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Introducing Tufts Now

Introducing Tufts Now


Want to be in the know? Then you need to know about Tufts Now, the university's new one-stop site for all things Tufts: news, events, social media, blogs, videos, photography and more. This site replaces the Tufts Journal and E-News.

Balancing Act

Balancing Act

[01-24-11] Tufts' roots, thanks to founding trustee P.T. Barnum, are inextricably bound to the circus. Lately, those roots are showing more than ever. Some students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are complementing their studies with pursuits in the circus arts and, in many cases, incorporating the two. More...
Break-Out Star

Break-Out Star

[12-14-10] By day, Sophia Cacciola sits behind a desk as a secretary at Tisch Library. By night, however, you are liable to find her sitting behind a drum kit on stage at one of Boston's local rock clubs, belting out lyrics such as "Your lips curl out from your face / like they got something to prove." More...
A Budding Interest

A Budding Interest

[12-07-10] In the midst of discussing world food systems, Marisol Pierce-Quinonez, (G'11), bends down into a bed of greens and helps herself to a crisp piece of peppery arugula. More...
A Family Affair

A Family Affair

[10-20-10] So many members of Jim Stewart's family have gone to Tufts that it took him a minute to count them all. The tenth member of the family to attend Tufts is his son Greg Stewart (A'11), who has made the entire Stewart clan proud as a conference-leading receiver on the Tufts football team. More...


With autumn underway, public health officials are busily preparing for flu season. Last year, amid concern around a new influenza strain, H1N1, commonly known as "swine flu," Tufts health science experts outlined what the public should keep in mind regarding the virus.

>> (June 1, 2009)    Understanding Swine Flu

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Notable and Quotable

For a century, the oil industry has suceeded with the help federal fossil fuel tax breaks;but some believe it's time to focus the subsidies on renewable energy. Tufts University economist Gilbert Metcalf is among those who believe it is time to plan for an end game when it comes to fossil fuel subsidies.

A hundred years later, I think that it's time for these industries toleave the nest and stand on their own two feet. Congress never has theright exit strategy to figure out how to phase things out.

Gilbert Metcalf
Marketplace, American Public Media
Sept. 22, 2010