions decisions by email, starting a trend that has caught on nationwide.

Explosion Of Expression

[11.27.01] There's no doubt that patriotism in the U.S. is on the rise, but what does the burst in national pride really mean?

Increasing Their Ranks

[11.26.01] The Boston Police Department expects to get a second much-needed bomb-sniffing dog, thanks to a donation from Tufts Animal Expo.

Sounding The Alarm

[11.20.01] As recent events have indicated, the U.S. public health system was not prepared to address a national crisis -- and still isn't, says a Tufts expert.

Updating The System

[11.19.01] Doctors, led by a Tufts Medical School professor, have developed a new system to guide the liver transplant process, making the system more fair.

Agency At Its Best

[11.15.01] When Jeffrey Koplan got word of the U.S.' first case of anthrax in 25 years, the Tufts-trained doctor knew he'd have to transform the Centers for Disease Control to respond.

Behind The Music

[11.16.01] Tufts' rock-trio Guster continues to gain ground, as scenes from the new movie "Life As A House" were inspired by (and feature) their songs.

"I Am The Entertainer"

[11.14.01] In a special appearance at Tufts, music legend Billy Joel conducted a three-and-a-half hour lesson in music, history and his life.

"Now, More Than Ever"

[11.13.01] Despite Sept. 11, a record number of Tufts students are studying in other countries, saying a global perspective has never been so important.

"Hall of Famer"

[11.09.01] This weekend, the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame will add Tufts graduate Rick Hauck to its ranks, making him one of only four shuttle commanders to ever receive the honor.

Are U.S. Nuclear Sites Safe?

[11.07.01] While no one ever planned for terrorist attacks of the magnitude of Sept. 11, the Tufts graduate responsible for the country's nuclear plants says they are well protected.

Out Of Africa

[11.07.01] The latest castoff from CBS' "Survivor," Tufts graduate Linda Spencer turned her early exit into a good cause.

And The Emmy Goes To...

[11.05.01] Warner Brothers TV and World-Wide Pants -- both led by Tufts graduates -- cleaned up big at the 53rd annual Emmy Awards.

Tufts Pioneer Dies

[11.01.01] Jeffrey Isner -- one of the nation's foremost authorities on gene replacement therapy -- died suddenly at age 53, cutting short his groundbreaking research on heart disease.

October 2001

Bringing Shallow Characters To Life

[10.31.01] When his newest Broadway show opens on Thursday, Peter Gallagher will do what he does best -- give life to the "sleazeballs" of stage and screen.

Gallery: Fall At Tufts

[10.30.01] The Fall season in New England offers some of the most brilliant displays of color in the United States. For most of October, Tufts' Medford/Somerville campus was at its seasonal peak.

Teaching At The Speed Of News

[10.30.01] Tufts students and faculty are adapting their courses and discussions to address terrorism and its impact, reports The Boston Globe.

Tufts Provost Will Step Down

[10.28.01] One of Tufts' most beloved professors, Sol Gittleman will focus on two of the things he enjoys best - teaching and baseball.

Negotiating The Tough Road Ahead

[10.25.01] Less than six weeks after David Welch was sworn in as U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, the region's political landscape changed in an instant -- leaving the Tufts grad with an extraordinary challenge.

Photo Gallery: Tufts Raises United Nations Flag

[10.24.01] U.N. Under-Secretary-General Alvaro de Soto raises the organization's flag on Tufts' Medford/Somerville campus, marking the first time a UN flag was flown on any of Tufts' campuses.

Time For A New Approach

[10.24.01] By changing the way science is taught, Tufts' engineering dean is leading a trend to erase engineering's reputation as male dominated.

Could U.S. Farms Be Targeted?

[10.23.01] Though they provide much of the nation's food supply, U.S. farms are largely unguarded, making them a vulnerable target, says a Tufts expert.

Cipro Stockpiling Opens Pandora's Box

[10.22.01] The public's wide-spread, unnecessary use of Cipro may endanger more people than the Anthrax that's prompted them to take the powerful drug in the first place, says a Tufts expert.

Bacteria In U.S. Meat Growing Stronger

[10.19.01] Antibiotics given to animals for decades have produced resistant strains of salmonella that pose a growing health risk in U.S., says Tufts expert.

How Jack Frost Separates Rich, Poor

[10.17.01] Why are some nations wealthy and others poor? The key to national prosperity may be cold weather, according to research by a Tufts economist.

Analyzing Anthrax

[10.16.01] Recent events have propelled anthrax into the nation's headlines. But don't panic -- there are some important facts you should know about the disease, say Tufts experts.

The Smell of "Future" Success

[10.15.01] PBS will profile an electronic nose created by two Tufts scientists that may become a critical tool for countries littered with leftover land mines.

Animal Expo Honors WTC Rescue Dogs

[10.12.01] During the second year of the unique veterinary conference, Tufts officials presented $10,000 to search and rescue teams from the World Trade Center disaster site.

The Humanitarian Battle In Afghanistan

[10.11.01] Getting aid to the Afghan people who need it most may be more of a challenge than we think, says a Tufts expert.

Tufts Names Nutrition School

[10.09.01] The nation's only independent nutrition school celebrated 20 years of unparalleled impact with announcement of new name.

Should The Taliban See The Evidence?

[10.05.01] The Taliban has demanded evidence that links Osama bin Laden to the attacks, but the U.S. has refused. So who is right? NPR asked a Tufts expert for the answer.

Are Asthma Drugs Harmful To Young Women?

[10.04.01] New research links popular asthma inhalants with bone loss, but a Tufts expert says there are ways to limit the risks.

Tufts Expands Fight Against Rabies

[10.03.01] University continues to expand "rabies-free" zone in Mass., adding six more towns to most effective rabies barrier program in the U.S.

Taking A New Course

[10.02.01] Sept. 11 attacks could reshape classrooms at Tufts and around the nation, say University experts.

Grad Treats NYC Rescue Dogs

[10.01.01] Part of an elite team of emergency veterinarians, Siri Dayton was one of the first doctors at the World Trade Center scene to treat search and rescue dogs.

September 2001

Tufts Grad: "I'm a Survivor!"

Linda Spencer is among 16 Americans selected to compete in latest installment of CBS' hit reality show "Survivor". Shaba National Reserve, Kenya.

Tufts Freshman: "National Youth of the Year"

[09.27.01] In Oval Office ceremony, President Bush congratulates Raymond Nunez on earning one of nation's top honors.

Is Boston's Logan Airport Safe?

[09.26.01] Two weeks before terrorists hijacked two airliners from Boston, a Tufts grad and freelance journalist uncovered major security flaws at Logan.

Grappling With Darwin's Idea

[09.25.01] Many people are unsettled by Darwin's theory of evolution. In PBS's new "Evolution" mini series, Tufts' Daniel Dennett explains why.

Comedian Gives Graduates "Respect"

[09.24.01] Bucking economic trends, graduates' web firm continues to grow, adding comedian Rodney Dangerfield to its roster

Are Constitutional Liberties At Risk?

[09.20.01] As the government increases its focus on security measures, Tufts experts say constitutional liberties may be undermined.

What Makes A Terrorist Tick?

[09.19.01] The only way to understand why Tuesday's events occurred is to get into the mind of a terrorist, says a Tufts dean and former U.S. ambassador.

Senator Calls For Tolerance

[09.18.01] Speaking at Tufts this afternoon, U.S. Sen. John Kerry asked Americans to show compassion and fight bigotry.

Graduate Is Mourned

[09.17.01] Christopher Zarba, a software engineer from Hopkinton, Mass., lost his life during Tuesday's tragedies.

Will There Be More Attacks?

[09.13.01] Tuesday's events may not be the last, says a Tufts expert.

How Will Bush Respond?

[09.13.01] The President and other government leaders continue to indicate that the U.S. will strike back. But what can we expect?

"A Time To Reflect, Console And Learn"

[09.12.01] After one of the most tragic and violent events in U.S. history, the Tufts community begins to pick up the pieces.

Towers Had No Chance

[09.12.01] Excessive heat from the fire was too much for Trade Center's structure, says a Tufts civil engineering expert.

What Tufts Alumni In Washington D.C. Said:

[09.12.01] Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), Congresswoman and Graduate of Tufts' Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, speaks after September 11. 

Getting Enough B12?

[09.10.01] A new study at Tufts shows older Americans aren't the only ones at risk due to vitamin B12 deficiency. Are you getting your fill?

Raising (And Stocking) The Bar

[09.07.01] A Tufts grad is helping the world's largest spirits company reign supreme at bars across the globe.

Coming Attractions: eBay TV

[09.06.01] Six years after alum's auctions debuted on the Internet, eBay is focused on exploring new territory -- television.

Charting A New Course

[09.05.01] The decision to withdraw from the U.N.'s conference on racism may be more evidence that the White House is changing its approach to foreign policy, says a Tufts expert.

A Hot Summer!

[09.04.01] Though it was technically called "summer break," Tufts never slowed down. Here's a look back at the top stories from Tufts during summer 2001.

Holisitc Healing For Pets

[09.04.01] At the forefront in veterinary medicine, Tufts' veterinary school is the second in the country to teach acupuncture for pets.

August 2001

"Now Begins An Incredible Journey"

[08.29.01] The day marked the ceremonial start of their college careers at Tufts.

A Silver Summer

[08.27.01] Tufts coaches and graduates help win silver medals in three international sporting competitions this summer.

The Eagle Has Landed!

[08.28.01] Tufts wildlife experts examine a bald eagle after it attacked five New England beachgoers

What's Really Growing On The Farm?

[08.23.01] Are American farms actually making it harder to treat infections? A nationally-renowned expert at Tufts thinks they are.

A New Helping Hand

[08.22.01] Through a new partnership, dental students at Tufts will help treat low income patients at a New Hampshire hospital.

Training Taste Buds

[08.21.01] The right strategies, says a Tufts expert, can help parents train their kids' taste buds to enjoy healthy food.

The Ultimate Athlete

[08.20.01] One of the best collegiate athletes in ultimate Frisbee while at Tufts, Johanna Neumann is playing for gold in the sport at the World Games.

Color Code Your Diet

[08.17.01] The chemicals that give foods their vibrant colors may be the key to their nutritional power.

No Small Feat!

[08.15.01] Tufts grad is named first female CEO of Arthur D. Little -- the world's oldest business consulting firm.

Inspiring Political Change

[08.13.01] What began as a vision from three Tufts students is quickly growing into a unique political movement.

What's Happened To Kids' Clothes?

[08.10.01] Kids' clothes are getting more and more provocative, raising concerns among parents and child development experts.

Restoring His Father's History

[08.09.01] A new book by Tufts' Joseph Hurka preserves the story of his father's life after it was erased nearly 60 years earlier.

Dog Days Of Summer

[08.06.01] In record high temps, people aren't the only ones in danger -- their pets are too, says a Tufts expert.

Alum Gives Pepsi Caffeine Boost

[08.02.01] John Bello's SoBe Teas is helping give Pepsi a new boost in the beverage market.

Avoiding Unhealthy "Health Foods"

[08.01.01] A new book by a leading Tufts nutrition expert says many Americans are dieting on the wrong foods.

July 2001

Confirmed! Alum Takes Helm At Navy

[07.30.01] Following Senate confirmation, Fletcher grad becomes Undersecretary of the Navy.

Etching A Unique Path

[07.26.01] Armed with a vintage toy and an artist's touch, a Tufts grad is etching his path through the art world.

Changing Face Of Diplomacy

[07.25.01] International students now make up over 50 percent of the students at Tufts' Fletcher School, making the international relations school ' most global' in U.S.

Helping Kids Smile

[07.23.01] Tufts and its affiliate hospitals help provide free dental, medical care to children from Russia's contaminated Chernobyl region.

Sending Colleges Back To School

[07.23.01] Collaboration between Tufts and Malden prove power of partnerships in local school districts.

Let The Games Begin

[07.19.01] Despite recent violence in Israel, Tufts' Janice Savitz hopes to coach the U.S. Basketball Team to gold in the 2001 Maccabiah Games.

The Nominations Are In...

[07.18.01] Tufts alums help secure 49 nominations across 33 categories for the 53rd annual Emmy Awards.

Suffering From Exposure

[07.16.01] After living near high levels of radiation for years, the Navajo community may be facing a major health risk, says a Tufts expert.

Alums Vision Saves Sight

[07.12.01] New laser treatment developed by Dr. Mark Latina may be the best hope for glaucoma patients.

Engineering A Pot Roast

[07.11.01] An engineering course at Tufts takes a unique approach to give students a taste of important scientific concepts.

The Future of Global Medicine

[07.10.01] An innovative program at Tufts is preparing a new generation of internationally-focused doctors.

Cut Above The Rest

[07.09.01] Tufts graduate takes top honors at 2001 American Fashion Awards for his designs for Coach Leather.

Top Pet: Cats or Dogs?

[07.09.01] The family flick "Cats and Dogs" grabbed the top spot at box offices around the country this weekend, begging the question: which is the better pet?

Peace, Not Party Politics

[07.06.01] Democrats should support Bush's policy on the Middle East, says former Democratic National Committee official and Tufts alum.

Ambassador, Nation Share Birthday

[07.05.01] Congress honors Malcolm Toon for three decades of work as ambassador and diplomat.

Bright Lights -- Big Study

[07.02.01] Solving a long-standing scientific mystery, a team of Tufts scientists figured out how fireflies trigger their flashes.

June 2001

Getting Enough Water?

[06.29.01] The common advice is to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day, but some experts say not everyone needs to "count their cups."

Affordable Housing Crunch

[06.28.01] A hot housing market and soaring rents have increased the demand for more affordable housing, leaving many cities on the brink of a housing crisis.

Alum Wins Bronze At Nationals

[06.27.01] Jennifer Toomey finished third at the U.S. Track and Field Championships this weekend, securing a spot on the U.S. National Team as it heads to the world championships.

Is Vitamin C Dangerous ?

[06.25.01] Scientists continue to debate the health impacts of vitamin C, which is one of the most popular health supplements on the market.

Putting Sports Diplomacy To Work

[06.25.01] A graduate of Tufts' Fletcher School has brought his masters thesis to life through his innovative approach to international diplomacy.

Alum Eyes America's Cup

[06.22.01] Internationally-renowned sailor training for one of the most revered sailing trophies in the world.

Unsurpassed Global Impact!

[06.21.01] Impact of Tufts' research in the social sciences tops world university rankings, reports prestigious London newspaper.

Disarming The "Magic Bullet"

[06.18.01] More and more food companies are enhancing their products with "healthy" additives, but Tufts experts urge that consumers use caution.

A Formidable Opponent

[06.15.01] Twenty years after its discovery, AIDS still has researchers searching for key to a cure.

Training New Diplomats

[06.14.01] Innovative Program at Tufts' Fletcher School uses technology to train upper-level professionals

A New Era For Executions?

[06.11.01] It's been decades since the federal government executed a prisoner, but a Tufts expert says that trend may change following Timothy McVeigh's.

Forging A New Place in Hallowed Halls

[06.08.01] International Scholar-Athlete Hall of Fame inducts Tufts' President, making him first ever honored as educator.

Battles or Bipartisanship?

[06.07.01] Democrats must handle new power in Senate with care and caution, says a doctoral student at Tufts' Fletcher School.

Science Or Fiction?

[06.05.01] Do claims about the health benefits of different foods actually convince consumers to try them?

Top Of Their Class

[06.04.01] Three of Boston Globe's "10 Students Who Made A Difference" will attend Tufts this fall.

A Call For Conservation

[06.01.01] Tufts' president leads higher education's call for George Bush to rethink his energy policy. May 2001

May 2001

Driving The Costs Higher

[05.31.01] Though Washington takes the blame, American consumers may actually be the force behind rising gas prices.

Flying High

[05.30.01] Alum among first shuttle astronauts selected for U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Breaking Ranks

[05.24.01] The political landscape in Washington could be changed significantly by the historic decision of a Vermont Senator.

Stressed Out!

[05.24.01] A recent oil spill off the South American coast may have some very damaging long-term effects.

Fueling The "Energy Debate"

[05.07.01] Former Energy Secretary/Tufts alum says Bush's energy policy misses the mark.

Replacing "Mr. Clean"

[05.23.01] A Tufts professor's new idea may change the way people fight germs.

Tufts Celebrates 2001 Graduation

[05.20.01] On Sunday, thousands of students, parents, faculty and alumni gathered on the Tufts Medford/Somerville campus for the 2001 Commencement ceremonies. During his keynote address to the Tufts audience, veteran journalist Jim Lehrer told the University's graduates to find happiness by taking risks.

New Dimension For Kids' Entertainment

[05.17.01] Movie executive teams with Tufts roommate to form new entertainment company.

Top Honors For Tufts

[05.16.01] Tufts softball secures player, coach of the year honors; 10 spring athletes named to All-NESCAC teams.

Nose For News

[05.14.01] Tufts alum tapped as new president of NBC's top-rated news division.

"We'll Be Tough Competitors"

[05.10.01] President-elect tells reporters he's excited to help shape Tufts' future.

Successes Define DiBiaggio's Tenure

[05.09.01] Outgoing Tufts President Leaves Legacy of Excellence in Teaching and Research, While Strengthening Academic, International and Fiscal Initiatives.

Tufts Taps MIT Chancellor As Next President

[05.09.01] Larry Bacow To Broaden University's International Impact in Scholarship, Research, Public Policy.

The Secret To Aging Well

[05.04.01] Tufts' Miriam Nelson tells Oprah that a little muscle can go a long way in the fight against aging.

When Germs Fight Back

[05.03.01] A Tufts expert says the more that Americans fight germs, the worse the situation becomes.

Taking The Reins

[05.02.01] Tufts grad named CEO of $18 billion global health company.

Primetime Diet Duo

[05.01.01] Tufts, TV network team up to help hundreds of Bostonians lose weight. April 2001

April 2001

Changing Their Tune

[04.30.01] Tufts' Beelzebubs are shaping the new generation of college a cappella.

The Ties That Bind

[04.27.01] New Tufts study finds few scientists and researchers report financial ties that may influence their work.

Sweeping Return To TV

[04.26.01] NBC enlists alum to provide extra boost to "West Wing" during April sweeps.

Tracing Violence To The Schoolyard

[04.25.01] Tufts expert says bullying by schoolchildren may be a signal for youth violence.

A "Wild" Dedication

[04.24.01] Tufts, U.S. Representative opened new $2.65 million wildlife medicine building on No. Grafton campus.

Success By Design

[04.23.01] Tufts grad and president of Coach nominated for top design honors at fashion's 'Oscars.'

U.S. Economy: Is The "R-Word" Looming?

[04.20.01] Already experiencing a slump, the economy has many experts debating whether a full-fledged recession is on the way.

Should Drugs Be Tested On Children?

[04.19.01] As legislators consider the fate of a law encouraging drug companies to test new drugs on children, experts debate the merits of the practice

Drink To Your Health?

[04.18.01] A gene may determine whether moderate drinking helps or hurts cholesterol levels, say Tufts researchers.

Alum's Newspaper Wins Two Pulitzers

[04.17.01] Sulzberger's New York Times has earned more Pulitzers than any other news organization.

Full Steam Ahead

[04.17.01] Led by two fierce competitors, Tufts has a strong presence at the 105th Boston Marathon.

Popular Herb Blocks Drugs

[04.13.01] Tufts research shows how St. John's Wort prevents certain drugs from being absorbed by the body.

Finessing Foreign Policy

[04.12.01] A Tufts foreign policy expert says "semantics" may have been the key to bringing U.S. crew home.

Power Struggle Continues

[04.10.01] As standoff continues, both China and U.S. may face increasing pressure to act.

Best In Class

[04.09.01] National Public Radio chose five of the best college essays for a special on-air broadcast -- E-News features the essays from the two students admitted to Tufts.

The "New Home" Opener

[04.06.01] After years of planning, Tufts graduate opens new stadium for Milwaukee Brewers.

Dangerous Dogs

[04.05.01] Training and education can be the difference between a friendly family pet and a "loaded gun" says a Tufts animal behavior expert.

Diplomatic Standoff

[04.04.01] Downed U.S. spy plane ignites dispute over diplomatic immunity.

U.S. Considers Future Of Aid To Bosnia

[04.02.01] In a briefing with the international media, 1973 Tufts graduate and State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher said the U.S. is currently deciding whether to certify millions of dollars in aid to Bosnia, following Sunday's arrest of Slobodan Milosevic.

March 2001

Fountain Of Youth

[03.30.01] A Tufts expert says physical activity may be the key to slowing or reversing the effects of aging.

Tech Talk -- Giving Computers A Voice

[03.29.01] Some of the most sophisticated computerized voice systems are being developed with the help of a recent Tufts graduate.

Do We Need Missile Defense?

[03.28.01] While the Cold War is over, a Tufts foreign policy expert says missile threats against the U.S. are very real.

Treating The Boys Of Summer

[03.27.01] A Tufts-trained doctor helps keep a professional baseball team healthy.

A Date With Fate

[03.26.01] Over 150 fourth-year medical students at Tufts found out where they will go for their residencies at the annual "Match Day" ceremony.

Freshman Phenom

[03.26.01] If her first year at Tufts is any indication, Jessica Trombly is poised to become one of the top athletes in University history.

Foot and Mouth Disease Spreads

[03.23.01] Tufts expert says risk of an outbreak in the United States has been building for years.

Shaping The UN Profile

[03.21.01] A Tufts alum talks to the New York Times about the pressures and rewards of heading the United Nation's public relations program.

Tufts' Lerner, Gore Co-Teach Class

[03.20.01] Tufts' Richard Lerner and former Vice President Al Gore co-teach their first class together at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

McGovern To Give Nutrition Keynote

[03.19.01] Respected Ambassador, Politician Focused on International Nutrition, Health Issues.

Tufts Science Park Gets Boost

[03.19.01] Bay State gives nearly $1 million to Grafton to "pave way" for biotech expansion in Central Massachusetts.

Tufts Among Top Peace Corps Suppliers

[03.16.01] University continues role as a national leader in several international programs.

Foot and Mouth Spreads Through Europe

[03.15.01] Wholesale slaughters may be necessary to prevent further spread of the animal virus in Europe, says a Tufts expert.

Jim Lehrer To Deliver Tufts' Keynote Address

[03.14.01] Acclaimed journalist to share stage with Bill McCullough and Helen Vendler during Tufts Commencement ceremony.

Criticizing Media Soundbites

[03.13.01] In a Chicago Tribune op-ed, a Tufts undergraduate says the national media overstepped its bounds while covering the shootings at Santana High School.

Don't Sit So Close To The TV

[03.09.01] Tufts study finds newer televisions are more dangerous for toddlers.

Tufts Alum Joins State Supreme Court

[03.08.01] Laura Denvir Stith becomes the second woman in Missouri history to serve on the state's highest court.

A New Policy For The Koreas?

[03.07.01] As George Bush Makes His First Visit To South Korea, Former Ambassador And Fletcher Dean Stephen Bosworth Says US Policy May Take New Shape.

March Blizzard

[03.07.01] Powerful Nor'Easter Hits Tufts' Campuses.

Grading TV Diversity

[03.02.01] Despite advances, a Tufts expert says diversity in children's television still doesn't make the grade. February 2001

February 2001

Marijuana As Medicine

[02.28.01] Tufts Doctor Says Government Should Allow Physicians To Prescribe Drug To 'Very Sickest People.'

Veterinary Behaviorist Warns Certain Dogs Can Be 'Walking Time Bombs'

[02.26.01] Tufts' Nick Dodman Says A Dog's Behavior Is Based On Several Important Factors.

Adjusting Diet With Age

[02.22.01] As Adults Get Older, Nutritional Needs Can Be Difficult To Satisfy.

Study: Gay Doctors Communicate Better With HIV Patients

[02.21.01] After Surveying Nearly 250 Patients, Doctors, Tufts Researchers Linked Effective Communication With Better Health Results.

Forging A New Peace

[02.20.01] Christians May Play Key Role In Middle East Peace, Says Tufts Expert.

Soy: A Double-Edged Sword

[02.19.01] While It May Have Health Benefits, Tufts Researchers Caution Against Too Much Soy.

Chocolate: A Health Food?

[02.16.01] The candy may have some health benefits, but how much will it take for results?

A New Health Plan: Be Pushy

[02.15.01] Tufts Researcher Says Patients Shouldn't Be Afraid To Push For Answers From Their Doctors.

Dissecting El Salvadors Disaster

[02.14.01] Devastation of Recent Earthquake Exacerbated By Neglect By U.S., Says Tufts Expert.

Genetic Causes Of Autism Elusive

[02.13.01] Despite Early Discoveries, Scientists Still Have Much More To Learn About Disorder.

Drug Safety Information Lacking

[02.12.01] Tufts Study Finds Less Than Half Of Drug Trials Adequately Report Adverse Side Effects.

Will Bush's Volunteer Progam Work?

[02.09.01] Tufts Expert, Former Points Of Light Foundation Director Says Proposal May Damage Faith Organizations, Government.

Teeth Grinding :More Than A Pain In The Neck

[02.08.01] Over 20 Million Americans Suffer From Stress-Related Disorder, Says Tufts Expert.


[02.07.01] With Heaping Servings, Some Restaurants Pack A Day's Worth Of Food Into One Meal.

Winter Wonderland On Walnut Hill

[02.06.01] A major winter storm swept through the Northeast yesterday, dropping as much as two feet of snow across Massachusetts. While Tufts didn't see snow totals that high, the Medford/Somerville campus was covered in a thick blanket of snow by the time the storm passed.

A New Model For Medical Education

[02.05.01] CIO Magazine Taps Tufts' Unique Health Sciences 'Knowledge Management System' for Enterprise Value Award.

Ambassador: Policy Will Continue In Koreas

[02.01.01] New Fletcher Dean Confident His Work In North, South Korea Will Be Continued By Bush Administration. January 2001

January 2001

Press Legend Goes On The Record at Tufts

[01.31.01] Long-Time White House Reporter And Legend Talks About Presidential Politics From JFK To Clinton.

Worries About Weekend Schooling

[01.30.01] Tufts Expert Says Expanding School Week To Include Saturdays May Have Negative Consequences.

Animal Hoarding May Indicate Psychological Problems

[01.29.01] New Tufts Study To Research Motives Behind "Cat Ladies."

Drug Development Doesn't Meet Demand

[01.26.01] Tufts Study Finds Increased Pace Of New Drug Discovery And Development Outpaced By Demand.

"I've Never Read A Book Like This!"

[01.25.01] Tufts Lecturer Appears On Oprah To Talk About His Acclaimed Novel 'The House Of Sand And Fog.'

Ambassador's Flight Hijacked

[01.23.01] 1972 Fletcher Graduate Has Experience Surviving Tough Situations.

West Wing Producer Thanks Tufts Grad

[01.22.01] Warner Brothers' Peter Roth Called A "Knight In Shining Armor" During Golden Globes.

Bush, U.S. Must Take Action In Philippines

[01.19.01] Tufts Expert Calls For American Intervention To Avoid Martial Law, Crisis In Country.

Alum, Tufts Help Train New Generation Of Armenian Diplomats

[01.18.01] Fletcher School Program Provides Expertise, Resources Not Found In Former Soviet Republic.

Tufts Study Links Cultural Diet With Severe Effects Of Diabetes Among Hispanics

[01.17.01] Rice -- A Basic Element of Hispanic, Caribbean Diets -- Can Increase Effects Of Disease.

Brain, Consciousness Will Be Explained

[01.11.01] Tufts Philosopher Says Technology Will Help Scientists Uncover Keys To Brain's Inner Workings.

Tufts Treats Rare Lynx

[01.11.01] 34-Pound Animal Released After Special Surgery.

Good Eats

ForTufts’ director of dining services, keeping up with foodand diet trends among students is a fun but demanding job.Medford/Somerville,Mass. [08-23-04] 
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For a century, the oil industry has suceeded with the help federal fossil fuel tax breaks;but some believe it's time to focus the subsidies on renewable energy. Tufts University economist Gilbert Metcalf is among those who believe it is time to plan for an end game when it comes to fossil fuel subsidies.

A hundred years later, I think that it's time for these industries toleave the nest and stand on their own two feet. Congress never has theright exit strategy to figure out how to phase things out.

Gilbert Metcalf
Marketplace, American Public Media
Sept. 22, 2010